It’S gon na be one of those videos which is aptly titled in the thumbnail. How do they do it? This smartphone is so keenly priced that I am super impressed. A big big thank you must go out to Lenovo Motorola for sending this out to me for this review. This is the motorola moto e 6 plus this is a budget in smartphone that’s, very impressive, especially when you look at certain aspects of it. It’S got a really nice screen. Let me just show you this screen look at the quality of this screen. This is actually, I think, it’s a 6.1 inch screen, but it’s gone 18 or sorry. Nineteen point: five to nine aspect ratio, so 6.1 inch is very, very nicely colored nice resolution, the colors really pop on it it’s ultra wide and it’s, a very, very sort of a narrow format ratio which, even though it’s a large screen makes it super easy for One handed use that’s the first feature, that’s, really very impressive. The second feature, that’s, really impressive, is the fact. It’S got a fingerprint reader at least price point. The fingerprint reader is on the back. So if I turn the screen off and then we go one two three place the finger and it wakes up and we do it once more, so it turned off one two three place the finger and it wakes up: it’s, not the fastest of fingerprint readers, but The fact that we got this rear mounted fingerprint reader on a phone of this price again, very, very impressive, and then another feature that I was really surprised to see is that this has got a 3000 milliamp hour battery and that’s, not the highlight of that sentence.

Let me continue the sentence: 3000 milliamp hour, removable battery ultra slimline battery in this very slimline phone that you can remove. So you by a spare one and have that topped up and ready to go. And if you did run out of battery whilst you’re out and about then you can replace the battery and you’re good to go again. A removable battery in a phone of this price is a really lightweight phone as well. It has got a very glossy back. Then we just turn the screen off very quickly. It’S a take this cover off. I can take the cover off. There we go let’s. Take the cover off. Here is a mirrored back. Are you ready for this, and actually, whilst I was taking that off, the back actually did unclip a little bit? Are you ready don’t? That is such a glossy? It is a mirror, it is a mirrored back. Very very mirrored effect finish, and it is a fingerprint magnet, but very very nice finish to it and, as I mentioned earlier, you can remove this back and remove the battery as well there’s, probably back in the case. The case comes supplied it’s. Just one of these clear cases very, very nice that this protects the back. Obviously you can still see a few fingerprints on there, but a quick wipe down and you’re good to go. Let’S wake this up, one more time and it’s awake, so very, very good.

Overall sort of fill out the box and when you talk about price, this is coming in. I think it’s around about a hundred and twenty nine pounds, something like that about that price. Between a hundred and hundred and fifty pounds, one hundred and forty euros is the retail price on this 13 megapixel camera on the back, eight megapixel selfie camera on the front, the camera. Let me show you some results from the camera. Now the results are good, but it is quite slow. I think I’ve got it set to not rotate it’s just go back in the hero cane it’s, not rotating. I thought I had rotation lock off. Okay back in again, for some reason it doesn’t want to rotate there. We go so a really good result on the photos. These were taken in less than optimal lighting conditions and we get it to focus on the photo. Instead of my face and let’s go across to look at this one, this was nice cuz. This was quite a lot of backlighting on this photo and it still rendered the actual orchids in the foreground very nicely. Indeed, the flash performance should show you one with flash. Not so great, quite harsh on the flash and also quite slow on the flash at this one here, good focus on here, nice colors that’s, my little wear Volkswagen camper van made out of Lego, seven, our build that was seven hours and then last but not least, Some more flowers and again less than optimal lighting conditions on this one, but again a really good tonality to the colors, so not the best camera it takes a while to focus and when you use in flash that takes a while as well you’re not going to Capture any action shots with this, but the actual end results, I think, are more than acceptable at this price point.

But it’s not a stellar performance, it’s, just an acceptable performance on the camera, and if you went on holiday with this and took various snapshots, I think you’d be happy with the results, the actual, where overall performance is a little bit laggy. These are the pre installed. Apps, this is what comes pre installed so transitioning between screens. You can see a little bit of dropped frames between screens and animations drop frames, especially when you’ve got quite a few apps running, but generally multitasking let’s just go back to here. So multitasking isn’t too bad I’ve got one two three four five, maybe six or seven apps run in there and overall the experience running multiple apps and multitasking isn’t too bad. Now this has got an octa core processor in it. What was this speck of the octa core processor? I can’t remember but yeah octa core processor and I think it’s got two gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage. There is another model that you can get four gigabytes of RAM in here, but you can expand the storage with a micro SD card. So if you are planning on taking a lot of photos a lot of videos, then you have got that micro, SD card expansion up to 512 gigabytes, the 2 gigabyte version of got here, 2 gigabyte RAM – is probably what’s, causing the slight performance issues I’m experiencing. But if you went up to the 4 gigabyte RAM version, I think most of those would disappear and then you’ve got an overall really good, smartphone browsing you can see here.

This is my website browsing on this very, very good. Indeed, really nice sort of smooth fluid scrolling, really a great performer? You can, of course, zoom in as well it’s a great screen. This is what’s impressed me a great deal, the screen quality and also that 3000 milliamp hour removable battery. At this price point, I think that’s a very, very good feature set and a no frills phone that’s coming in such a wicked price point now before I move on to my final opinion of this let’s, take a look inside the live chat. This is a live broadcast, of course, a big hello to Cody who’s, saying it looks good. I totally agree Tube you just logged on from Mel born keep up the great work. That is awesome thanks for tuning in from Mel born, really do appreciate it asking how much it’s in Australian dollars not sure the pricing in Australian dollars. The screen looks quite good on the video from Fedorov. It is a very, very good screen, really impressed with the screen little teardrop notch at the top there and a little chin down the bottom, but very narrow bezels on the side, to keep that one handed operability, nice and on point rocket pup I’m planning to get This for my mum for Christmas as an upgrade to a s6 edge, is this a good recommendation for a mum who uses Facebook 247? Yes, it is not sure how much of an upgrade you could be over in s6 edge there’s, quite a few generations back.

I would look at possibly either this or maybe the g7, so the e6 plus or the Moto g7 might be worth taking a look at or even the g7 power that’s coming in at quite a good price point as well at the moment, and that will give You really long battery life and that’s it for the the comments apart from Abdul coming in the live, chat, saying good video appreciate it really do so back to my final opinion on the Moto e 6. Do I think this is a hit or a missed? I think you should buy it well, let’s go back to that thumbnail that I made for this video saying: how do they do it, and I think that speaks for itself. How do they do a phone of this quality at that low low price? And it really is a great quality phone, packed full of features and plenty good enough for the standard sort user, there’s no need to spend any more money. I don’t think the only thing that is slightly lacking is the speed on the camera. So if you’re patient with your photos, it’s definitely a big thumbs up from me. So please do check out the links down in the video description to where you can pick this up for yourself. There’S, also a link down there to the Motorola website. Again, where you can check out all of their other smartphones, this is a rock solid, buy at this price, really great for either a first phone for a regular sort of standard, non power user or as a secondary backup phone for some of your owns a flagship Thanks for watching everyone, if you’ve got any comments at all, please do leave them down in the comment section below.