So this is the sir a m1, so we’re gon na actually take it outside. Try the software show. You guys run some tests because I think that’s important and that’s gon na come up or right now let’s go outside Music, alright, guys we’re outside. I got the gimbal sit up here, so that’s good, hopefully after my head around, make sure there’s something to be. There focus on I put this up: I’ll bring the screen up here, so you guys can see it what I’m doing stuff and we’ll just kind of go through some of it just to see it’s in the top. Here we do have our settings so allow the game of the function while charging actually that’s pretty cool. So if you actually wanted to be able to charge the gimbal, you could reverse tilting, firmware version, etc. Now the big recommendation is, of course, we need to get this make sure before you do. Anything else check for firmware do an update if it’s there, because we want to make sure even the app right now is in beta phase for me, so that’s gon na be probably changed a little bit and possibly when you guys get it okay. So we can see a bunch of stuff in here bluetooth version hardware version realize I’m testing on a pre release, version of the hardware and software. So let’s go back here, camera here gridlines, if you’d like them, flash video resolution I’m gon na, actually reset that so we’re gon na set that up nice and high.

So thirty eight perfect go back and you can also use that film camera. So this would be useful with any of the anamorphic, especially the one actually produced and made by Siri. So this is where you would turn that on next we go down here manual. Is you got ta? Look at it anyway down here. We have filters, so you can actually change those filters if you want to get a lot of them in there, which is actually kind of cool, and of course you have your home button, which takes you out all right now. On the other side, we have the first one or the top one up here, so this guy here top right hand corner will allow you to see any of your media library it you so choose. We don’t have anything so no big deal one below that. Of course is being able to switch forward and backwards between your cameras, this, of course, and the other thing I should have said this – the other thing with the video resolutions, of course that depends on what your camera is actually on: your phones capable of recording. So this isn’t going to magically make your phone shoot 4k. If it can’t, do it in the first place right all right down. Here we have below the shutter button. We have little things you’re, exciting camera mode, so for taking photos. So ten seconds, five seconds, four seconds three seconds two seconds: one second that’s for single shots.

We do have the ability to do a panorama, so I’ll shoot some of these in a minute and we’ll try them up. And then we have this sodoku, which is the nine by nine. If we actually come down here and switch it to video mode, you’ll actually see that these change. We have time lapse, path, lapse, motion, zoom, which is cool and normal. So again, we’ll try some of these just to see what we think let’s do that right now, shall we so I’m gon na spin, the camera LeWitt. So you guys can see the back side of this and we’ll do some of the camera ones. First, okay, so I’ll just down here spin this this way, hopefully you guys can see that and we’ll come into the photo mode Hirsh, so in photo so number one one more in photo mode. If we want to take a picture nice and simple snap right snap saved picture nice and simple, you know what Morty, what more do you want? All right, let’s go back into this guy and we can do panorama so well. Switch to panorama and we’ll. Do a three by three, so this is gon na, be a three by three and we’ll hit that button three two one Music, that’s actually kind of cool. Do you get to see the whole saving process? What it’s doing? But I know coming here: we’re gon na just do a quick rotate just to make sure we can see that right, so that’s it and what we’ll do then is.

I think we get next here. If we want right there, it is, you actually have a whole bunch of filters if you’d like to do this and I’m just going to literally hit the Save button on the top saved, we should put that back in my camera, roll, which is cool once you’re In here, because now you can do like a 360, a 180 and 90, so let’s try let’s, try it 360 ready and ready to how to speed these up: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, okay, so first just so, you know, you’ll want to make sure you’re Doing this in a scenario the 361 that you’re far enough away, because if you’re close it’s really hard for it to blend stuff, so I don’t know if I can actually get this I’m gon na put I’m gon na move it over here, we’re gon na shift. It this way just so you guys, can see on the table and I’m gon na hang it up I’m gon na move. This back here give a look and we’re gon na see if this works Applause, Music, Applause, all right, so I think that one worked when I actually had it behind, but this way he was so close to the fence that I don’t think he could actually blend All the images together so we’ll take a look and see what that looked like, but cool last. One in here, of course, is going to be 180, so we’ll do the same.

I’Ll just do this right. Just spin actually I’ll bring this up here because I think it’s all better. Alright. So again we just one BD. This time we get a shot and go Music, all right so again, that’s getting the photos ready putting them all together. Last one here is this: sodoku and I’m, not even really sure what the sodoku is but we’ll hit it and find out. So this is the Sudoku I’m, not even sure what it did at all. So I got ta ignore that one a bit. I guess I don’t know anyway now let’s switch it to video and see what kind of video settings we have it. So first off I’ll just do a little time lapse. This is a plain time lapse and we’ll see what that one looks like so that’s coming up right now hold on, and just so you guys know I’m just gon na. Let this run for about. Oh, no, let it run for about two three minutes just to see what it creates. You can go in and change some of the values for how long you want the shutter to actually stay open. So we’ll see all right so we’re gon na stop this and see what it creates. Okay, all right Music. So you got this path lapse is what we’re doing so. We set it where we want it to start so I’m gon na set it here and then we’ll get it to kind of come over here at the end like that, so be it and we’ll start that up all right.

So I don’t know if I made that long enough, but you get the idea last one it’s called the Hitchcock right Hitchcock, so it’s literally a motion zoom, so we’re gon na go in here. We’Re gon na make sure this is kind of where we want it. So in this area all right and are you ready and now we’ll see what that did, because that could be cool? Maybe I don’t know all right last one that we’re gon na do is I’m gon na. Do a good walk out this way and back and facing out with the king of facing back in with the camera and we’ll, see, actually how well this thing actually does as a gimbal, all right, let’s go, do that, shall we so here we go actually has Nice stabilization Amity and the grass is wet, so my socks are without weight, which is fantastic okay, so we got the front facing camera up now: we’re gon na just kind of move that see how well that steam light that stabilizes good, like that yeah it’s. Alright, can you take that, but you can you can use a zoom on the side too it’s super smooth Music see. Well thanks. That’S awesome: okay, go back to do one last test, this videos getting pretty long. Alright, one last test we’re, actually gon na put the Serie. Why they’re 18 millimeter on this and see what it does? Alright, my friends so we’ve got the wide lens on the front, so we’re just gon na switch the cameras around you can do that by double clicking the function, button and we’ll do that walk again with the Siri wide, alright, so there’s that wide right.

I really like their lands, it’s just super nice and sharp me kind of creeping in the corner. There it’s this right button here so with the wide you’re seeing a little tiny bit. So you can see that of the actual arm. So just kind of be aware of that you may have to crop it a little bit with the wide just because it’s catching that arm in the shot. Alright, let’s stop that and spin it around to the front facing camera hold on alright guys. So we have it the front facing camera now so nice thing is you lose that little arm piece coming up, but look how wide? That is that? So, if you had any kind of issues with, you know, it’s dark I’m in the shade right we should. I can brighten that up, maybe maybe we’ll see anyways. You have any issues, just get the white if that whites fantastic. No, I think I’m just kind of floating around everything’s nice and steady, which is super cool right. Super cool all right, I’m gon na go back inside now. Take a look at some of this stuff and kind of figure out what I think I’ll, let you guys know all right, we’re gon na go in and we’ll be back with you guys in just a second all right hold on all right, my friend, so there You go we’re back in the house, you guys have seen a bunch of the footage and I actually just sat and watched it myself and it’s it’s actually really good.

I’M. Super super happy here, here’s the gimbal back here, in fact, that you can get this on IndieGoGo right now for under 100 awesome. I think, if you’re looking for a smartphone gimbal, especially one that’s, just a smartphone gimbal that should work actually really well now I did have a question that somebody asked and I’m gon na see if this actually can happen, so give me just one sec. The question was: can you mount an action camera in here and let’s find out? Shall we so I’m gon na actually put the action camera in here just this way, so it’s kind of sitting like so that means that balance is gon na, be crazy and you’re. Only gon na be able to get it so far, so it’s never gon na really be able to balance it super well. So the real question is: will it understand? Will it understand that there’s an actual camera in there right now, let’s just find out for a sec and turn this on so first off we’re, outta, here, okay, so she’s powering the see what happens? Okay, she settles in, of course, she’s not gon na be able to hook into Bluetooth or anything like that, because there’s no phone so be it that’s. Okay, let’s just slide that there for a minute, so it’s pointing back at you and, of course, it’s sideways. So I want to see if I can get it into like a portrait orientation.

Okay point of view: they got a lot of a lot of things here, so I just want to see if it has the ability to just get that camera to switch over simple answer is I think it should most cameras. Do. How do I do it? I don’t know what happens if I double click, the back anything so I don’t know: cuz she’s got she’s a little bit of a vibration to it. Yeah right soon, as you got, ta go down, just gets a bit of a vibration and I think it’s just for the fact that it does it like the fact that there’s not enough weight there, this this again so I’m, going to say no to can you Use an action camera with this one I don’t think it’s been necessarily designed to do that. Not that that’s! You know a flaw because it’s not it doesn’t, say that it did. If you’re looking for a gimbal that can kind of do all of that I’d say go look at the p1, which is also on IndieGoGo and right now you can get that a smoking deal a time of posting this, of course, the other one. That was a little different. Well to that were actually a little different. Is this sodoku one? I wasn’t quite sure why I would want a photo like that cut into nine pieces, but that’s me. I don’t understand it. If you guys know why you’d want that, put a comment down below, because I’m really interested to understand that and last but not least ice kind of that Hitchcock, they call it that Hitchcock move now.

Thinking back, I understand what I didn’t do right or what I should have done. So what happens? Is the camera kind of pans in nice and smooth so you’re supposed to do is actually get it locked where it’s supposed to be and as that’s happening, you’re supposed to kind of pull backwards? So what happens? Is you get that nice compression of the background? So you get that subject matter seems to be locked in space, but your compression of your background kind of narrows or widens, and I didn’t move because it was on a tripod. So this is one of those things where you would actually have to move in or move out opposite to what it’s doing so, if it’s zooming in you’re coming out and if it’s coming out you’re going in there, you go super smooth, really nice. I don’t think you can beat this for the price, especially again at this IndieGoGo price. Remember that, as of now all my testing has been on a pre production model of what you guys will all be getting so software is beta firmware still early and hardware could actually undergo. Possibly some change. I don’t know, but the big one, of course will be firmware and software, so the app those will definitely probably get some updates before you guys get it in your hands, actually really solid right now, probably much better. When you get it all right guys, I don’t believe you guys there but I’m again, I’ll put a link down to the IndieGoGo page.

If you guys are interested in this, this is a swift. M1 super good shrinks up, pretty good, pretty tight. If you guys would like to see the previous video I did on the actual unboxing and first look I’ll put a link up here for you guys you can guys can go. Look at that because I think that’s kind of cool and that’s it like comment share and subscribe, and we will have more videos coming up for you guys right away. Alright, my friends have a good one.