But the icing on the cake has definitely got to be that pricing now compared to the first version, which launched last year for nearly 70 thousand rupees. The asus rog phone starts at just thirty, seven thousand nine and ninety nine rupees, which is not only a great price. If you are a gaming enthusiast, but for anyone looking for a powerful smartphone. So should you be considering the issue Sanji phone over something like the oneplus 70 at the same price and if you aren’t, really a gamer that’s, the LG phone still make sense to buy let’s find out now before we go ahead. Don’T forget to subscribe to our channel and hit that Bell: icon you’re the first to know whenever we have a new video, the size and weight of the ROG phone have gone up making one of the heaviest phones we’ve held in a while it’s quite thick. At nine point, four eight millimeters and weighs of Wapping 240 grams. Now the weight isn’t a big issue when you’re using it in landscape orientation with both hands, but normally one handed usage gets fatiguing quite quickly. The six point: five nine inch AMOLED display – has a full HD plus resolution, but what’s impressive is that it has a 120 Hertz refresh rate. You also get Corning Gorilla Glass, 6 for protection against scratches and drops. The display has thick bezels on the top and bottom, but it doesn’t make the phone look ugly.

Now the 120 Hertz refresh rate make scrolling through apps and even in game play pretty fun and fluid 90 Hertz also offers a very good experience. If you want to save a bit of battery, although this isn’t really a big concern here, which we’ll get to in a bit the European the bottom speaker, our forward facing for a better cedar effect, the dual nano SIM tray is placed on the left, but there’s. No slot for expanding the inbuilt storage other than the gaming performance. The display speakers are two other highlights of this phone here. Videos look great, and in this the brightness is automatically booked stood when HDR content is detected and drops back to the level it was the for any closer video. Now the speakers get really loud and the sound quality is also pretty good. We also like the stereo separation across both channels and there’s, a decent amount of bass and good sound staging there’s, an industry fingerprint scanner here and authentication works well, but we found that we had to rest a finger there a little longer than usual before this works Face recognition is a lot quicker and even works at odd angles. The power and volume buttons are placed low on the right side of the phone and have a good feedback. The left side has an additional USB type c port, along with the custom 4 decided for accessories. The type C port at the bottom supports USB 3.

0 speed and also supports fast charging. The 3.5 millimeter headphone socket is placed on the extreme right at the bottom. So why headphones won’t get in the way when you’re gaming? Now the ROG phone 2 also features a second version of it, uses air trigger system or shoulder buttons on the right side. Now issue says that the algorithm has been tweaked, so you can rest your fingers without actually activating the triggers, which actually prevents fatigue from keeping them hovering over the buttons, just as the first ROG phone asus has put in a lot of work into the software. This time around, you get Android 9 thigh with the August security patch and a custom skin. Now for the ROG phone, you can choose a more vanilla, Android theme as well. Instead of the default ROG theme, the latter does look cool and you have a choice between the light and dark versions of it: there’s a ton of customisation options for the smartphone. Some examples are an audio wizard to boost the volume, an option to switch the display refresh rate and the ability to choose which icons you want in the status bar. The glass back is a little slippery, but the bundle case makes it easier to hold this phone with one hand. The addition of a notification LED near the ear piece is also a nice touch. Now, as you’d expect, the ROG phone to is also a beast of a performer. It has a Snapdragon, 855 SOC, ufs, 3.

0 storage and the phone is available in two RAM and storage variants, one with a GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage and the other. With 12 GB of RAM and Phi 1 2 GB of storage, however, the phone does miss out on some flagship level features such as an IP rating for water resistance and wireless charging. Apps load, Twitty and multitasking is also handled very well. Of course. The main draw of this phone is gaming, and this is hands down one of the best devices. It is not the best one for that. We ran a mix of heavy titles such as pop q, mobile and asphalt line legends along with simpler ones, including Rayman ventures and Mario Cart, all of which trample all ously. Even with a GB of RAM. We were able to switch between any of these games quite effortlessly. Now, keep in mind at the back of the phone does get quite warm when gaming, especially a few spots near the side, mounted type c4, which gets particularly hot. We recommend using the bundle case, so it keeps the heat away from your fingers and it also offers better grip. Asus has also added a performance mode called ex mode, but we didn’t feel the need to use this too much other than a couple of instances in pub G Mobile when the framerate began, to get mildly, choppy X mode prevents throttling of the CPU and also doesn’t. Let the speed drop below 1.

3 gigahertz, keep in mind that this will also drain the battery faster. So we suggest not using this unless you absolutely need to just like, with the original ROG phone, we found the air triggers to be immensely helpful in games such as pub G mobile. The vibration effect when they are triggered is instantaneous, and you can now rest your fingers on them and simply apply slight pressure when you actually need to activate them. This helps reduce fatigue in your index finger since you don’t have to keep them hovering in midair and through the armoury crater have you can set a customized profile for each game by selecting the desired refresh rate touch, sensitivity, performance, metric and so on? You can also set the force level for the button taps of the air triggers system lighting for different scenarios, etc. Game genie is a very useful tool bar which can be accessed from within a game for mapping the air triggers to in game. Controls live streaming on YouTube and twitch, and you can even have an overly reading of the temperatures and framerate in real time. Battery life is equally impressive and not just because of the massive capacity in a battery loop test. A six thousand milliamp hour battery lasted for around 11 hours and 48 minutes, with the screen set to 120 Hertz and about 14 hours and 13 minutes at 60 Hertz. Now these numbers might not look particularly impressive, especially when you compare it to other phones which have ran for more than 20 hours with smaller batteries.

But looking at the real world usage, the RG phone really exceeded our expectations, even with the screen running at 120. Hertz and a lot of camera gaming and social usage, we still managed to easily go past one full day on a single charge. With lighter usage, we managed to go even two full days before needing to charge it with a bundle: 18 watt charger in this variant. We were able to charge the battery up to 52 in an and it took about two hours to charge it completely. The RG phone, who has a main 14 megapixel Sony, IMX 586 sensor with an F 1.79 aperture and PDF, but no optical stabilization. The second camera uses a wide angle lens with a 13 megapixel sensor and finally for selfies. We also have a 24 megapixel camera in daylight. The ROG phone twos primary camera was quite capable and managed good details and colors HDR images. Look vivid and striking with your exposure and white balance the wide angle camera captured slightly weaker details, but HDR was handled well and landscapes. Look good with little to no battle Distortion. Now, close ups, look good too, with sufficient details and good colors, the camera app does. Let you adjust the level of background blur in portrait shots, but edge detection wasn’t, always too accurate, low light landscape shots were a bit grainy, but using night mode helped here, details was still a little weak and we found the resulting images to be slightly over sharpened.

The selfie camera captured fairly detailed selfies during the day with good skin tones, but we know some minor artifacting in the background. Textures also edges of our face could have been a little sharper potent mode with the front camera is present, but the final output looks a little artificial. Finally, the quality of videos shot in daylight was also quite impressive. Electronic stabilization worked very well even at 4k resolution, and details and colors were represented. Well, selfie videos were also stabilized and the quality was equally good. The phone faltered a bit in low light as video was a little grainy, and the electronic stabilization caused some mild distortion. When we moved about the issues, are G phone is a solid piece of hardware and is definitely the most polished and impressive gaming phone we’ve seen so far. It lacks some features such as waterproofing and wireless charging, but at 37 thousand 999 rupees those things aren’t really big deal breakers. The high end version feels a little too expensive at nearly 60000 rupees, even with the massive bump in storage and the bundled accessories. Now. One of the main competitors of the base, failure of the ROG phone is the oneplus 70 it’s, a great all rounder, with a good set of cameras and a 90 Hertz display. So if you’re not a big fan of the weight of the ROG phone, then the oneplus 70 is a very good alternate. However, if the weight doesn’t bother you, then the asus rog fondue is easily one of the best phones you can buy in this price range.

Even if you aren’t a gamer it’s, simply a great phone for media consumption thanks to that vivid display and excellent stereo speakers.