As a parent, I was struggling with the decision to either give my child a smartphone and being able to access her and get a hold of her whenever I needed to, but also knowing that she will probably be stuck staring at her screen for long periods of Time when I’m, not paying attention what I like about the relay is that it allows me to communicate with my daughter at any point in time without having to give her a cellphone, so it’s a perfect alternative for that. Think of it as a modern walkie talkie that has GPS built in it’s 49.99 and you can buy it directly from relay on their website or at Amazon or target. You can’t find deals for this occasionally between twenty five to thirty dollars, and you will also need a data plan because it has LTE, so you can use it anytime and that’s 10 a month. There are many buttons on the relay there’s, actually only three buttons, so it makes it very easy to set up. You only have the power button, the volume button and the talk button and that’s it. If you have two relays you can communicate device to device. Very simply, or you can just use a smart phone, so you don’t need to to make use of this. You just simply press a button and it delivers a message to the smart phone. Since the relay has both 4G LTE and Wi Fi. I can reach my daughter at any point any time where she has it.

I don’t have to be reliant on her being at school, withers, Wi, Fi or at home. If she goes out somewhere, I can still reach her and not only that because of the GPS functionality. I can also see where she is. It is a live communication device just like a walkie talkie, so you press and hold the button and the personal India. They would actually hear the message live with like a one to two second delay, but it’s not leaving voice messages to the other relay another good thing. That actually is you know better than a smart phone. Is that you can’t have two people talking. At the same time, so you’ll never talk over each other. If someone is leaving me or talking to me through the device and I’m hearing them, I can’t interrupt them by pressing it it’ll just say: someone else is speaking right now, which could be useful. There really is pretty small, but it was designed for children, so it fits their hands perfectly and, unlike a cell phone, you don’t have to worry about a screen, cracking it’s, quite durable. You can bang it. You can even toss it across the room. It won’t break. The design is pretty cute, it’s small compact, then the whole front is a speaker. It also has a headphone jack at the bottom. In case you want to use headphones. There are multiple colors setting three or four different colors, and actually this is one thing that I gave my daughter that she wasn’t embarrassed to use.

So hey bonus points for dad right. The sound quality is not amazing, but it does the job it’s about the same as when you use your speakerphone, the microphone is also pretty good. You don’t need to have it close to your mouth when you’re speaking, you can press and hold and have it. You know kind of far away and you’ll still pick up the sound pretty good. The one thing I don’t like about the relay is there’s no lock button. So this big button here once you have it in your pocket back pocket front pocket it doesn’t matter. It tends to go off quite often and you’ll leave tons of messages for the other person accidentally. So you get a lot of static noise. This can be very frustrating as a parent, because when you have the smartphone you’ll see six missed messages and then you go in and see if something is wrong right, but it’s only but dials a fully charged relation gets you through a couple days worth of use, But I recommend you charge it every night, just because it doesn’t have standby mode. Should you leave it in a drawer and forget about it? Battery will probably dead in five to seven days, whose really good, for I would say if you have kids between 7 and 12, and you don’t want to give them a smartphone. This is a perfect alternative. You can reach them, they can reach you, but it doesn’t come with the addictions of a smartphone screen at 49.

99 it’s, a good price it’s about the same as buying a new echo dot. It does come with a 10 a month subscription for the data plan, but that’s cheaper than most carriers, when you add a nude line to your cell phone plan. I recommend this to any of my friends because we’ve continued using this product in our family it’s a great tool for us to keep in touch and we don’t have to go to the cell phone route.