So what do I mean when I say, Google free phone? Well, some of you may already know the huawei mate 30 Pro does not come with Google Play or Google services installed and it’s all because of this very tedious. A very annoying war between US government and Huawei itself, forcing Huawei not to be able to do business with US companies, and that means it can’t use Google services. So instead, what we have is Android Open Source Project underneath hallways emui, 10 user interface. So, on the surface it looks exactly the same as the Huawei P 30 Pro, but underneath it’s ever so slightly different. You don’t have Google Play installed out of the box. You don’t have anything like Google Maps or Google pay all the things you might find on. The p30 Pro or any other major Android phone sold outside of China there’s the key point. This is actually a phone essentially sold in China because in China you don’t get Google services on Android phones anyway. So what that means to you is if you use an Android phone recently. Well, it won’t be anything like this. One you’ll be missing all of those apps that you’d normally find YouTube: Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive and so on, and so on and that’s well it’s. A bit of a pain, but is it the end of the world? Well, no there’s other app stores for a start, while in stores its own highway app gallery and well it’s fine, but there isn’t anything in there that you would expect to find in any other app store.

It is a little bit China focused as you’d. Imagine, however, with a quick go of your browser, you can install the Amazon, App Store and there’s a lot more familiarity inside there, so you still can quite easily get familiar apps, but you will be missing anything that’s banned in China, so obviously all of the google Apps they didn’t work on this phone anyway, but things like whatsapp and Facebook and Twitter and pretty much any social network or messaging app apart from WeChat, then you have to do a little bit more exploring if you’re technically minded and you don’t mind playing around there – Are ways to get the Google Play Store on here, it’s, something we have done and it’s not that difficult. If you’re willing to spend time, you can get the apps that you want onto your huawei mate 30 Pro. However, it is a little bit more difficult to get some of the Google services. Google Maps works correctly, but you won’t be able to get google pay or anything that requires the full version of Android, underneath the emui skin. So, for various boring political reasons, the huawei mate 30 Pro will never be a regular Android phone. It will always be a little bit different and you’re gon na have to work to try and make it as similar as possible. So the question then becomes: is it worth it? Yes, of course, it’s worth it here’s the first of two main reasons why you’re going to still want the huawei mate? Thirty pro the first is the camera for a start.

Look at it on the back! You have this amazing halo that goes around that circular camera bump, inside which there are three lenses and a single sensor. Two of those lenses have got 40 mega pixels each the first one, the main camera lens 40 mexic saw and an F 1.6 aperture and that’s a wide angle main lens. The second is an ultra wide lens, still with 40 megapixels and at 1.8 aperture, then you’ve got by weighs 8 megapixel telephoto lens and finally, that sensor well that’s a time of flight sensor there to improve bouquet effects and to help focusing and to make a our Systems possible and the results well, they’re, really impressive, so let’s take a look at what the huawei mate 30 pros. Camera can do if you’re familiar with the Peabody bro or the make 20 pro, then you’ll notice a lot of what is here. You have the standard camera mode like this, and you have a wide angle, camera mode like that, and then you have a three times: optical zoom and a five times hybrid zoom. You don’t have the ten times zoomed that’s, seen on the peepers bro, but you do have a times: thirteen full digital zoom. If you want to use it, you’ll notice that we’re getting a greenery label here that’s. Why ways master AI, which is activated by this button? Up here, so it provides scene recognition, giving you better settings depending on what you are looking at through the viewfinder over here as well, because this is a like a tuned camera.

Another reason why those cameras are always excellent. You have different camera filters which have all been created by or with the help of Leica. To give you live filters as you go there’s. Also. A similar system for when you’re using video and video is even more interesting because, although I’m not going to be able to demonstrate it here, there is – and I find it here – an AI color mode that selects a background, that’s black and white and then will isolate The color of people in the picture and additionally, a background blur, which then gives a bouquet effect and what’s interesting here, is it’s much more effective than it was before. The AI has definitely been improved and I suspect, akhirin 990 behind this is working really well. Another good feature of the maintance 30 Pro is slow motion. Videos now we’ve all seen slow motion stuff before, but this time the effect is dramatic. This is a 7680 frames per second video mode and, like all slow motion modes, as long as you’ve got the right subject, the results are astonishing. The other main reason you’re going to drawn to the mate 30 Pro. This is incredible screen. It measures six point: five. Three inches and the screens of body ratio is ninety four point, one percent, and that means you get a whole lot of screen and not very much body and what makes that possible is this the incredible 88 degree curved around the side? That means the screen cascades across the edge we’ve.

Seen this a few time in mostly concepts and it’s, become known as the waterfall screen, and it really is fantastic. It looks superb. There are some out there who are questioning. Why you’d want this well it’s, not something you’ll say. Oh, I really need that until you see the phone from the front, this is where the waterfall screen comes into its own. There are no bezels at the side, literally no bezels, not those pretend, while they’re really small and we’ll call them, though bezels there aren’t any. The screen remember cascades over the edge. So when you’re looking at the display you’re seeing it all, there are tiny bezels at the top and at the bottom but that’s it. There is nothing by the side and the effect well it’s dramatic you see more, and that is the honest truth. Let’S talk a little bit more about the main thirty pros design and its features. The phone is, surprisingly light, it’s only a hundred and ninety eight grams, and when you consider this has got that 6.5 inch screen that’s, pretty impressive. The new iPhone 11 pro max, for example, with the same sized screen that weighs 226 grams and believe me that difference is something you’ll feel when you pick up those two phones together, it’s pretty slim to at 8.8 millimeters. And, although that isn’t, the slimmest phone out there there’s a good reason for this inside is a 4500 milliamp hour battery and that’s going to give us wallows famous long battery life we’re expecting this to be a two day phone.

Just like the p30, the powers great tomb is Hawaii’s new carrion 990 processor inside that comes with a brand new image signal processor for the camera and plenty of new artificial intelligence features. You can also buy the mate 30 pro with 5g. That version is slightly different to this, but you’re going to get the same camera and you’re going to get all of that extra fast data speeds. The security is excellent. There’S face unlock using a great 3d sensor at the front, as you can see there it’s instant there’s, no waiting around at all well he’s always been really good at this, but this one it’s amazingly fast, if you don’t, use that you’ve got a fingerprint sensor below The screen as well, and that is also very fast and very accurate – that 3d sensor doesn’t only use face unlock Huawei, has also added a series of gestures to the main xxx product and they’re 50 successful in that there are two and only one of them works. The first one which does work is a screenshot system and you hold your hand in front of the phone. This you’ll see a little icon at the top, showing that it’s recognized the phone. You clench your fist and it takes a screenshot that works every time. All the time and it’s really quite helpful. The other system is a system of scrolling and you’re supposed to wave your hand in front of the phone and scroll up and down pages, but I either I haven’t got the knack or it doesn’t work and that’s a bit of a problem, although, as with all Of these gestures, I don’t know how often I’d use it anyway.

The final one is to do with the screen and because of this 88 degree, curve there’s no buttons on the side for the volume, so what Huawei has done is add in a touch gesture. So a virtual button on the side it works. It works well because it works when I asked it to but it’s not always very convenient, and I would prefer hardware buttons you can adjust where this goes. So you can have it down here if you like, and it does work on either side of the phone and there’s lovely. Perhaps it feedback every time you shift the volume, so it is intuitive, it does work, but I still prefer a set of a hardware box. So the huawei mate 30 Pro has got it all: an incredible camera, a beautiful screen, tons of power and a long lasting battery, except it hasn’t got it all. Has it it hasn’t got Google Play hasn’t got Google pay, hasn’t got all of those google apps. Most of us are used to using every single day. It also hasn’t got a final release date. We know it’s coming sometime in October, they won’t be coming to Europe. For that time, we don’t think, and the price is also a little bit confusing. We know there’s a euro price of approximately 1100 euros, we don’t know a pound price or even, if it’s going to be released in the UK, we do know it definitely won’t get released in the u.

s., though so that’s a lot of question marks over the main 30 Pro the one question mark there isn’t is how good it is, because it’s fantastic, even in the short time using it. I want to use it more and the fact that I can’t buy it with the software.