In fact, this is easily one of the best phones for such amount of money, as always check out the video description down below for updated prices and coupon codes. If you’re interested first, the specs for 420 bucks, you are getting a really powerful machine with a flagship, snapdragon, 855 chipset, eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage, which is pretty damn insane. Honestly, I can’t remember the phone this powerful for this amount of money. There is no micro SD card slot, but who needs that when you get so much fast, you have a 3.0 storage. Second, the design build and display the phone is just beautiful to look at and a red color finish is really catchy. The phone feels like a flagship device, as it uses a high quality frame with excellent buttons, with a signature, ringer switch and nicely curved glass on the back. An optic AMOLED display is not only the best you can get for the price, but it can also rival some flagship devices in terms of the overall screen. Quality it’s, sharp, its vibrant, is got deep. Blacks and sunlight. Legibility is pretty good under that display. There is an optical fingerprint scanner that has always been really fast and reliable. Face unlock feature is here too, if you prefer an even more effortless, unlocking method. Third, the overall performance, the 1 plus 7, can handle all the 3d games you throw at it. Just like the most expensive flagship gaming experience is enhanced by a set of serial out speakers.

If you love mobile gaming, but you don’t want to spend a thousand on a phone. The 1 plus 7 is an excellent choice. Fourth, the UI. I would call the oxygen OS the best stock Android improvement. There is. There are plenty of speed tests and comparisons online. That show how fast the oneplus bones are, and the 1 plus 7 is no exception, honestly it’s impossible to make the phone lag or stutter no matter what you do with it. Even though the UI looks like stock Android, there are plenty of useful features to play with point number five why the 1 plus 7 is one of the best for the price, the cameras, daylight shots, usually look really nice and detailed. If you take them with a main camera low light image, quality is pretty good, especially if you use a dedicated night mode. Selfies, look really nice in both in aura and portrait, most and even low light. Selfie quality is decent for he. Video is really nice and super stable. Honestly, I can’t remember watching such a smooth 4k video that was shot from a sub 400 device. Stabilization is even better in 1080p mode, but if you want to use 60fps, the footage becomes quite shaky. 1080P selfie videos. Look quite nice to take a look at full length. Camera samples, you’ll, find all the links down below the video point: number 6, the battery life and fast charging. You should be able to get around 7 hours of screen on time on the daily basis, and if you use the phone just for the basic stuff like web browsing and YouTube, you may even get 10 hours of screen on time.

If the battery dies, you can top it up in just about one hour with a supply charger cons about the device, no micro SD card slot. No, what a resistance! No wireless charging, no headphone, jack and oneplus could have used a different dual camera setup. I would prefer to have a wide angle shooter instead of the telephoto lens. However, are these really short comings or netbooks, or simply wishes to get even more for the price? Tell me in the comment section down below what you think. I believe that the 1 plus 7 is the heck of the phone for the price, and, if you have just 400 dollars to spare, this is one of your best devices you can get. As always. If you liked the video please hit that like button, please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and as always it was lioness.