Even though the ROG phone too is marketed as a dedicated gaming smartphone. But after using it for a week, I thought it would be perfect to call it a mainstream flagship built around gaming. I tested the ROG phone and here’s my take on a gaming from the ROG phone has a same futuristic. Look as original, and I like the design the rear panel made of glass – has a customizable backlit, ROG logos. You will also find a red assented grille on the rear, which is not here for any decorative purpose. The build quality is exceptional, however. The phone is on the heavier side and the giant screen makes the ROG phone harder to use one handed than any other phone when massive improvement in the ROG phone over the original is an industry, fingerprint scanner. It does feel fast and works great. The phone has a 6 6 inch, AMOLED display with 120 Hertz refresh rates with less than one millisecond of latency. The result is amazing. This is twice as fast as getting on the iPhone 11 to a max or the Galaxy Note. 10.1 7 pros 90 Hertz display comes close, though still can’t match. The 120 Hertz is play on the RT phone through a screen with the higher refresh rate results in fluid scrolling, create the responsiveness and a smoother motion content. Whether you are a mainstream user, came up. A power user performance is not a concern on the ROG phone too.

The phone comes with the top tier Snapdragon 805 processor. She does upgrade over the snap at an empty file. I have tried to push the ROG phone to its limit in my week. Long testing, the handset is ridiculously fast. In fact, I fired up the s fault 9, Real Racing 3 and mortal compact and they run smooth and without a hiccup battery life on the ROG phone was quad lasting two days with reasonably heavy usage. The phone is powered by Android 9 PI out of the box and not the latest Android 10. When you set up a device, you can choose between the our GUI, which is a game sending interface and the standard Zen UI that a suit six zero Music like the su 6z. The RG phone, too, has two cameras, afford eight megapixel main sensor and a 125 degree, 30 megapixel camera for byte angled photos. The phone has a 24 megapixel front facing shooter. The phone has the ability to take shots with an excellent amount of details and color. Yes, at times, colors can get a bit oversaturated, but most people don’t mind the RG 4, with an entirely new smartphone that changes the narrative around gaming phones. The phone starts a true piece at a 7000 triple light.