Video is also son. Take a look at this new GN 20. Definitely value for money. So this is a first look of this smartphone. So a big thumbs up would be appreciated. Let’S, do a quick, unboxing and review for you guys just to show you what this phone is like. So taking a look at the box, you got the name doogee and the model number and 20 you got. The logo on the edge of the boxes was nothing on the side and on the back you’re supposed to have the I’m, your indigo, which I’ve actually caught. But this is a doodoo model. N 24 gig of ram on 64 gig of ROM as well, and that is a maxilla finish on this box. Oh, that is really good. Let’S see what we get inside of this box and then we will actually see what features did for now, but just before I start these people make sure you subscribe and also hear the bell notifications. So when you brought any video you’ll actually be notified. A few people that follow me in one of these social medias, you would know that I’ve got one of these Falls because I always leave a sneak peak so make sure you follow me on one of my social medias anyway, people just before we take a look At the phone let’s see what we get inside of the box, so you’ve got some money. Do my nails that you can see right here, and here we have a limited warranty card.

Don’T know starts invalid or not, but here we have the basic user manuals of the phone in English and Chinese and you’ve also got a European brick, which I’ve also received a UK three pin plug separate as well. So here we have the European version and he’s actually said: do you own the European brick as well so and also we’ve got a here USB micro USB charging my box, nothing else in the box, except a eject tool which is at the bottom, hide it anyways Let’S, take a look at the phone here. We have it just before we take a look at the features. Let’S take a look at the design. You’Ve got a few features on the phone, so, as you can see, he’s got a wart drop, not ch the front. Camera is a 16 megapixel camera. The screen is 19 by 9, a 6.3 in full HD, plus water drop screen. It’S got three lens camera as well, so one is 16 megapixel primary camera it’s got an 8 megapixel telephoto camera and an 8 megapixel wide camera as well. I will get to that later in the video it’s got a really big battery, which is the 4350 mAh battery. The process is 2 gigahertz, cortex, a53 and it’s running Android, 9 pi, so we’ll get to that later in the video, but let’s take a look at the design of this form Music, and here we have it. Ladies and gentlemen, the doji and 20 let’s take a look at the exterior, then we’ll boot.

This thing up to see what it’s like so at the front. A six point: three inch full HD screen with water drop notch with the also camera as well. You got the speaker grille on on the top and on, if you can see right there, yeah that’s, the speaker, grille, so let’s take a look at the side. You’Ve got the basics, volume rockers and your power button as well. Taking a look at the top you’ve got your headphone jack. On the other side, we have a SIM card ejector tool and also at the bottom you’ve got my craziest micro, USB slot for your charger and speak and microderm my grill. So this phone actually comes in two different colors. We have the black bear in black valued here and it also comes in a nice purple color looking into more detail at the back of the phone. As you can see, he is got a triple and Seto with also a fingerprint sensor right here and LED flash let’s. Take a look at the camera itself. Now we have a 16 megapixel primary camera at the top. We go 8 megapixel, super depth, camera and also a 8 megapixel wide angle, camera as well, and also a high temperature dual flash LED light, but so that is the exterior of the phone let’s boot. This thing up and see what it’s like and also give you a quality of the video and audio at the end of this videos, also make sure you stay tuned.

So you welcome. We do leave power behind roid and you’ve got the starter. Goodies all go right here now, it’s booted up, we can actually swipe up to unlock and it’s running Android 9.0, which is the PI version. So just before we take a look at inside of the phone let’s see what kind of features we get with. This. Do g 20 now it does support 4G LTE, as it does with the 3G and truly this is a 64 gig phone and it can actually support up to 128 gig as well. It’S. A six point three inch full HD plus to drop display with the resolution of 1080 times two thousand two hundred and eighty pixels in the multi touch support as well. The phone camera is 16 megapixel. Another talk with the back triple: has camera 60 megapixels primary camera and a mega module 8 megapixel. It does record up to 1080p as well and it does have a massive battery, which is a 4350 mAh battery with a 10 watt fast charger in the box as well. So you are definitely getting your money’s worth when it comes to this duty and xx. Now. I’M, not seeing a lot of reviews on YouTube, so this is probably maybe the first or even second video the full hands on of this phone I’m getting used to grips of it as I usually use iOS devices, but this may be my allsorts phone as I’m. Trying to go into Android to see what it’s like, let me know in the comment section below if your Android or iOS fun, but you probably know what hire them anyway.

So taking a look at the phone itself, it looks really nice it’s got really nice features as well. Let’S, take a look at some of the features with this phone, so you have to swipe poke which actually activates the menu and you’ve also got three buttons on the top. So that goes to home. That goes to your previous apps. That you’ve opened up and back is probably she’s. No walk back means, so SWAT came down actually brings down the notifications and also your show cooks as well. So if you swap it down again, it brings you all your Wi Fi Bluetooth do not disturb either play mode from that. So if you swipe it right, it doesn’t do nothing swipe. It left and your Google assist actually comes on from there. So we need to see what the fingerprint sensor is like as we need to see if that works properly or not so, you’ve got a few security features that I find my device and Google you’ve got also face unlock, which is actually really good as well as You can see right there, so you can actually choose which security you want to unlock. It wait to be this wide face, unlock and also fingerprint so let’s check out fingerprint along with fingerprint let’s see. Is this thing it works fingerprint and pattern. So we’ll do the simple pattern we do here on also with the Android forms, social notifications right and the back.

As you can see right here, we’ve got the fingerprint sensor placed in a really nice position so touch the sensor, then lift again so you’ve got a tricky a few times, just to make sure your finger gets recognized, fingerprint added. When you see this icon, you the fingerprint identification or to approve purchases so that’s all right now, we’ve got the fingerprint added let’s, see what it’s like first of all, we’ll just try it on lock it does it unlock well, their phone is off. If I reach it a bit, I guess it does check that out. People will try it again. It unlocked really quick as well, so it just vibrated little and it’s unlocked from that let’s see when we actually put the phone into lock mode and you’ve got the fingerprint picture right there and there we go that’s how easy it’s actually unlocks, really quick let’s. Try it with my left index finger, so you got nothing. He doesn’t even vibrate as well, so thus goes to show it’s not actually recognizing the left. One too many chains try again later so it’s, not actually recognizing my left index finger so which is really good. So the security on this is really good. I put on lock as I’ve tried too many times, but yeah we’ll need to try out the face unlock as well in another video front to see a what’s inside of this phone. Let me know in the comment section below but yeah let’s check out the camera quality and we’ll check out the Geekbench results on this.

Do G and twenty definitely value for money just check out the phone people, everything you got a triple insect or fingerprint face unlock face pots: 4G as well Android. Of course it has a really nice operating system, which is Android 9.0 PI as well. I do like this cell latest Android version of the phone, but again it’s really light as well, and I do like the color so not too big in this phone app or anything, but it’s definitely value for money. So for around eighty pounds you actually get more than you bargained for so let’s check out the camera. He is the video quality of the end 20 let’s just take a look at my Mercedes, but yeah walking around stability wise, not bad from the screen, but yeah. The colors are really nice on the phone benefiting the picture, the first picture with the primary camera and the second one was ultra wide, but overall it’s not looking bad to be honest check out some of the greens here. People. This is the do G and 20 I’m going to check out the Geekbench results and wrap up this video from there. But let me know what you seen: people of the camera in the comments below just downloaded Geekbench 5 and, as you can see here, close to one plus the two, your photo at 1.5, one gigahertz and another phone call that two he heads as well he’s run An operating system, Android point and Android 9, 2 G in 20.

So let’s take a look at the history as I’ve done a Geekbench result, and here we go. I would have thought this would actually be a bit higher bat signal. Costco hundred fifty and a multi core score is 830, but not bad results for a duty and 20 a cheap phone. To be honest, you can actually change everything on the display, as well from the daily wallpaper to the. What about the font? The time and date goes or anything like that, and it also supports hey, as you can see right there. If you say, hey, Google access your system with voice might so you can actually connect that from there, but overall people I am liking this phone and going into settings, as you can see right here, even actually tells you the battery 76 should last until about 1845. So that’s a really good feature. You can actually change everything from the display navigation bar, so yeah. Overall, I am liking. This do G and 20. Android phones thought it is 10 used. Fifty five point: six cake free, so yeah I’m going to be using this. As my own sauce phone, let me know in the comment section below what else videos you want to see with this Doody and 20, but yeah overall, I do like it definitely value for money, really nice and light as well. It does a lot of things for your money as well. So if you want a cheap phone that does everything with your also 4G, you need to check out the do G and 20 yeah.

I hope you enjoyed this video people. Let me know we think of the phone in the comment section below. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you again for another video. Please give away some of them. I solve them, so I will actually let you know which effort shall be trying out the new ones in this video and I’ll try out some of the previous ones in power, one as well see if they work on iOS 13.