Now this new smartphone sports, the USB type c port and packs in a big five thousand milliamp hour battery. I will these translate into a good real world experience. Well, we put this phone through its paces to find out Music before we go ahead with the full review of the ready 88 be sure to subscribe to. The gas is 316 YouTube channel and click that Bell icon, so that you are the first to know. Then we have new video one glance at the redne 8a and it is hard to believe that this is such an affordable smartphone. The front has a big 6.2 2 inch, HD Plus display with Corning Gorilla Glass, 5 for protection and a water drop not at the top. The chin is quite thick and Xiaomi has put a red knee logo. Here. Curved sides make this phone comfortable to pull the power and volume buttons are on the right and are easy to reach. Xiaomi has positioned the SIM tray on the left and at the bottom, the read me it a sports, the USB type c port, which is great to see on a smartphone price below 7000 rupees, the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the primary microphone and the loudspeaker are also On the bottom, the back of the redne 8a only has a single camera with an LED flash. There is no fingerprint sensor on this device, something you can potentially excuse. Given its price, the xiaomi redmi ate a sports, the same qualcomm snapdragon, 4′ SOC as the deadly 7e.

The smartphone is available in two variants: one with 2gb of ram with 32gb of storage priced at 6400 and 99 rupees, and the other with 3gb of RAM and 32gb of storage priced at 6999 rupees. We have the base variant in, for this reveal the redmi 8. A also has wireless FM functionality, so you won’t have to plug a headset and we listen to the radio in terms of software. The xiaomi redmi 8a runs new UI 10 on top of android 9 pi a unit was running the other security patch there’s, no app drawer and all app icons are placed on the home screens. There is a fair amount of bloatware pre installed the redmi it a is plagued by the same spam as other Xiaomi devices. We saw ads while installing new applications and also found that stock apps, including me, music, and me, video, constantly generated spammy notifications. On the other hand, new, I has a few useful features such as develops, which lets you run two instances of supported, apps, gesture navigation is an option and you can use this instead of the traditional three button. Navigation layout app lock, is built in and you can also log down apps with password of face recognition. There is also a game, speed, booster app, which claims to carry out performance optimizations, and it also lets you disable auto brightness and the notification shade swipe gesture. While gaming, the redmi 8a, has decent enough hardware to deliver a usable experience, it isn’t different compared to the rad7, a as it has the same processor.

Now we rarely observed slow down while using the smartphone, but heavy apps took longer to load. He had the base 2 gb ram brilliant in for the review, and it could not keep many apps running in the background. There is no fingerprint sensor, but face recognition is quick enough to unlock the smartphone conveniently the display on the redmi. Eta has decent viewing angles, and the speakers are loud enough. However, sunlight legibility could have been better in our usage. The big five thousand milliamp hour battery got us to a full day and we still had a little over 50 left in the tank, which is excellent in our HD video loop test. The redmi tait lasted for 16 hours and 31 minutes with the supplied 10 watt charger. The phone charged up to 46 in an hour. Xiaomi sells an 18 word fast charger for 449 rupees, and we think you should invest in it. If you are going to be using this smartphone, the redne 8a has a single camp at the back. Based on the Sony, I am x36 three sensor. This is a 12 megapixel sensor and has been used in the lights of the Google pixel 3, as well as the Popo f1. At the front, the rainy 8a has an 8 megapixel selfie shoot. Oh, there is HDR as well as AI scene recognition. We found the red me 88 to be quick to focus during the day, but the speed dropped Indo life in favourable light.

The redmi eight eight delivered some good shots, but details were lacking when we zoom in to the sample shots for close ups. We notice that the camera managed to create a decent natural depth of field, portraits a shot with the radiate, a had average edge detection, but some of our samples had overexposed backgrounds. Selfies taken during the day had good detail and you can apply beautification filter before taking a shot in low light. There was a noticeable drop in quality as shots look creamy on zooming in video recording maxes out at 1080p for the primary shooter, but lack stabilization. So you won’t get smooth videos straight off the device the xiaomi redmi tait has been launched from mere months after the redmi 7 a while the Qualcomm, Snapdragon, 4′ associated means the same. The read me: a tape acts in a bigger display, a bigger five thousand milliamp hour battery improved cameras and a USB type c port. Yes, this new smartphone is priced marginally, higher at six thousand four hundred and ninety nine rupees, rather than five thousand nine hundred and ninety nine rupees buyers of the previous redmi 7 II could feel a little disappointed that aside, if you are looking for low budget device Or a secondary device to Bank on then the vein e8a is a solid device to buy under 7000 rupees, and that was our review of the xiaomi redmi 8.