That has everything you need, but it doesn’t break the bank so be sure to stick around for my full review of this phone and also drop a like. If you want more smartphone reviews on this channel, the jomini 9 is definitely a value. King come in under 500 and offering flagship features you’re only gon na find much more expensive smartphones for specs. You get up to 8 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigs of storage it’s, not braggin 855 processor within the Adreno 640 GPU, a tripple camera set up at the back with a 40mm box will main shooter and 16 and 12 month bitch lenses below that which we’ll talk About more in a minute, you also get a six point: four inch AMOLED display and a 3300 milliamp hour battery, so we’ll start with the design. The jomini 9 is a really beautiful smartphone. Maybe a really close attention to aesthetics here and it looks and feels really good. The outer shell is a slim metal frame covered entirely in glass. It has a crispy 6.3 inch, AMOLED display with a 90 point, seven percent screen of body ratio just like the best Samsung smart phone. The display looks almost like a piece of paper on top of the display, not notch it’s, really small, so you’re, hardly even gon. Na notice it’s there, the Jimena is also amazing for constant consumption. Most apps can take advantage at the large screen and audio is pretty decent, even though it’s coming out of a single speaker at the bottom, the screen is also covered in Gorilla Glass 5, which means it’s tougher than your average budget smartphone.

It also comes in a couple of different colors, this year’s, the gunmetal gray and there’s, also the blue or purple, with a crazy color shifting effect there’s. Also, this transparent version, which looks awesome if you’re into it. The only downside with this design is that it doesn’t support a headphone, jack or a microSD card slot. There is a 128 gigabyte version available and I recommend you get that so you do not run out of store there’s, also, no water resistance and what’s. Also, not impressive is the battery, which is only 3300 milliamp hours, Xiaomi completed safe here, but it’s still safe to say it is good enough to last the whole day with moderate use its able to stay alive for most of the day, including watching YouTube videos in Gaming – and I usually only need to plug it in by sunset – a bigger battery would, of course, be nice in between nineteen flagship, but the good news, of course, is that you do get an impressive 20 watt wireless charging here. Jemmy sells a wireless charger separately to take full advantage of this, and it does a great job of quickly charging the device it just sucks it don’t get in the box. Another great feature on this film that we’re seeing more these days is the industry fingerprint sensor. This lets you unlock your device by pressing your thumb on the bottom of the screen. This works really well, but it doesn’t work as well as an old fashioned fingerprint reader and in some conditions like night time, it’s not as reliable.

This is generally the problem with classic in display of fingerprint readers, but at least it gets the job done and also kind of looks cool. A software side of things. Johnny 9 is packing. The latest version of my UI on top of Android Pi there’s. All this combos, actually something that looks really good. The interface is much better looking now it has a pleasantly minimalist aesthetic. Everything is quick and snappy, and I hardly noticed any bugs there’s also now a bunch, a useful features like additional security when installing new, apps and also gesture navigation, the in dark mode is a must have for me as well. Even though there’s a bit of blue, where I love that you can actually uninstall the ones you don’t need, that is such a refreshing change. For me, 9 is fantastic that’s, because this is one of the very first devices to support the snapdragon 85 chipset, which means this morgan capable handling whatever you throw at it. I did a little gaming on it and I was really impressed with how well it played because it was able to run pub G at a playable framerate without the phone crashing or freezing on me, and it does all that, while staying as cool as it can It doesn’t overheat at all and it sometimes uses overclocking optimizing performance. You may or may not be a huge gamer, but the point is that it should be able to handle most games from the Play Store with ease Johnny nu9 will definitely give razor in East.

Was my road to smartphones a run for their money? This phone just flies through the UI and browsing the web was super quick and responsive the user experience and the performance is just so good for the surprise that I can’t justify spending over a thousand bucks. Some flagship anymore, I just can’t – do it. Alright let’s talk a little bit about the cameras. I’M, a huge camera person – and this is one thing I don’t mess with I’m happy. The cameras on this phone are not only impressive on paper, but also on real life. There’S, a huge 48 megapixel, F, 1.7 primary lens 12 megapixel, F, 2.2 telephoto and a 16 megapixel 2.2 older wide it’s, not all about pixel count, though there’s a lot more. That goes into capturing beautiful pictures like software and AI intelligence and the me 9 doesn’t disappoint. It takes really decent photos, we’ve good enough saturation, in contrast, there’s also plenty of beauty features in the camera app too, but it does have some weird facial manipulation, filters and things like that I’m. Not gon na use most of the stuff, but it’s nice to have anyway taking videos with this is also great. For the most part, it is capable of shooting up to 4k of 30fps and taking advantage of all those lenses, there’s no OIS, but the EIS is actually really good here and in fact the me 9 was rated by DxO mark at the best in class when It comes to video because of his optimal stabilization, along with low noise and great low light performance, but iana selfie camera is great as well.

It produces fantastic quality and, if you’re a vlogger, you will enjoy using the selfie cam along cameras at the back also perform. As well as you would expect photos or sharpen detail of punchy, colors and great dynamic range, those sensitive pixels also ensure that noise is kept to a minimum and low light settings. Autofocus works well, and the relatively large aperture on the mainland’s is excellent for depth effects. There’S also a pro mode in there. If you want to play around with the settings yourself, bokeh effects also work well and they do a great job of isolating the subject. Without cutting off yours photos. Do you have an ugly watermark at the bottom bye? Oh, so you want to turn that off in the settings as soon as you get this phone. The or wide angle lens is also something I really like. This opens up a lot of possibilities from group shots and filming yourself for vlogs to getting nice wide angle. Shots having a zoom lens also comes in handy for the occasional close up shots in taking pictures of things from distance without losing quality. The combination of these features basically gives you plenty of options for messing around and getting the perfect shot for the situation. It’S. Not all perfect, though, as the post processing sometimes adds a bit of unwanted saturation, but for the most part, the Johny nine has a fantastic camera and it’s a great choice for amateur photographers or social media fanatics.

It can definitely take on the more expensive competitors out there, let the Samsungs and fix it. So, at the end of the day, the jomini 9 is an awesome choice. If you’re, looking for a great bang for your buck, the powerful smartphone with plenty of great features and a great design at a price that most people can afford, I must admit I was really impressed with this phone – usually it’s the super expensive devices that do get The latest processors and the best performance, but in this phone you’re getting the very latest tech at a very reasonable price unless of course, you’re the kind of person who can’t live without a headphone jack or a higher resolution, or a bigger battery. That the me 9 is the best most premium budget, smart phone right now, and I totally recommend it. I have a link in the description below, so you can pick it up right now on Amazon thanks. So much for watching don’t forget to hit the like button. If you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this we’ve become below.