The cat s 61 is not your typical phone and I think when you look at it, that is pretty obvious. So why make a phone or even, why consider a phone that has such a unique form factor? I mean it’s, really thick it’s, heavier it’s, clearly rugged and heavy duty. So who ultimately is it for and should you even consider it at this point we have noticed phones be fairly similar to each other. I mean they’re getting thinner, they getting smaller screens are getting bigger. The cat s 61 doesn’t do any of those things. The screen is 5.2 inches, so it’s not a huge display. In fact, the specs, when you look at them, are not flagship specs and, I think, that’s the point. The point here is not about the speeds and feeds that you would normally see in other phones, it’s about what this phone has, that the others don’t. For me, one of the big things was the FLIR camera. So when it comes to having thermal imaging in a phone it just doesn’t happen, I mean it’s not a feature that you would typically see or even need. But if you do, if you happen to be in an industry where something like that could be useful well, this phone has that and it’s built in it’s, not some app that’s sort of running and doing it. It’S it’s, actually the hardware that’s built in there. So there is a regular camera, but then you have the FLIR camera that offers thermal imaging and other different imaging types.

So if you want to see heat, you can use thermal imaging. If you want to see the coldest spots, you can also have a different view for that too. There is a night vision view as well, but it’s it’s. It could be a little better. The laser now there’s a class 2 laser here. So you, when you’re using a laser to measure distance, then you have to calibrate it repeatedly. I mean I at least thought I had to when I was trying it out and if they make it clear that it’s not super accurate all the time. So a lot of is an approximation and frankly, I would even say a guess like sometimes when I did a measure Lazer’s way off from what it should have been but other times it was pretty accurate. So there is some inconsistency there, but i think the idea that you have a laser. You know here at the bottom that can help you sort of gauge what kind of distance you’re looking at kind of interesting again. That’S another feature that’s not going to be in another phone but it’s there so and that’s on top of the ruggedness and just how durable the phone is it’s almost like you have a phone that’s in a an Otterbox case or some heavy duty case like that. The one catch, however, is that, despite the fact that there is Gorilla Glass on this phone – and despite you have you know the water resistance like and I’m, so it it was big water resistance.

Here I mean to the point where even pressurized water – it can’t stand even that you have all that, but I would caution that the screen is still going to be a little bit delicate. So while it might be a little tougher than the average phone screen, I don’t think it’s it’s the to the point where you can drop this screen. First, on concrete and it’s gon na come out unscathed. I just don’t think that’s gon na happen, so that is something to keep in mind, but, generally speaking, if you’re in a duct, you working an environment, that’s, very dusty and there’s a lot of particles in the air, this is a phone that basically can withstand them. Not only that, it can also tell you just how much of those volatile compounds are in the air or there is an air quality sensor built in to and when you open up that app it’ll, give you a score. Basically, what you’re dealing with and, of course, color coded so green, yellow red and just give you an indication of okay here, you know you’re in a during a space where the air quality is not very good. It doesn’t. Really. It makes some suggestions on things. We can do like you know, increase ventilation, things like that, but it’s not it’s, not a super intricate app, but I just think it’s kind of cool that essentially a a function. That is an other products alone.

Stand alone, is actually built into this phone as well. So it is kind of neat. The camera is not bad. The regular camera is actually not bad. So if you again, you need to take photos on the job or something like that. You can do that it’s, pretty easy. There are shortcuts also to apps that our construction based or just anything sort of actively based there, I mean it’s. Basically, a shortcut to Google to the Google Play Store, so it’s it’s, not a standalone store, but it kind of feels like it is when you use it. So that is kind of interesting as well, but you know all in all I’m, just gon na summarize everything here, because I think, despite the fact that you have good battery life, you’ve got durability. You’Ve got all those things. This is a nice phone, so you need to have to use this like you need this, wherever it is you’re working or whatever kind of field or trade that you’re in where you’re concerned about using your regular phone or you want the tools that are built into This one, you can always put on heavy duty case in a regular phone, so you actually really just need to keep the tools it’s the tools that ultimately differentiate this device, the most from anything else and for those reasons alone. I think you should consider the device. Only if you need those things, if you don’t, if you feel like you, don’t they’re, not gon na, really benefit you in any way.

Then this isn’t a phone for you. This is a phone that that clearly is catering to a specific subset of consumers and, if you feel like you’re among them, well, there aren’t too many devices that are like this and that’s.