The real me XT is coming hot on the heels of the real May 5 series and is bringing something special it’s, the first smartphone to be released with a 64 megapixel camera was taken in depth. Look in our full review. The real me XT is a mid Ranger with an AMOLED screen on a display, fingerprint reader, large battery and a unique quad camera setup all for around 200 euros. The design is gorgeous and sleek it’s rare for a mid ranger to have Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back real me didn’t cut corners with the frame, though, although it looks like metal is made of plastic. Instead, the pearl white finish is quite eye. Catching changing colors in a curved gradient when it reflects lights. The camera hump is quite huge though, and the real me XT will wobble a lot on a desk or table, but you won’t have this problem. If you use the included silicon case with both Gorilla Glass and a case, he won’t have much to worry about except water there’s no waterproofing here, the real me XT is display is a six point. Four inch Super AMOLED with a 1080p resolution it’s a bit smaller than last year’s real me X, and the notch cut out is a major difference to those who liked the edge to edge screen of the real me X might be disappointed. But if you’re not into pop up selfie cams you’d be happy with the change.

The display looks bright and punchy and has a good pixel density of around 400 PPI blacks are super deep and color. Reproduction is decent, though not terribly. Accurate brightness is pretty good at almost 415, its maximum there’s no boost available in auto mode, but we didn’t have issues using this phone in the Sun DC. Dimming is available to reduce eye fatigue from screen flicker. There is an always on display, but it only shows the date and a clock, and there is a notification LED either. The real me XT has an optical under display fingerprint sensor that is speedy and nicely accurate. Beware if you’re using a screen protector as that might slow it down, there is face unlock it’s fast, but not as secure the real me xt has a single bottom firing. Speaker, it’s scored an excellent mark and our loudness test, though audio quality isn’t, the best high pitched tones can come out. Tinny and harsh you can plug in headphones through the 3.5 millimeter jack, but the audio quality with them. Doesn’T impress stereo separation, isn’t great and loudness is just average. You do get FM radio, though, with this phone you get either 64 or 128 gigs of on board storage. You can add extra space thanks to the dedicated microSD slot. The real me XT runs opos color OS 6 over android 9 pi you’ve, already seen this interface on the real me x, as well as the real me 3 amp 5 families.

You will notice the difference from stock Android here the notification shade and as quick toggles are redesigned and the task switcher looks a lot like Apple’s. There is a game of space which gives you options for performance and notifications, while gaming and you can navigate using either the on screen, keys or swipe gestures. These gestures will feel quite intuitive if you’ve use an oppo, huawei or xiaomi phone recently. The real me xt runs on a snapdragon, 712 chipset, basically last year’s, snapdragon 710, with a slightly higher clock speed. You also get four six or eight gigs of ram depending on the model. Cpu performance is about 10 percent better than the real me X, and indeed is better than most other phones in this class there’s more than enough GPU power for your games and we didn’t observe any significant throttling during our tests. The real me XT has an ample 4000 million power battery and did great in our battery life tests scoring an endurance rating of a hundred hours. It was a major improvement over last year’s. Real me X makes a better performance in standby. The XT also supports voke 3.0 fast charging and the 20 watt voc charger does come in the box it’s able to bring the phone from 0 to 50 percent charge in half an hour. The real me XT has a quad camera arrangement, like the real me 5 and 5 pro there’s, an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 2 megapixel sensor for portrait mode, another 2 megapixel camera for taking macro shots, the star of the show, the 64 megapixel main camera.

The quad Bayer filter the main kamsa’s photos in 16 megapixels and, to be honest, it isn’t such a huge improvement over the 48 megapixel quad, Bayer sensors we’ve used, but with that said, shots do turn out quite nice in good light. There is plenty of detail, true to life, colors, low noise and wide dynamic range, but we did notice some corner softness and the processing sometimes has trouble with details in grass and foliage. There is a chroma boost mode which uses image stacking. To give you shots with more saturated colors and improve dynamic range, you do have the option to shoot a photo in the full 64 megapixels, but, like other quad, Bayer setups, this doesn’t offer you too much extra detail and the file size is huge. If you zoom, you will get a digital crop from the main camera there’s, even a 5x zoomed help, but don’t expect great quality here. Even at 2x, results are already quite soft. The ultra wide camera has a 119 degree field of view. Detail: isn’t impressive though, and dynamic range is limited and there’s no autofocus, but you do get low noise and automatic distortion correction. Here are some shots. We took with a dedicated macro camera there’s, no water focus, but you can get as close as four centimeters to the subject. The detailed level is okay, but not great. The real me XT shoots portraits with the help with the secondary portrait camera, which real me says.

Not only helps with deaf sensing, but the contrast as well. These are excellent, with good edge detection and convincing D focus backgrounds. Messy hair is still a bit of a challenge, though, in low light photos from the main camera look good. The noise reduction still leaves behind a decent amount of detail, and colors are nicely rendered. If you turn on chroma boost, the colors will be more saturated but that’s about all the benefit you’ll get. There is a dedicated night mode, though called nightscape pictures take two or three seconds to process and come out in 12 megapixels. You get a more even exposure with a boost in shadows and dark areas. Detail is impressive to shooting, with the ultra wide cam at night. Will give you underexposed shots with plenty of noise and little D? If you switch on the nightscape mode, the results are a little better, but still mediocre selfies are taken with the real me. Xt is 16 megapixel, F 2.0 front facing can which has fixed focus. It does a great job if you have good lighting you’ll get super detailed and sharp selfies videos can be captured with the main camera and up to 4k at 30fps. There is no option to shoot with the ultra wide cam, but these 4k videos look really good with rich detail spot on colors, low noise and impressive dynamic range. The high bitrate means that these take up a lot of space, though there’s no e is available.

In 4k, but there is stabilization if you switch over to 1080p. Quality is great here too so that’s, the real me XT. You get a bunch of features. You might not expect at this price point: there’s a beautiful, build. A large AMOLED screen great battery life with fast charging, competitive performance and a nice camera experience, but the benefits of the 64 megapixel sensor over a 48 megapixel one are kind of hard to put your finger on for now is just a numbers game, but the real Downside of this phone isn’t about the phone itself, but actually getting it real means, are only offered in a few select markets and if you’re outside of those you’ll have to buy a grey importance. But even then it might be worth it.