My name is usman. Today, we’re gon na be talking about the brand new product launch from Fujifilm the Instax Mini Linc printer now, a few days ago, Annette – and I were at the launch event in London, where we got to meet some of the staff from Fujifilm and they ran us Through some of the new features and things that you can do with this printer, so we figured we’d produce a video doing a bit of a review showing you what this print is all about. So first thing is build quality now in terms of build quality, it is made of plastic. However, it doesn’t feel cheap. It feels really good in the hand. It’S got a good degree of weight to it, and it just feels like it’s, really well made this print. That does have ridges all across the body, which does make it a lot easier to hold it’s, not a slippy, as some of the other printers that I’ve used from Fujifilm. This printer does come in three colors you’ve got dusky, pink, denim, blue and something something white. I can’t remember it’s something white, but if you’re struggling to decide which color you should buy, let me help you dusky pink is but ugly white is boring, blues. Obviously, the one you should go for, like honestly, denim blue that’s, the one you should go for just trust me. One of the things I really like about this printer is how simple and sleek the design is it’s very straightforward.

You’Ve got one button on the front. You’Ve got a latch on the back that allows you to access the sexually while you put the film in and then you’ve got one charging port, that’s literally eight, very simple and straightforward. I would have preferred that there were some lights or something on the body which told you how many shots you had left but that’s a. I guess. You know it’s it’s, a minor minor gripe. I just like the fact that, in some of the other printers they’re in stacks of fuji have made you have that feature where it tells you how many shots you have left now the biggest change the fuji film has made in this printer versus all of the Other printers is the fact that the mini link does not use Wi Fi; it actually uses bluetooth. Now there are some downsides and some upsides to this. The upside is the fact that it’s very straightforward to pair the printer to your phone. You simply go into the app select, the one that you want to connect and you pair and it’s easy as that you haven’t got any likely Wi Fi signals to switch on and off on whatever device you don’t need to be messing about with passwords. You just connect them there, it’s easy, as that. The downside, which I don’t think is a major downside. Like honestly, this is a really really minor issue, but the downside is the fact that if you do own a Fuji camera like the XT three, I do, unfortunately, that camera or any other Fuji camera which has Wi Fi in it, will not connect directly to the Printer, so you’re not going to be able to send pictures from your camera to the printer to print directly.

What you need to do is send the images from your camera to your phone and from your phone. You can print on the printer, not a major issue, but you know some of you may not like that particular aspect about it, but then again this printer isn’t, really targeted towards the professionals and so on. This is more of a consumer product. Based on what I understand so now on to the actual features of the printer, which are all found in the app first thing is frames, and this is very straightforward. If you used anything like snapchat or Instagram. You’Ll know that this is just basically an overlay that you can put on your images before you print so you’ve got a bunch of different frames that you can put you’ve got some like little masquerade type masks that you can put on. You’Ve got some pretty cool things that you can do with your images before you set them off to print onto the second feature, which is collage print and again, very straightforward. You just get a bunch of images and stack them together and then print that on one Instax, film shot really easy to understand, not really that difficult. The third feature, however, is one of the more interesting new features the fuji film has added into this. I don’t know how useful this is gon na be, but I think it’s gon na be quite cool just amongst friends and if you’re dating or whatever and that’s match test.

Now what you do is match test. Is you take a selfie? You answer a bunch of questions, and then you give it to your friend or whoever else you’re doing the match test with they do the same, and then the printer will print out your results and give you a score based on how compatible you are, as people Annette – and I did this and we got 76, which is apparently quite high, so that’s a win for home team there. The fourth feature is something that I think is actually really cool. It’S, probably not gon na, be something I use cuz. I don’t have any friends, but if you’ve got lots of friends, this is gon na, be something that I think might be quite cool for you. Basically, you can connect your printer up to five phones or five individual friends, and then each person can send one image and no one’s gon na know what each person sent unless you show them. But no one’s gon na know what each person sent until the Instax image actually prints, so be wary of which friend you do this with because guarantee that that one guy or girl who’s got a lot of eggplant pictures, let’s just say and finally, there’s an option Called Instax camera, which allows you to access your smartphone’s cameras and take pictures from within the actual app, so you can take a selfie or you can take a picture and print directly from there.

You can do some adjustments and changes after the fact as well. If you don’t want to quit instantly, but there is that feature, that is one cool thing that you can do with the Instax camera app, and that is the fact that, when you’re about to take a picture with your phone, if you tilt the printer forwards and Backwards, it allows you to zoom in and out of the image or out with the camera, so you can frame more effectively now. This is actually quite cool with within you know, in in some scenarios, but unfortunately, there’s no way to switch this feature off, which means that if you are holding the printer and you’re gon na take a picture with the Instax camera from within the app. Then, if you make slight adjustments of zooming in and zooming out, so I wish there was an option to switch it off and switch it on when you want. But I think that this could be quite cool or quite useful for some people, if you’re gon na be using that feature, I almost forgot to mention. There is one more feature, and that is the fact that you can print from videos. So if you’ve got a video file on your smartphone device, you can access that video and you can pick particular skills from that video file and print that which I think could be quite cool, especially if you’re shooting snow, more video and you just capture that one Little moment and you print that I think that could be quite cool but yeah that’s, the new Instax Mini Link printer it’s, packed with features, I think, it’s, pretty cool, it’s 109 pounds in the UK and about 100 H dollars in the US.

I’Ll leave some links below for you to check them out, make sure you get the blue one hit.