Fred friends connect and get photographs mint as well, and you can do a match test and you can do print inspecting and see the technologies needed so onto the appetizer up here. On top, you will have your voice to the boys here. You can see it’s there. So enter the up here. Yap is pretty simple Neil’s at least user interface of got frame prints. So in here you have different frames. You’Ve got collage print, which will give you different and options to spittle photographs likes also you’re far here 2, here and 3. Here. For example, so again you can get creative and take images, stare and good noise. The match test is you can test your how to be friends with the fall to view and also be printed and it’s? Pretty cool, not freedom, and you have connected off the forensic regular, unique Instax prints, so this printer owner and repairs in there and to send them display Bluetooth, which is really nice. This is a mocha moyamoya. Also steals Bluetooth settings so over here then you’ve got your settings, so you have your Bluetooth settings. Camera operation settings sounds, and you have print date set until you have date on the image ever kill check, very OSS attempt to use Webster’s bitch point, but a simple print, video print. So video print is a small video where you will be able to scroll through and for example, here a video like so and pick the best part and snip it and print away, and then you have your Instax camera.

So this, as you can see, you can do selfies, so you can turn that around and then you have your typical image there. So you can zoom in into milks, like so just for you tilting the camera which is killed just like that, and you can also have it in landscape rather than party. So you got your flash, your timer and you have your date option as well, so that’s, basically pretty it it’s, pretty simple to use it’s fun and you know it’s kind of money it’s, like maybe you know you stock and feel different people and again it’s the It’S, like bringing back the old days when you’ve had photographs there and then – and you give people, give me this right there on the spot. Don’T take long potentially in seconds compared to longer on, say always wrong. So I like the idea so pretty much simple to you is you can take a picture on the goal or you can use pictures from your Tamara phone it’s all foreign example here, some history here, little person so fun and just press print when you’re finished you’ll Hit that image will start coming out himself so long when there is where you have a filter and reaction simply change that early on as well as you like. So this letter. So, even here and not filters it once you can do sliding here, which is really cool, so you can add on the floor as you will and it’s a really nice idea and also, if you take pictures, you can take em to your collage, the Greens, your Collage prints, you pick up put your images in here and then you can select different collage and options.

There are layouts from here. Looks pretty secure. Sorry, yes, pretty simple to use and if you have any questions, feel free to ask specific video and view quality help walks, and just so you can see it just feels really nicely dear check. It out cause a pink and white as well and, as I said most when we say harmony of EDS and so on and again a noise talk and feel or two was not too expensive. The films are the same as the previous mini league play and, as you can see, you can get creative with pictures and so on, and they come out pretty quickly so that’s it for now.