Ships with one of the most sophisticated camera, setups we’ve, seen on a smartphone, the phone’s display is beautiful to look at and it has almost a 90 degree curve on each side. But it has one major flaw to consider the May 30 Pro does not ship with Google services yet or at least officially. So what can you do about that install them manually? It literally takes less than 2 minutes to do that and I will be download link as well as any other information down below the video. My main 30 Pro works well with Google Apps I’ve tested it with. That means that, even if you buy the May 30 Pro from China, it will work fine in your area. As far as Google services go another thing you can do wait until the phones are launched in your region and how we will push Google services as soon as this entire political thing is over. I think that Huawei is quite confident that they will find the solution to sell their phone, so the Google service is pretty soon, otherwise they would not have announced European pricing of the phones by the way the device won’t be cheap, as you need to be ready To shell out at least 1000 euros just like for any other high end flagship these days, Huawei has also a very ambitious back a plan of replacing Google services altogether by further developing its own app gallery, which already has plenty of apps but we’ll, see what happens In the future, a massive investment of 1 billion dollars shows how serious our is about its smartphone business.

In fact, I shared my experience on the Huawei app gallery in the dedicated video last year, and I thought it was pretty good now. Let’S, take a look at the May 30 Pro and see what it has to offer. I honestly believe this is one of the most beautiful and powerful devices you can get. It all starts with a sharp and colourful horizon display that has industry leading almost 90 degree. Curves on each side, initially, I was skeptical about palm rejection, but after using the phone I can say that there are no issues with accidental touches and things of that nature. Those curves look really beautiful in practice and you simply have to see them yourself. The panel itself is one of the best we’ve seen on a phone, despite the fact that on paper it does not have the highest resolution. The screen is tack: sharp has got vibrant, colors and deep blacks. There were space only for one button on this phone. As a result, you need to double tap on the edge of the screen to open up a virtual volume. Rocker that has a nice tactile feel to it. I still prefer physical keys, but I have to say that the solution works pretty well. The notch is still here, but it’s now narrower, and it is what Huawei claims the most sophisticated notch we’ve ever seen on a phone. It houses, the selfie shooter, a dedicated depth, sensor, gesture proximity and ambient light.

Sensors, oh and face unlock feature works really well in any light. Under the display, fingerprint scanner is really fast and accurate to the air piece. Less design should not worry you at all, as call quality has been excellent all the time, just like any other connectivity option on this phone, the device looks and feels really premium thanks to a metal frame, nice curves on the sides and good weight distribution. Despite the fact, the house is a massive 4500 million hours battery that supports superfast, wired, fast Wireless and reverse wireless charging. So far, I’ve been really impressed with a battery but I’m, not surprised at all. As all previous generation Huawei models were one of the best in this apartment. I could get over 11 hours of screen on time, while using the phone intensively. For example, I took more than 300 pictures shot a lot of video and news maximum screen brightness setting. Quite a lot excellent battery life, the phone does not have a headphone jack and has got only a single bottom firing speaker, but it is so good that it can easily rival any dual stereo speaker systems. There is no LED notification light, but we have a highly customizable, always on display other little but important features. There is an IR blaster and storage expansion option via Maui’s nano memory card slot. The may 30 pro will come in a variety of colors and finishes include vegan leather. If you are tired of glossy slippery and fragile glass, if you have more than 2000 euros to spare, there will also be a Porsche edition model with real leather finish highest hardware configuration any custom skin to let you know that you have a very expensive phone.

There will be four G and Phi G versions of the main 30 Pro and both of them are powered by the home proved Kirin 990 cpu, which has a significant improvement in terms of performance and power efficiency. In other words, the device can handle pretty much anything. You throw at it whether it would be the latest 3d games or just using the phone for the basic stuff. The 5 G model is said to break mobile internet speed records, but we’ll see when it’s actually released wow a further improve this camera system, which is now embedded into the circle, which is the signature element of the design of the phone. Whether you like it or not, I personally love it, but tell me in the comment section down below what you think, how a phones have always been one of the best when it comes to the image quality. I took quite a few shots and so far I’m really impressed with the results, despite the fact that the phone still runs only very early software build, there is still no one that can beat Huawei in optical or hybrid zoom and night mode delivers stunning results. If you want to be a part of the review process, go to my facebook page, where I uploaded quite a few camera samples and tell me what you think. 7680 FBS makes the huawei May 30 pro the new slow motion. Video champion we’ve never seen anything like that on a phone, but why we made it possible and the results are quite impressive.

In fact, you might even find objects or subjects moving too slow in the video that you may want to switch to 960 FPS mode that produces nice quality video. The main 30 bro can finally shoot 4k at 60fps videos that are very smooth and stable, and there is plenty of detail. I will leave a link to a full length, video sample down below overall, the May 30 pros. Camera is really impressive and it deserves a separate video make sure to subscribe. So you don’t miss that Huawei has always been criticized for the eme y, but the major key Pro ships with completely redesigned user interface, that it is built on top of Android 10. Now the UI looks cleaner, more polished and it’s very smooth. Despite all the features and customization options, the phone is super fast and I’m yet to see it stutter or lag overall. I really like the Huawei May 30 pro for a lot of reasons, despite the fact that it does not ship with a Google services pre installed but, as I said in the review, it takes just a minute to do that and they’ve been working absolutely fine. I also love the May 30 pro 4 it’s beautifully curved and sharp display premium design, killer cameras, excellent overall performance, probably the best battery life among flagship phones and improved software. The shortcomings no LED notification, light, no headphone jack, the price of the phone and no official launch date just yet.

Despite that, I still think that the Huawei May 30 pro is a killer phone and it is easily one of the best and most feature packed flagships of 2019. Tell me in the comments section down below what you think about the entire Huawei US situation. Don’T. You think that this hinders competition and blocks the access to amazing phones such as the huawei mate 30. Pro just before I sign out a quick word from the channel sponsor recovered is the best free data recovery software to recover deleted or lost files from your PC, hard drive, USB Drive, SD card mobile phone and other removable devices on Windows and Mac easily and quickly. It’S so easy to use in just three steps: scan preview and recover. The software helps you recover files due to damaged or corrupted harddrive lost, partition, formatted discs or any other storage device check out the link in the video description to learn more. It was lioness.