Do the full review of this real me XD here have been actually testing at this one for more than 7 days, so I’ll divide it between the pros and cons. What do I like about this one, and what do I do not like – and this is actually very close to the real me ex – that had reviewed earlier, but again, the big thing is that now this one comes with the quad camera setup and the 64 megapixel Camera sensor, but before we proceed between the pros and cons, let’s talk about the specs. This really XD is having a six point. Four inch Super AMOLED screen and it’s separated by Gorilla Glass, five. It comes in four six or eight gigabytes of RAM, and we have that great quad camera set over that sixty four megapixel 8 megapixel wide two megapixel black depth and 2 megapixel for macro and other specs are on the screen, as you can see for your reference. So let’s break it down between the pros and cons. Let’S. First talk about the pros, and the first thing that you’ll notice is this green on this one. This has that 6.2 4 inch screen, and now we are having that AMOLED screen. Hence the viewing angles are also nice on this one. Well, you do have that notch, but again I don’t mind it personally. I feel I’m. Okay, with these notches, rather than mechanical parts that move around so again, the screen quality is actually really good on this one.

The colors are produced accurately on this one. I don’t have a problem generally, we just go with AMOLED screen, but this one is actually a good quality omelette, a screen that they have put and as it’s an AMOLED screen. This one also has that in display fingerprint scanner and as you can see, it is really fast. In fact, I would say at this in display fingerprint scanner. For my, what do you say very rough testing, I notice that faster than the real me X. So again, a very fast in display fingerprint scanner, as you can see, just tap it and it unlocks so again, that’s also a good thing now coming to the brightness. Also here I like the fact that the screen is actually pretty bright again, as you can see. I’M indoors I’m, just lowering the brightness it’s very bright, and if you keep it amount of brightness, even in outdoor conditions, it’s easily visible. So I mean I don’t have a problem and moving towards the back earlier with the real me devices. We also always had a problem that it was plastic polycarbonate. This one is actually glass and this is actually got a lot less. But again, if you look at it looks like plastic, but it’s actually glass. So we also have that in display fingerprint scanner as I’ve told you and technically, if you might have noticed it does have that always on screen it’s not known as always on screen.

But you have that by default, it’s not enabled, but you can enable it if you go to the settings and if you go to display oops, if you go to display and brightness here it has this funny name actually screen off clock. It’S called, and you have to enable it, but again this is not a full fledged. What do you say always on? I will talk about that in the context. But yes, you do have this and I would suggest if you’re buying this phone enable this, because it also shows you when you pick up the phone. Where is that in display finger it’s kind of so it really helps you but again let’s move on, and now, if we talk about the headphone jack, it has a headphone jack 3.5 mm headphone jack and I did test it quite a bit with various headphones and Even reel me, your phones and, I have to say the audio output that you’re getting why the headphone jack is actually really good and the volume level calls are also actually really high on this one. So again, no problems with the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and I am did also test this one with quite a few Bluetooth headset. For example, the me Bluetooth headset, even the means own wireless. What is a good headset and stuff, and I mean I have no problems. The Bluetooth connectivity is solid on this and I had no issues so again in that respect.

Also, you don’t have to worry now as you’re talking about the sound and let’s talk. Also about the speaker. It has just a single speaker here at the bottom, as you can see, but again it is actually really loud. So again in most instances I never had to keep the volume level more than 75 it’s, actually really loud, but again a single speaker. So again, in terms of volume, also, you don’t have to worry now. Moving to the general, you are again it’s, typically color OS, so you have that you also have a half three on this and as it’s running on the snapdragon 7 neck. What do you say? Twelve chip said again no issues regarding what do you say lack. I never notice any lag or anything and I’m using this fold that you are again as you can see, seven tons of apps in what is a memory, and I never had a problem with this. One, these are the gestures you can always have that regular one, but I have enable these gestures, because earlier I was using the pixel so got used to that they’re very similar. To that, so I mean in terms of what he say, usage and rom management also has been done well on this one. I did not have a problem with that, so in those aspects, it’s actually good, but again the base variant is four four gigabytes. I would suggest, as it’s a custom skin off for the six gigabyte round million.

That would be a better investment because obviously the Android ten will also come on this and you noticing that Android is becoming heavier and heavier but again. Nevertheless, the RAM management is fine. When shuttle usage was not a problem because of the Snapdragon 7th well chipset now go into the battery life. This has a four thousand milliamp hour battery and again I liked earlier some of the Lumia devices that came with the stamp rack in 720p. Even the battery life on this one was actually really good. As you can see from the charts, you can get a screen on time anywhere between about five and a half to about eight arts easily and if you’re sort of casual user can easily last for about one and a half five days, and also I like the Fact that now finally, real me has started to give us sot times in the battery starts earlier. They never used to do that so I’m. Happy about that. So battery life is not an issue and also in the box. You’D get that fast charger. So again, charge is pretty quickly, so no issues regarding that now moving to gaming, again it’s having the Snapdragon 712 SOC, and I did play some games just for testing asphalt and pubsey and it ran fine. Now the big thing about this device is the rated cameras that we have and that quad camera set up with that 64 megapixel. So again, yes, I would say again with the 64 megapixel, if you take regular shots, it’s gon na use, pixels binning, for example, most of the 48 megapixel do that it’s indirectly, a 12 megapixel image on this it’s a 16 megapixel image, but you do have an Option of going all the way to that 64 mega pixel mode, if you really want alpha RUR 64, but again, I didn’t see a huge difference.

When I was using this about the file size is actually became very big but then regular, shot where, with 64 it does pixel pinning and it’s a 16 megapixel image. Size were about five to six megabyte, but in that 64 mega it was going about 19 to 20 MB. The only big difference that I would say I notice from 48 megapixel to the 64 – is that sometimes when you zoom – and you have a little bit more detail but anyways here are some of the sample shots that I have taken with this real me XD and Again, as you can see, I am outdoor conditions as we expected. I did a good job. The color reproduction was curved, even human subjects, as you can see, it did a good job and the good thing is that even in artificial lighting conditions, again, as you can see, it did produce some pretty good results. Even skin tones will produce nicely and you also have that portrait bouquet effects and all those things so in terms of camera, I would say the camera is actually good on this one dragon, if you’re expecting a huge difference from the 48 megapixel that’s, not the case. Now, I’m, going to the front facing camera it’s a 16 megapixel over here and again, as you can see, even with the front facing camera at the performance, was good and even an artificial lighting conditions. I feel the camera was doing actually a pretty good job and now for some video samples that I’ve shot with this one shooting this video with the real me XT and I’m, using it handheld and I’m just walking guys to give you an idea.

How is the stabilization, and here I’ve kept it to actually pen a BB, but you can actually even take it up to 4k shooting this video with the front facing camera of the VLE XT and I’m recording it at 1080p, and this claims to have electronic image Stabilization, even with the front facing camera, and so as you can see I’m just walking around so this should give me an idea. How will be the video recording if we shoot video like this? That is a lot Skype video. So these are the good things about this real me XD. Now let’s move to the cons and, frankly speaking, I didn’t find a lot of cons, but let’s come back to that, always on display that we have yes, it lights up like this. I don’t have a problem, but this is hardly functional. It just shows this and if you just get a mix, missed call or something a 4 icon comes, but apart from that, it simply does not show you any notification so technically for me: yes, there but it’s sort of useless. I just hope we’re me with an update ads. What do you say, notifications icons on this one? That would make this one PHA more useful, for example like they did with the screen on time earlier what he said earlier, my phone’s never used to show us proper screen on time, so I hope they add that functionality with the update next thing is that, and We have the divide angle lens and, yes, you can take wide angle photographs with this one.

This is regular. This is wide angle, but the thing is that for some strange reason they haven’t enabled the video recording. As of now, with that wide angle lens, I don’t know why, but that is sort of missing. One thing I have to say is that real me and some of the earlier used to have problem with the slow motion that is fixed, so I hope they fix some of these flaws. That I’m, mentioning, for example, that always on display, then improving that wide angle and video they should enable. Now, as we are talking about the cameras as you can see, it has that quad camera and that place this on the side. So whenever you place it on the desk like this, as you can see it wobbles, this doesn’t personally affect me. But again you know someone who likes to type while it’s on the desk. Then again, as you can see, it’s gon na irritate to you and moving to the camera setup again. We also have that 2 megapixel macro lens on this one. This is used for close up shot, but I finally feel, as of now, it’s, not doing that great job. Apart from that it’s a very functional device, the only gone I would say is that real me is now, as you can see these items, they have sort of pushing this. They have this call hot games or whatever and when you click on that, they are trying to push their own.

What do you say Store to download apps and I feel that’s sort of unnecessary because we already have Google Play Store if a user really wants to download the apps, they will use this. So I don’t like the fact that they are sort of not pushing this one. But apart from that, I would say this was a very functional device. I have used it with my primary sim and the second reason for almost nine days now and I did not have a problem. Ok, I completely forgot about it. Moving to the earpiece, also the earpiece call quality was cut. I had no problems and also in reception in Hyderabad, I used it with Airtel and geo. Again I did not have a problem similar to the real me X hours, the real me five growth that I had reviewed in the network reception and call quality. That was the same situation. I got this question earlier. All some of you are asking me on Twitter, which one should you go for the real me X or the real me XT? I would say: if you really want that pop up camera, then you can go with the real me X, but if you don’t care about the pakka camera, like I personally don’t care, then I feel the real me XT might be a better bet, because this real Me XD starts at about 16000, and for that you get that 40 K bytes of RAM but, as I mentioned it’s ideal to go with 6 gigabytes of RAM.

If you want a future proof yourself, because the next version of Android will come, apps are getting heavier and heavier these days, and that is at about 17000, and with that you get 60 K, bytes of RAM and 64gb of storage. But I would say the 64 GB of storage, you might say, is a little bit less, but the thing is that this also has a dedicated micro SD card slot. So I feel, instead of the base variant go with the 6 gigabyte RAM variant. So overall, I would say still a very practical, smart phone. That was my review of the real me XT again, as I’ve told you it’s very similar to the real me five Pro and the real me X, sort of sits in the middle anyways, guys that’s it for now. For my review of this real me XT.