Today, I’m going to talk about this little guy coming right, up., high energy, guitar, music, Hey everybody what’s going on! My name is Claudio and thank you for stopping by and checking out this video.. If this is your first time here, well a huge thank you for checking it out.. I invite you to check out some of my other videos as well as subscribe to my channel by clicking on the subscribe icon. You see here and then turning on notifications. Before I begin, I wan na say thank you to Comica for sending me this mini microphone to review.. So what is this mini microphone? The CVM VS07 is an omnidirectional microphone and, according to the manual, you can use it with the GoPro camera and phone.. The microphone has a 3.5 millimeter TRRS plug, and one of the features about the microphone is that you can adjust it to a 90 degree angle.. One of the things I noticed when I took the microphone out of the box was how well it was made.. It is made completely out of metal construction. The housing around it. I did not see any plastic around tells me that this is pretty well made.. Also in the box was this little wind screen., So if you’re outside recording use, this. Slide it on, and you can prevent a lot of that wind noise from being caught on the microphone.. If you’re recording video with your phone, this right here will come in handy.

Plug it into the audio jack. Like that turn, the microphone 90 degrees hold it up and you’re set to record audio.. I was able to test it. Out. I’m gon na show you a comparison right now., So I am testing out the Comica Smartphone Mini Microphone plugged into the S10 right now.. This is a test. One., Two. Three.. This is a test. One, two and three. Now you’re listening to the built in microphone on the S10. Testing. One. Two. Three. Testing. One two and three.. Hopefully you were able to notice the difference between using the microphone with the phone or not.. In my opinion, I think using this you were able to hear a much clearer, more pronounced direct sound. Next thing I’m going to do is plug in this microphone to the camera that I’m using to record this video. So we can compare the sounds., So you are now hearing the audio from the mini microphone plugged into my X T3 here, so we can compare.. This is again the audio from the microphone plugged into my camera, here. Now I’m back to using my regular audio.. Now, hopefully, you were able to tell a difference. Now I’ve had the microphone for less than a week and been playing with it. And based on the uses that I’ve had I’m actually pretty impressed by the audio that’s coming out of this microphone.. Now because my audio jack on my camera sits on the side, I probably wouldn’t use this too much just because I would be afraid to accidentally hit it and break it off.

, But for my phone I think this is a great microphone. If you’re interested in picking One up I’ll have a link to it in the description. Below., Hey. Let me know if this video was helpful. If you were looking for a new microphone., Have some questions or comments? Please add it in the description. Below. And don’t forget to hit that like button.. If you’re interested in improving your mobile photography skills and shooting video with your phones as well as more tech reviews, just like this one consider subscribing to my channel by clicking on the icon, you see here and turning on notifications.. Thank you again for watching this video and one last thing. Be good to one another. Peace.