Actually, I got two versions of it very exciting times around here. This is the Oppo renault ace. It is the world’s fastest charging smartphone five minute charge for two hours of use, fill up the entire four thousand milliamp hour battery in 30 minutes will. When I was younger, I would dream of this watching the dial just go straight up like pouring a drink into a glass, impressive, that’s science fiction like a full tummy, so it’s, the renault ace and I even have Gundam edition, which beforehand wills like. Let me fill you in on Gundam, which I was offended by. In fact, I said yeah it’s, like transformers sort of it, was like what special edition Gundam. Of course, Judd. Nur would love this one as well, but if you’re unfamiliar with Gundam we’ll brought this in just to make the case alright that’s what you’re dealing with just don’t say it reminds you of transformers or Power Rangers or anything else. It is Gundam. Okay, Renault ace, 450. 450 bucks yeah rounder you’re, looking at snapdragon a 55 of course there’s. A number of cameras there look at that, including the 48 megapixel indicator up top a 90 Hertz display, which is becoming this thing that we’re looking for now. It seems like the next spec that everything’s got ta, have your very Hertz or up it’s a 6.5 inch. Water drop display, dry ice, constant cooling system, stereophonic, dual loudspeaker five times: hybrid optical zoom they’re, calling this color listen to this psychedelic purple and starry blue.

Well, we got starry blue, I know. Jax up said he was more interested in psychedelic purple a basic case to get you up and running it’s, always a nice little touch USB type c with the super loop indicator. Obviously you have a larger power brick to deliver that tremendous charge. Let’S do two Gundam one, so this is modeled after the Gundam rx 78 that’s, the og Gundam Willie, do since 1979 is a 40th anniversary. Okay, look at this. Look at that. It’S got a robotic kind of vibe to it kind of has a pearlescent thing to it. So it’s reflective this Gundam head right here you have the gold rim around the camera. Cutout, you have red along the bottom. Alright, Oh Gundam, inspired soft touch with the Alcantara type of feel the Gundam outline it’s, also the shield of the Gundam. Yes, the shield, the case yeah nice very cool. I assume you’re gon na pay a few more dollars for that. Well looks to be about 500 bucks, okay, so not a ton more which one should we continue to video with the cool ones, all right, we’re, gon na put a fingerprint as well. It prompts you so it’s an in display fingerprint setup whoo we’re in and the Gundam continues on this model. Yeah very mech, like very mech, like even the icons, went Mac it’s, similar mech likeness. That flows all the way through it it’s sort of cohesive. Look at this see how fast that comes down.

Look at that that’s, what the 90 Hertz does for you. It gives you this instantaneous feel to it, which you can’t go back, go full brightness turn off auto mode. Oh also, AMOLED is crazy. What we’re doing for 400 these days will 500 nits of brightness big nit guy? Will he do, oh by the way, with the face unlock it’s, so crazy? You can see where they like. The lock is off wait. What okay, the lock is there? The lock is off the lock is there off the optical face. Unlock, has gotten crazy. I’Ve said it in the past: it’s not the most secure option that’s out there, but if you’re in this for convenience, that experience is by far the best or the in display fingerprint, which there you can get a sense for that speed as well. So I mentioned the cameras. Of course we got to go there. This is the 1x setting move into the 2x. We got the 5x hybrid let’s, see what this thing’s capable of and then, of course, we have the ultra wide and that triggers the HDR actually automatically. When it saw more of the frame, okay, so that’s your wide field of view, you can see obviously how much can fit in you see a lot more. The table displays this. Is your hybrid zoom it’s, a hybrid style, it’s 5 X, the next one over that’s, the 2x that looks like a decent performer and then, of course, we have the main camera module, that’s, probably the most contrast: II that’s, the image with the 48 megapixel sensor f17.

So this camera versatility stuff is just out of control. You get so many choices. These days now, it’s triggering beauty mode by default. I’M gon na turn that off arguably too much detail for many users. They don’t want to look at themselves like that they want to smooth it out. Well, I don’t want to be. I don’t need to be smoothed out. No, you want the grizzle I’m a grizzled vet. Yes, I mean they have all kinds of settings, smoothing thinner face. Smaller face chin, bigger eyes, smaller nose in the old days, you were looking like a cartoon character now, even with max thin faces, subtle, that’s, not really something I need in my life somebody’s into it. So, whatever more tools, I guess I don’t know let’s play some video first dip the battery a bit lower and then hit it hit it with the 65 watt juice because that’s what we’re here for so the people are here for us. What you’re here for ooo that’s? What I’m here for okay, I got ta check out this phone. I know we have it here. The Oppo Renault ace, oh and it’s, for a completely different reason, planned on well not a different reason, but an exclusive reason which generally wouldn’t get me that excited, or at least not this excited all right. Let’S do the test the real test everybody’s here for it super voop. I should use the gundam Brita it’s. Only fair, I have to admit I don’t know I’ve ever been so excited to charge something go ahead, plug it in look at it.

48. Oh baby. It is so confidence inspiring to watch your battery. Go up that fast, let’s cook, it’s cooking. You really wish that every phone on the planet had this. To put this in perspective. This charging is 65 watts, for example, the charger that ships with the iPhone 11 Pro that’s, an 18 watt charger with the standard iPhone 11. This still shipping a 5 watt charger. This is 65 watt charger for your smartphone it’s, the fastest charging smartphone on earth, and you get to watch it in real time. As the battery is discharged. Super voop 2.0 adopts the charge pump voltage reduction technique where the voltage of the dual battery is halved by the charge pump to hit the value that can power on the mobile. Besides Renault a support, speedy and QC 18 watt quick charge, these high tech stuff going on will very impressive. Super cool super fuke, 2.0 it’s.