So what was worrying me was the battery life it’s, a 3000 milliamp battery and it actually lasts me all day so that I was very happy about, because I had the LG x venture before this, and that was a 4400 milliamp battery. So I was going to a smaller battery, so it’s kind of scared, but it it does do pretty good. I mean I was at work yesterday, but it was at like 60 and I was using it and stuff like that, but I do want to go over the back, so it’s plastic, so your fingerprints are seen and it it will scratch easily. It’S got the double tap feature. I like that it runs Android 9. The camera is a 13 megapixel right here is the fingerprint scanner I did see on the camera under the settings. It does have a QR reader. You have a couple options on the camera. Actually, it’s kind of hard to see, but let’s see see QR code. If you go on the camera said for some reason it gives you a full option and then this one well, if you click on it, you can bring it up to the third 13 megapixel see right there. I don’t know why it automatically sets to this one. Not really sure why I haven’t really played around with it long enough to say so, but I have made a few calls on it. The call quality quality is pretty good.

The bottom speakers right down here, it’s not on the back it’s right on the bottom. Another feature I found out was right here on the bottom: it’s a little button, double tap it twice, I’ll get rid of the bottom part, so I think that’s, pretty cool, give you like a bigger screen. I did notice if you watch YouTube. It cuts out a little bit here and here, but if you just swipe it it’ll do a full screen. When I got this phone it came with a lot of installed apps. I was able to delete them. Thank God because it took a lot of memory, so deleting them actually freed up my memory so right here, it’s a this button here goes right to Google and then your volume buttons, your power button, speaker charger, headset it’s, like a five point, four or five point. Four or five, it said something like that on there it’s 16 gigabytes internal with external sd right here. If you’re looking for a cheap phone, this is not a bad phone. The only thing I wish it had wasn’t notification Li. It does not have a notification light.