But the meaning of portability is the ability to take something with you and that’s. Why the leap a portable monitor is such a cool device it’s a 15.6 inch IPS 1080p display that you can bring with you pretty much anywhere and I have some pretty great features. This is Adam. Coming with a CATV, first and foremost, it’s, probably we’re talking about what this particular monitor is and what it isn’t it’s a larger screen to enjoy your content from your phone or even your laptop and that’s about it. It’S not touch, enabled and it’s, not battery powered. So don’t expect this to turn your favorite device into a tablet, it’s a display and nothing else, but that’s, certainly not a bad thing, while have, admittedly, never really thought about it. The idea of having a portable monitor in my bag is a great one, often times. I find myself sitting down to do some work or maybe just to relax and watch youtuber Netflix pretty much everywhere in my university campus is a place to pull out a laptop and do some work and a portable monitor of the same form factor is no different And that’s another thing that really surprised me it’s, not only useful, it’s practical, because this monitor accepts a USB C HDMI connection. I was able to connect it to my laptop and have documentation on one screen and my work on the other. This was when I was in uni for today and it’s compact enough that I can keep both it and my laptop in my bag woodies.

I was quite surprised to find myself naturally using it, as I half expected it to be a gimmick. The only thing I will say is that it’s quite battery trader, so I recommend using the other USB C port on the monitor, so you can actually charge your phone off of it as well. An even better usage of the lead power monitor is for media consumption. Remember I talked about YouTube and Netflix setting them to hook up my phone and watch Netflix on a bigger screen is nice and thanks to a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the monitor itself, you don’t lose out on wired headsets board a few device. Doesn’T have a headphone jack. I wouldn’t use it for listening to music, though the audio sounds incredibly compressed and I wouldn’t recommend it for any serious listening whatsoever, stick to a Bluetooth, headset or even wired headphones into your phone directly. If you can’t, the speakers on the device are just fine and I’ll do the job for watching a movie or whatever, but one of my favorite features is the fact that you can use decks with this monitor it effectively is a laptop that you can carry around Everywhere, especially if you can figure something like Linux, on decks, Linux index isn’t, something only for developers and with some setup to turn your smartphone into a full fledged laptop. The prospect of that is exciting and become a reality thanks to a portable monitors such as this one as it stands now.

I believe that the leap a portable monitor has found itself a permanent spot in my backpack it’s lightweight enough there’s, not a whole lot to carry and the usefulness of it far outweighs any inconvenience of packing it into my bag, as well as my laptop and other Stuff for today, it costs one hundred and seventy dollars on Amazon, not a bad price, to pay for a device to infect if they turn it into a laptop. This is been out of context CATV. Let me know in the comments what you think be sure to LIKE the video and subscribe to the channel.