What is a cv m vm 10k, and this is a pretty cool, little smartphone, a kind of youtube kit for a smartphone, and you can see that comes with a little tripod there, as well as the smartphone holder and then microphone and that’s pretty nice. It also comes with this cool carrying case that all the stuff comes in, and I already took everything out there, but it also has the manual a couple of wind screens that it comes with one that’s already on the mic, and then one super fuzzy one that You can use for outdoor as well as the correct cable, to go from the mic to the phone, and so you can see right here. This is the tripod mount or the tripod rather – and this is the little phone holder and it’s pretty easy to attach there. You just use this little wheel adjustment to tighten it up and that’s. That, and one thing I think, is pretty cool to adjust this. You just push this little button right here, rather than loosen anything that that’s. What holds that little ball joint in place is that little button, so that’s pretty cool. I haven’t seen a tripod with that feature yet and then the mic will just attach right here on this soft shoe mount believe that’s what they call those soft shoes. I have no idea why and just tighten that on there and then up here, there’s also another mount where you could do another attachment.

If you wanted to it, looks like but I’m not going to do that and I’m gon na plug the you’ll notice. There’S, a difference in the cable we have one side of the cable has a tip ring and sleeve, and this this one has tip ring ring and sleeve. So you want to make sure to plug the one that has one more sleeve on it into the phone and this one into the mic and that’s how they work. So the phone I’m going to be using is my Google pixel, 3a and I’m going to use the front facing camera because I like to be able to see what I’m recording while I’m recording it. If I’m recording myself so I’m, just gon na loosen up this and put that on there and let’s plug the mic in like so and that’s that looks pretty cool. So alright, I’m gon na go ahead and record some and then we’ll switch over to what it looks like and what it sounds like using this kit. So here we go alright. Now you’re, looking at my Google pixel 3a with the tripod kit I’m hand holding it right now, as you can tell and I’m using the microphone attached at the top. So let’s just go for a walk into my kitchen and then I’ll set down the microphone or the the tripod. You can see how it looks stationary. So let me just open the legs here and there we go so if you’re wondering I’m, using the app open camera for Android on my pixel 3a and the reason why I’m using that is because open camera has the ability to use an external microphone.

The Google pixel 3a also has this ability with the default camera, but it doesn’t really work right. It has problems, it actually seems to have a problem with the audio level, as well as a problem with syncing up video to the audio. I have no idea why it used to work fine when I first got the phone, but I think some updates it kind of messed that up so open camera is a great camera. You can download it from the Google Play Store if you’re using Android, if you’re using iPhone I’m sure the default camera should work just fine. I haven’t actually tested that myself, but I will say for sure that the pixel 3a and other androids you can use the open camera app it’s, just called open camera. One of my most popular videos actually was about using a phone to record audio than syncing it to your camera afterwards, because a lot of people get, you know, Canon cameras and stuff like that, but don’t have a microphone input and then there are a little bit. You know discouraged that they don’t have microphone input and so there’s a great way. You can, you know, just use your phone and then sync it up with it afterwards, but now, since phones have such high quality cameras on them these days, a lot of youtubers can just use a phone there’s, really very little reason to even have a DSLR. I mean I was using mine in the beginning of the video, but you know I don’t always use it.

Sometimes I just use my phone. I think this Google pixel 3a looks pretty much is good or almost just as good as my SL to the front facing camera definitely looks as good, but I like to use or the back facing camera. Rather, I like to use the front facing camera, though, because you know it’s good to be able to see yourself when you’re recording. So you know, if you look like an idiot or not, but uh, but uh anyway, like what’s really cool about this, though, is like you can have you know the best of both worlds, it’s like having a camera with a microphone input on it, but you don’t Even have to have a camera, because your phone already has the microphone input on it already so anyway, let’s go ahead and go back to the living room. Just pick, this up again turn off my light, and this actually makes a really good like vlogging solution. More so than my actual camera, because this is much lighter to use. Let me turn this off, so I will probably use this mostly for vlogging, when I do vlogs unless I’m doing my crappy camera vlog, where I’m gon na use my Vivitar crappy camera, but yeah. This is pretty much it I mean it’s, pretty cool, it works really well, it’s very lightweight seems sturdy.