A budget two mid range smartphone start from around 195 days to the me a3, just under 200 pound, the 64 gigabyte version. So, for me it is a budget device and an extremely good budget device. Snapdragon 665 Adreno 610, 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage, 6.0 8 inch AMOLED display, which is beautiful, and it has guerrilla glass 5 on the front and the back of the device and a solid metal frame. It feels so silky. It feels really really good in the hand it feels like you’re holding a premium device. It really does solid and smooth. The display is excellent and it’s got excellent, viewing angles as well, no washed out colors or anything like that. It has the built in fingerprint reader, which is very, very easy to find and it’s lower down on the screen. I’Ve seen some phones with a little bit higher up they’re important with this is it’s a little bit slow and then I’d like, but the face ID or the face unlock is quicker, so I’ve been using them both together. How about two updates on this device since I’ve, been using over the last week, security updates, so that’s good to know. Xiaomi are pretty good like that anyway, it’s running on their Android 1 software and I haven’t experienced any bugs or any sort of lag or anything. So that’s another great plus as well and it’s, also powered by these 665 Snapdragon processor and the audrina 610 playing asphalt 9 on high quality settings with a breeze as well looking good well so pacifying colors.

If you remember the unboxing video that I did last week, you remember that I found out, I had a 720p display and all honesty you cannot tell the difference at all, because the brilliant AMOLED display was excellent. So I tell her back about the 720p but was initially quite shocked, so the me a 3 as a 4030 milliamp battery, so it’s gon na go a little bit in depth. I suppose so that first day got 5 hours and 42 minutes. That was, the usage took vows on whatsapp and I’m 41 on maps as well: Liberty, YouTube and crime so the first day, and that left me with 1 left that has a 535 in the afternoon. I still like to get my phone put on charge. Second day was, worse, is 5 hours and 16 and usage a couple of hours on whatsapp, again maps as well, similar sort of usage really that than the day before 2 left. But this is a 751 in the evening and then out of nowhere I got 8 hours and 52 minutes screen on time last full charge 16 hours ago. If you look at the usage, two hours maps, two hours, whatsapp 51 minutes for Chrome, 50 minutes or 55 minutes for Facebook yeah now you can see the graph all the way down there, wasn’t charged at all in the day. I’Ve no idea where that came from and then the day after that came crashing back down to 5 hours and 32 minutes, and I don’t understand, which is the odd.

So one day was this extremely weird spike of over eight hours screen on time, and then it went back to normal. So ever all I’ve said in the a3 has an average battery life. So the me a3 has a triple camera set up: AI technology, 48 megapixel ultra wide angled lens and a 32 megapixel front facing ki selfie camera, so photography, the rear camera ultra wide angle lens also has a two time: optical zoom, so on the rear, then this Is a standard shot but the the standard lens, then the ultra wide angle lens fits a lot of area there, but it’s also got optical zoom as well, and that works tremendously. Well, you can use these in portrait mode and video mode as well in portrait mode. The bokeh effect, the edge detection, is very, very good. You can’t really fault it, especially in great lighting conditions, lighting environment I’ve, seen lower light is not as good but it’s, not bad. I can’t really fault this phone’s camera performance, especially for the price bracket around 200 pounds, a video it can shoot into 4k as well and 1080p. So here is some 4k 4k. We go those loose on dewlap cool. It has image stabilization on as well, which I think works really well in all video settings 1080p as well, so this is 1080p at 60 frames per second, oh, it looks smoother Music, you go, sir. This is excellent. Quality civilization is great as well beautiful.

That was 60 frames per second. A lot smoother looks brilliant on the display, when you’re recording video for switch to the front facing video. This is 1080p Music, Music, Music Applause. I can’t fault the me a freeze front facing video camera either and sound quality’s, pretty good. As well, this is a difficult one for me. Where do we place the me? A three budget or mid range I’d like to hear your thoughts below 64 gigabyte version is 195 on Vanguard. It’S got a snapdragon 665, which last year the 660 was sort of in the mid range sort of smartphone, but I’m gon na put this at the high end of the budget scale under 200 pounds. It is an excellent smartphone with a really really good camera average battery life. The display is brilliant, although it’s only 720, he build quality is amazing, front and rear Gorilla Glass. Five performance is great as well. Android one stock, Android it’s got three point: five more socket for headphones IR, blaster type C charging you’d, be fool not to take a look at this closer. I think I’ve covered everything I need to cover in this review. Guys there’s not been one problem at all. If I could improve anything, it’d, probably be the battery life that’s, it guys the review of the me a three links are in the description below.