It is called FEA tag block pocket, as you understand from the name. It is designed for collodion and Kiran in the pocket. The slogan of this gimbal on official website says everyone can be a blogger let’s find out. Is it really good gimbal for vlogging didn’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel Tech brothers? The you tech, lock pocket, comes in a square white box. Here you can see the company logo model name and the image of gimbal, as the main features are on the side, face and specifications on the back inside the box. There is a variety cart user manual and a cart with the social media of a vo tech company. Here is a nice bag to carry the gimbal with you. Well traveling. It is very useful accessory. There is also microUSB cable in the box. Block pocket has micro USB port, so it uses micro, USB cable for charging. Finally, here is the gimbal itself. The first impression is that it is very small by the way there is also a tripod and you can screw it to the gimbal that’s great. I already like the gimbal, but it’s too early to make the conclusion we should test it, but before that let’s look at design, control and companion app the first task for this gimbal. Does it really fit in my pocket? As you can see? Yes, it does, of course, it’s not very convenient and it’s better to carry the gimbal in your back or just in your hand, but if you want, you can put it in your pocket for comparison.

The gimbal in folded state is almost the same size as my pal that’s, very impressive. I have never seen such a compact gimbal before you start using the gimbal. You need to unfold it just unscrew. This part, then I’m taught as an arm back and unlock 3 axis motor that’s all by the way pay attention to this sticker. It says that the fund should be inside before power on the Kimbo. I don’t know why but it’s better to follow the recommendations. Now you can put your phone in gimbal and shoot the video. I will use Samsung Galaxy, a sixty which should in the video it has six point three inch diagonal. You can use even bigger smartphone. However, it should be less than 240 grams pay. You Tagalog pocket. As only two buttons on the front side and trigger on the back, we will talk about control a little letter. Also, there is microUSB port on the left side. As already set play you tech block pocket has a tripod. It is crude into the bottom of the gimbal. It has its relaxed that make it possible to stand upright on any surface now, let’s talk about how to turn on the gimbal and to use it. So after you have put the smartphone in Gimpo, you can turn it on just press and hold the first button for about 2 seconds until the green light turns blue Music, the short press, a function, button enable painting melt press it once again and the gimbal will Be loved Music that will press the same button, switch from landscape to portrait meld.

The second button is used to take photo and video don’t say. If you use a very tech app, you can double click the button to switch photo and video melt, triple click to switch front and rear camera and long press to start the video recording. All of these functions do not work. If you use this, tell camera app on your pal. Finally, the trigger on the back. You can press and hold as a trigger to enter the follow melt. I think that’s all you need to know about control of a biotech. Vlog pocket now let’s take a look at application. The app is called failure on it is available both on Android and iOS devices. You just need to install the app then turn on to the Tucson. Your film opens it up and it will be automatically recognized akimbo. As the main screen of the app looks like this zipper, the melt has a white balance ISO exposure and are the menial settings. The Zipporah shooting notes are following overlapping image: light real melt, free panorama, ultra wide angle, 180, degree, panorama and 360 degree panorama. Amantha vidya should announce a slow motion, light real melt time, lapse, motion, time lapse and a dolly zoom. Finally, we should talk about tracking mouth press this button and you will see the tutorial how to use it. So you just need to select any object and the camera will track it. You can move in different directions, but the object will be always in the middle.

By the way. I want to note that maximum video resolution in failure, an app is only foolishly. You cannot shoot 4k video through this up. Even if your plan supports 4k video recording, now I’m gon na show the videos in different shooting modes – Music, Music – you can also compare the videos I shot in failure on up and stock Samsung Cup. Please do not pay attention to video quality because we compared stabilization and smoothness, not image; quality, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. After the video samples we can conclude about this gimbal, I cannot say that it makes it perfectly smooth video, because there is a little jerking well running. This is not a professional gimbal. However, it really works and makes your video smoother Aizen. You will not find a smartphone with better civilization than this gimbal as the main feature of FEA tech. Blog pocket is compact size most likely. This is a smallest film gimbal on the market, it’s perfect for trailers and vloggers. Finally, the last advantage of the new gimbal is affordable price. You can buy it for only 99. I believe the links where you can buy a you tag lock pocket in description and as a video thanks for watchin hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel tag.