This smartphone aspire brand called Cuba, modern numbers j7 and it’s an Android smartphone. Now this is a budget and budget price. Smartphone purchased one for up around the price of 70 to 80 pounds nuclear currency. Now why he comes if he comes in here and silicone case, because you wouldn’t really find this online. If you look for this a model, he also comes with a micro, USB charging cable mains plug okay on the box. Here now this smartphone, as you can see here on the right side, it has the volume button and the power button at the bottom. It lasted with the speakers and the micro USB charging port on the left side, there’s, nothing there on the top. It has them. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the back. He has a dual and rear camera. We will flash em like it also has a fingerprint and a lock button as well at the front. He also has a lab camera. Now, let me switch on. I can go through some features now when you switch on it would ok. So let me just switch you on. Let me have to cuz this and this one. You can actually open the back. Ok, so let me just open the back so it’s in this corner. If you open the back of this still wan na break him, because also more smartphones X Mac these – these don’t have the back open like this. So you can open this back okay and take this off, and then I put this on, put it back on again and you can see that it takes to memory em same so it can take to nano Sims, plus a micro SD memory card at the back.

Ok, so let me put that back in again: ok and you can get in various colors at the back, so I can get black you can get. This is more like a gradient color! Ok, so let me switch your now. You should come on so now, when it comes on, you can see that they got the name Cuba on it. This has a built in Android, 9.0 PI operating system built in okay. It has a built in mm mm mm 800 mAh battery capacity, giving you just about days of usage time before it runs out or less than just about lists. Around 8 7 6 hours of usage time depends on how much you use it. Well, what you use it on games etc, because different thing takes, I am rinse, is the battery. It has a screen size of 5.7 inch HD display with a dual rear camera, which is a fair frame, a pixel plus a 2 megapixel at the front. He also has a 8 megapixel camera. He has a 2 gig ram bwin and a 16 gig internal memory do all Symbian nano SIM. That is requires at the micro SD memory card up to 128 gig. In point it has a GPS in Wi, Fi, Bluetooth, 4.0 fingerprint sensor face ID G sensor. Ok, so this is just the beginning. When I skip most of the things, so I can just go to the main menu and show you how it looks.

Ok, it’s not gon na be the fastest foam, but you probably can just be able to download. I won a few apps. Ok because it does these a budget price smartphone do slow down quite quickly, so you can see that unlocked by fingerprint. Not yet, but you can set that up as well, so you can also dip at him and pin or the actual password. Okay said you go through that as well yeah and the charging was because he has a micro SD memory cards nor doesn’t. I really have watch fast charge between you. Take you a few hours or longer to actually fully charge. It. Ok, but you know there’s not much to ask for when you have a budget price smartphone anyways this loadings taken ages. For some reason. Ok, so it’s come up. The speaker is quite squeaky. To be honest, ok, so, honestly, let me everything zoom, so you can see that yeah. Now, let me go to setting something to show you. Okay, now you can see that there’s never kind internet where you got the Wi Fi their horse port as well. You also have the advanced where you can put an airplane mode, etc. We can go to Blues Bluetooth, sayings. Okay, this has the blue. If it doesn’t have NFC or anything like that built in the batteries here, the displays here in the display go the night light the brightness level that adaptive brightness wallpaper and the rotation, the phone size, etc.

Screensaver and go down go to sound where you can control the sound settings that’s about it here. Okay, so you can see, then then you can also put the doubt pad tones on the charging, sound zone etc. Good, I can’t see the accessibility and the skew t or precise security. Okay, so you see you got their security update here. You’Ll find my device the square screen. Lock. We can put a swipe pattern, pin password fingerprint on look, you can register as well, and you got a smart look as well yeah, so you’ve got all of those go in yeah so but other than that it’s not really like it. You know doesn’t really have much and features the storage without downloading anything is really taking up 26 of the internal memory. So you still go out roughly around number twelve gig to use up, ok, build quality wise is decent okay, but it’s, affordable and it’s worth purchasing. One ok other than that.