I know this is a mid range Android phone and, as you can see this level, a six is actually their new budget oriented. This is for about eight thousand rupees, and this is powered by the Helio. P. 22 has a 6.0 nine inch screen or four thousand milliamp hour battery, but anyways in this video. We will have a look at this one, and this is part by the Snapdragon, 710 SOC and guys. This is also sold a wire Flipkart, and this actually comes in two variants: four gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of RAM, so gigabyte ram variant is for 14000, and the six gigabytes that comes with 128 gigabytes is for 16000 again. I’Ll leave the link in the description anyways. Here we have the device itself let’s just take this out of this protective cover. Let’S peel this here we have the device – and this is the black coloured unit – that we are sending and looks like a very shiny coating over here. Anyways let’s come back to the device later and let’s see what else do we have? We also have ak10 Quick Start Guide and all this things and stuff I won’t get in tales about that. One more sim, ejector and let’s see if this comes with the type C port, or not ah, really happy that it’s coming with a USB type c port, guys so that’s. Actually, a nice thing it’s nice to see when does giving yes, we type C code now – and this is the charger then guys this is actually a fast charger.

It outputs at 10 9 volts at 2. That means 18 watt fast charger is bundling the box, so that’s also good. So let me give this box to the side and let’s look at this handset itself, and let me first give you a physical overview. We have a secondary noise cancellation microphone over here and on this end we have the volume rocker gives a good tactile feel not mushy, and we have the power onoff button button will be your speaker, type c, port main microphone, 3.5 mm headphone jack and on the St. just a sim slot, so let’s open this up and see my Vegas. Even the bass wheeling comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of storage, so it’s, I believe, there’s some solution, guys as you can see. So let me just put this back and at the back, you have the triple camera setup and also the fingerprint scanner and LED flash. So let me do one thing: let me just to power this on and guys by the time it actually boots up, and I set it up. Let me give you a configuration overview. This locate EndNote is having a six point. Three inch IPS LCD, Full HD plus screen it’s part by the Snapdragon 710 octa core processor that’s, based on ten nanometer process. It has the Adreno six one, six GPU it comes in four or six gigabytes of RAM storage will be 64 or 128 gigabytes. Moving to the camera, it’s a triple camera setup and the main camera is a 16 megapixel with F 1.

8 aperture. Then we have an 8 megapixel camera, which is actually a 2x zoom camera. And, lastly, you have a 2 megapixel for depth. Moving to the front facing camera it’s a 16 megapixel, it also has Dolby Atmos FM support and a 4050 milliamp hour battery with fast charging, so guys have just finished. Setting up this device and, as you can see layout is very close to dock and you also have the FM radio. There are some apps that are pre installed, let’s see if we can remove it, let’s go to app info. Yes, you can uninstall some of the junk or that is they have this think it up is a Lenovo app that we have so not a lot of junk. We are only a few, I would say, and if you go over here as you can see, we have the toggle and guys again like stock Android on the Left. We have the Google pane also here so that’s, actually nice very close to stock Android experience start. You can see again it’s a Motorola company, so that’s why we are seeing this and it’s. The screen is a full HD plus screen and, as you can see, it’s a good quality IPS create screen II and the hence the viewing angles are also actually good. And if you go over here, we have some quick toggles, as you can see, it’s doing some updates and let it do so. We have those toggles over here.

If we go to the settings it’s just creating some stuff guys in the background and if we go to where you say so about the phone system about the phone is over here and the system, as you can see, this is that 64 GB variant that comes With four gigabytes of RAM, as you can see guys and out of that about, fifty 2.4 is available and, as you can see, it’s sparked by the snapdragon 17 SOC, which is basically octa core processor based on ten nanometer process. This is actually a pretty good processor guys, so in general performance it should not be an issue and it comes out of the blocks with android by, as you can see over here, so that’s what it does regarding and it’s something that 4050 million power battery. But again, because of that Snapdragon 710 SOC, the battery life should be actually really well. That shouldn’t be a problem and I like the fact that it’s actually really really close to what do you say: stock Android experience as you can see, and we have a fingerprint scanner over here, so let’s test that and see it’s a complete the registration and it Works takes about half a second guys, as you can see. I touched it. It takes about half a second to unlock, so that’s the fingerprint scanner on this one and the back is that very shiny thing, so again, it’s sort of a fingerprint magnet. So you have to be careful regarding that, but now let’s also look at the interesting thing.

This one also has that triple camera setup at the main cameras, 16 megapixel with F 1.8 aperture, then we also have a zoom lens, which is surprising to us these days. We have the triple camera, setup, etc, but then this price range we are not finding a zoom lens. We have a 2x zoom lens and, lastly, we have the depth sensor. So let’s look at the camera interface over here, I’m. Just going to love everything. Ok, so this is the camera interface. We have that 2 1 X and optical zoom, so that’s nice, so it’s, not digital, so it’s using that second camera and the first camera like this. You have that option and we also have the night mode video mode. We also have the panorama, and even the pro mode is there. Okay, I didn’t expect that. So this is this dual mode. What is this, this dual mode is nothing but portrait mode. I’Ll show you some samples later on and let’s also just go to the normal mode. Now, and let me just look at the front facing camera it’s supposed to be a 16 and, as you can see, autofocus is there. So this will have digital zoom I’m, assuming it says 1 X, 2 X, es digital zoom, 16, megapixel that we have on this one – and here also we have quite a few modes with this one, also the Pro Mode S there. So let me do one thing guys: let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera, so these were taken with the rear facing camera of this Lenovo K, 10 note and as you can see, this is One X – and this is the 2 X zoom I’m – going to give you an idea.

This is one X, oh, and this is that 2x zoom, because it’s optical, we don’t, lose any detail now moving to close up shots. Also, as you can see, it has quite a bit of details even in this close up shot and you get that background blur and moving to colors. Also, as you can see, the colors actually look very natural on this one. Some human subjects of myself – and this was that portrait demoed I’d – call it that dual mode, that is actually the portrait mode regular shot, and this was with that portrait mode, shot now moving to indoor situation. Also here I feel it did actually much better than I expected considering. This is in completely artificial, lightning, now again shots and completely artificial lighting, and, as you can see, it did a pretty decent job, and these were with that portrait mode enable with the rear facing camera. Now this was taken in a pretty low lighting conditions, but here I enable the night mode another sample. This is very low lighting, and now I enable the night mode, so the night mode also works very well now. These were taken with the 16 megapixel front facing camera and, as you can see in outdoor conditions, it’s fine – and this was with that portrait mode. But when we move to artificial lighting conditions, this was in completely artificial lighting. I you, the pictures could have been better as the colors could have been better and these were taken in the portrait mode in completely artificial lighting, so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this little kitten.

No, so what do you guys think about this Lenovo kitten? Note when guys, as I mentioned, this is available in India, wire Flipkart and it starts at about 14000 again. I’Ll leave the link in the description area, anyways, guys that’s it for now, thanks for watching.