So I’ll divide this review between pros and cons. What do I like about it and what other things do I do not like and there’s a huge list. Guys here are the pros and a big list of cons. So let’s go over them, but before we proceed here are the specs for the galaxy m31 see it does. Having a 6 point, 4 inch full HD AMOLED screen its part with the new xc90 611 octa core processor that’s, based on 10 nanometer process. It has that mass of six thousand milliamp hour battery also triple camera setup with the 48 megapixel main camera 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel depth front facing is a 16 megapixel and other specs are on the screen for your reference. So let’s quickly break it down between the pros and cons and first let’s talk about the screen because it’s an AMOLED screen and that’s the main thing that you see and again as it’s a Samsung screen as you can see, the quality is really good. It’S a six point, four inch if AMOLED screen, but the good thing is that it’s a proper full HD Plus being yes, you have that knotch part again. If you notice the screen, quality is really good on this one. I don’t have any problems with this one. So they didn’t compromise on the screen and again you also have the auto brightness and all these things I’ll talk about it later guys, and I mean it’s, the one UI that you are getting on this, and even we have Dolby Atmos on this one and again In general day to day operations, I did not notice any major lag on this phone guys, as you can see, it’s running on the new one UI and still it’s running on android 9.

So yes, it’s supposed to get Android 10, but I don’t know when in that department I would say: Samsung is a little bit slow. So you have to be aware of that. So, but typical one, you either you are getting on this one as you can see, and also you get that digital well being and all that stuff and now going to the processor. Some of you who are asking this one has a new Exynos processor. This is the new XE knows in 96 Levin, and this is also an octa core processor. We have to intend an ohmmeter process and I was saying general operations. I did not notice much lag with this. For yes, I would saying notice a minor that about 5 of the time, but guys I was spoiled before coming to this device. I was using the ROG phone to had even the one plus seven people, so I did notice minor lacs at times I would say very minor, most of you won’t notice, but after using this phone for two three days continuously, then I’m not noticing a lack. So again, in terms of performance, this processor is actually much improved than earlier mid range, Exynos processors that we have so have no issues with that now. Moving to another thing is that I really like the fact that Samsung is allowing as this always on screen as you can see as it’s an AMOLED screen. I appreciate – and I did all my testing while keeping it on this always on display guys, so you have that and I think so you have to use it because it does not have any physical, LED notification light on the side device now.

Moving to another thing, is that guys I will be very fair. I testing this er device with just a little, because my other sim is in the iPhone 11 that’s. My geocell and I travel during this time to Delhi and I have to say in terms of cellular call quality. It was actually good. Even in this room I could take some calls. I would say it was not getting disconnected, so the cellular connectivity is actually fine on this one and also going to the here piece. I like the fact that the earpiece is actually really good. It’S crystal clear on this one and during my almost 10 days of usage and none of the parties complained me about the call quality, so that’s, actually nice. But now, when you talk about the speaker, you just have a single speaker over here and I would say it’s adequately loud, but I wished it was slightly louder. Don’T get me wrong, it’s, not bad, but at times I felt fine. I was watching some of the YouTube videos which don’t optimize the volume. Even at max. I felt that the volume was a little bit low, but in terms of ringtone and stuff it was fine. I wished it was slightly louder. But again I am Telling that because I compared a lot of phones for most of people, it’s average speaker quality that you’re getting and now. If we talk about the 3.5 mm headphone jack, it also has a 3.

5 mm headphone jack, and I did let’s do a lot of music on this one and I would say, the audio output that you get is good on the one. Yes, you can tweak the sound a little bit. I would equalizer if you have, if you are you listening to mp3 songs and stuff, but general output was actually good. I don’t have. I won’t complain considering the price point of this device. Now, if we talk about another big thing about this device, is that this is the only mid range phone as of now in the need market. That comes with the massive six thousand milliamp hour battery, and I was also very very scared when I got this phone. How would be the weight balance of this device because it’s having that mass of six thousand milliamp hour battery – and I would say in this department Samsung – did a great job. It simply does not feel that it has a six thousand milliamp power battery, because the weight balance is done very well and in fact it does not read that much. It weighs just 188 or 189 cramps, and this is a lot less than many of the phones that come with a five thousand milliamp power battery and I think so they’re able to achieve this because ant are back. As you can see, the body of this phone is made of this polycarbonate, so that’s the reason it does not feel that heavy.

So again, if you worried about the weight, it feels like many of the phones that come with the five thousand milliamp power battery. Now, as we are talking about the battery as you expected, the battery life is actually really good on this phone because it for, I would say, for normal users, you can easily get about two days worth of battery life and, if you even know sort of a Very heavy user. You can get about one and a half days worth of battery life. For example, as I’ve told you, I was traveling, I traveled one day to Delhi and I had to leave the house or two early flight 630 in the morning, and I came back the same day from Delhi and then came back at about eleven o’clock or something And from morning till evening I was using just this phone in Delhi using GPS, everything always on mobile data and stuff, even at 1130 at night, as you can see, it had 57 by a person battery life left. So again, the battery life is the tramcar of this form. If you’re looking for a mid range smartphone with the highest criteria is battery life, then you can easily go with this one. Even for normal users, about two days of battery life and for casual users. I would say almost three days it can give. I was posting my battery starts on Twitter and many of you who are actually using this for shade some.

What you say screen shop getting about 8 oz, 9 oz. I saw even tell us vs. SOT on this. One with over at be of usage, so battery life is the tramcar of this device. Now let’s also talk about gaming. I did gaming. In fact, I already posted a video about it with Bob G and I could play pub G as I’ve told you, and I also tried it with Call of Duty and it could play Call of Duty also fine, but with Call of Duty. The graphics were set at medium graphics and I couldn’t go to the higher graphic option, but at medium it played it very smoothly. Yes, it can do gaming, as you see what this pub she could play one of the highest setting, but I would say, if you’re sort of a hardcore gamer, then I would not recommend you this phone. The reason is that, with pub G after about 15 minutes of gaming, the handset tend to get actually pretty hot. That was not the case with Call of Duty, but for some reason the pub G it was getting pretty hot. So I would say if you are a hardcore gamer and your primary reason for getting this phone is for gaming, then I would say: go with Snapdragon counterparts like the some of the phones from Xiaomi or real me. Those will be better for gaming, but apart from that, yes, if you are sort of casual user, this plays play game from here on there.

Yes, it can definitely do gaming. Now. Let’S also talk about the camera on this one because it has the triple camera setup and now Samsung is putting that 48 megapixel camera on this one. We also have a ultra wide, and then we have the 5 megapixel for depth and the front facing is a 16 megapixel and I would say, as you can see, with the sample charge, the 48 pin the pixel camera actually does a pretty good job in outdoor Conditions, yes, it tries to also change the color a little bit, but overall, I would say, as you can see, with these sample shots, the picture quality is really good. Now, even moving to indoor lighting, I expected that it wouldn’t do that good, but, as you can see, with the sample shot ended decently. But again if the lighting goes really low, you got to be careful with this one. Otherwise and the pictures will come out a little bit soft and also this simply does not have any sort of stabilization when you are taking static pictures. So you have to be careful because, as you can see, I took these two picture and while you are taking the pictures and artificial lighting, I shake the camera everybod. So you can get that shake. So you’ve got to be clear full with that one and even an artificial lighting. I would say it does a decent job, but again you got to be again careful with human subjects.

As you can see, some of the shots, as you can see here, came out. Good, but some of them were a little bit softer and blurry, so again, it’s sort of a mixed bag. I would say in artificial lighting with human subjects coming what’d he say close up macro charts it can take, but I would say: don’t go too close. As you can see here, I try to go too close to the subject and it started blurring. So that is something you have to note now: I’m, going to the front facing camera. The front facing camera is a 16 megapixel and outdoor shots. As you can see, it came out good, even with the portrait more it came out good, but when we move to indoor lighting conditions and artificial lighting conditions, I feel the front face in camera is also struggling a little bit as you can see some of the Shots came out to be hazy and blurry. Yes, you can definitely take some shots. As you can see, I got these two shots with the front facing camera off good, but I mean it’s sort of a hit or a mess in artificial lighting. Shooting this video with the rear facing camera – and this is the regular mode and, as you can see, guys I’m just walking to give you an idea, how’s the video recording and it also our luvs video recording in the wide angle mode. So let’s switch to that and see how it does so now I guys, as you can see, I’m in the wide angle mode and I’m just going to do the same thing: I’m just going to walk around.

So this is a video in the ultra wide angle mode now shooting this part of the video with the front facing camera of the samsung galaxy m30 and, as you can see, guys I’m just walking around and the audio is also being recorded. Why it’s internal microphone? So this should give you an idea: how is the video with the front facing camera of this galaxy m30 so now let’s move to the corn? What are the things that I did is not like on this phone and the one little thing that I noticed on this phone is that almost every modern phone has a compass. So I now got the compass app and here, if I fire this up, as you can see, it’s just idiotic ly wrong. It just shows you the wrong stuff. Almost all the time keeps rotating like this, we show it on the Galaxy phone and everything. This is wrong, as you can see, it just goes wrong. So again you got to be careful with this. You simply cannot trust the compass app on this smartphone so again, it’s very, very buggy. I don’t know why even it’s showing that it’s working it simply does not work it’s, showing wrong directions and stuff. So you’ve got to be careful with this. I did try Google Maps also with this one and with Google Maps. It worked fine when there was a direct line of sight because it was using GPS, but sometimes when you are under multiple flyovers, it doesn’t have a direct GPS connection and their compass helps – and here it just goes bonkers.

So that is something you have to note. If you rely too much on what do you say, Google Maps and navigation because of the faulty compass I don’t know if I can recommend to you this smartphone and now I’m. Moving to another thing is that, as I’ve told you, it has that auto brightness sensor I’ve disabled it, but the thing is that it does not have a dedicated, auto brightness sensor. What actually Samsung is doing is actually they’re using the front facing camera for the auto brightness and it works. Don’T get me wrong: it’s, not bad, it works, but I feel because of that it does consume quite a bit of battery because in my top four ten apps of what was using the battery, the auto brightness sensor was generally and the fifth or sixth position so That is also something you got to know where again it’s not a big issue with this device, because it has that mass of six thousand milliamp hour battery, but again, oh, that was something that I have noticed now. Moving to another thing is that it has this six point four inch screen, and I would say I don’t know if it’s visible here, because of this, the camera is able to pick it up or not. If you notice, if you have some scratches over here and the thing is that Samsung does not specify what kind of glass protection do we have on this one, and I used this phone roughly guys and within a week as you can see, I have got some Scratches over here – and the thing is that Samsung also does not pre apply any screen guard or anything on this device.

So if you’re buying this phone apply a screen guard on this one – and this is small nitpicking I would say – and not a deal breaker the fingerprint scanner is over here and it works fine, as you can see which works fine, but I felt it is not The fastest, because these days, we have quite a few phones that have a much faster fingerprint scanner than this one. This won’t bother you you get used to it, but again. That is also something that I have noticed now move to one big thing that I’m noticing, with the Samsung mid range devices, is that if you go over here again, I have removed it. You are getting what do you say: unnecessary arts kind of notification like what we generally see on Xiaomi phones, even on this one. There is that my galaxy app that shows unnecessary notifications. So again, beware of that and while you’re setting up the phone, there are some options like casserole marketing. Many users just say agree to wall. If you do that, you will see unnecessary notifications a lot more. So you got to be careful in fact. Watch the video that I posted about six months ago, I had a similar situation with the Samsung Galaxy, a 50. If I recall – and I made a dedicated video what you should do, while you are setting up to remove that so and you need to do this while you are setting up the phone, otherwise you will get those unnecessary, add it’s, sad to see that Samsung is Also sort of following what what you say a Xiaomi is doing that my Galaxy app comes here and it shows you unnecessary notification.

It pushes you to install this or that app. So that is something that I do not like and overall, I would say, it’s a fine device and now going to the updates also during the I think. So I unbox this almost a month ago, and I got two updates during that time and it’s very funny that the first update goofed up the camera quite a bit, but now just about four five days ago. I also got one more update that fixed the camera and, but still even with this, this the latest update that we have. If I go to the about the phone’s software it’s still showing the August security update. So again they are a little bit slow in terms of update, as you can see so I don’t know: when will this device get the Android 10 update it will get, but the question is then so overall, as you can see, it’s a pretty good mid range Device for 14000, you are getting that six six thousand milliamp hour battery and the general performance is also good, so you can go for this, but again, as I’ve told you, I won’t recommend this moon for heavy gamers because with heavy gaming at least at Babji, I Noticed that the back was getting a little bit warm and also the camera front facing camera in indoor lighting conditions was struggling a little bit. Many people asked me to compare with Xiaomi and real me.

Yes, if you are opting for Xiaomi and real me devices, if you spend a little bit more, you can get devices with better snapdragon associates which are better for gamers. But I know quite a few of you who do not want Chinese related smartphones, YouTube privacy or security reasons, and if you have that kind of a person and if you don’t do a lot of gaming, then yes, certainly you can have a look at this Samsung Galaxy M 30 as and to be frank guys, this handset perform much better than I expected anyways guys that is set for the review of the Samsung Galaxy M 30s and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button.