2 has just launched out here in Berlin for Eva 2019, now the Nokia 7 plus from a couple years back was one of my all time: favorite mid range mobiles and unfortunately, last year’s. Nokia 7.1 was a bit of a letdown in comparison, but here’s, hoping that each of the global can put everything right with this bad boy. It’S got an updated triple lens camera, boosted, specs and an even sexier design than before. This thing could be one of the best new smartphones launched at the shore and here’s my hands on thoughts ahead of my phone Nokia 7.2 review, which will be coming hopefully ready soon now, while a Nokia 7.2 bossed a pretty standard glass design, you do get some Lovely satin surface and which delivers a matte finish with a funky striation effect when the phone catches, the light just right. That curvy RIA, is a pleasing fit for the palm, and you can pick it up and a choice of three colors ice white ceramic black. Or this greeny, one which I didn’t quite catch, the name of, but it looks pretty smart. A physical Google assistant button is once again on board and glory of glories there’s, also a headphone jack up top for your audio lovely stuff. The answer has a decent heft to it, but it’s also sexily slender, while the bezels run on that six point. Three inch pure display panel are also reasonably skinny for a mid range handset.

The screen itself is a full HD plus effort, which is both bright and crisp, while colour reproduction deftly shoots for the natural end of the scale. Your ST or video content can cleverly be upscaled to HD or like quality, just as it could on a Nokia 7.1. With impressive color clarity and contrast levels and the Nokia some points, you can also automatically tweak the tone of your screen, as well as the brightness, to match your lighting conditions. Suddenly there is no stereo speaker output, though there’s just a downwards fireman blaster for your media needs. The version of Android play on here is a nice clean stock version as usual, as you would expect, with Nokia there’s, no crap, where other unnecessary bits bolted on top. So weeks for a nice smooth experience and because the luckiest end point to is part, the Android one program that means you’ve guaranteed a couple of years of OS updates, Android 10 and under an 11, will both come to this handset and three years of security updates. With Nokia as well to keep all of those thievin gets off your private data. As for the performance, while the Nokia is 7.2 rocks the snapdragon 616 chipset. So hopefully that in combination with a nice, clean version of Android will mean smooth running it’s. Nothing upgrade from the six through six pound in the order in point one, so here’s hoping it’s a stutter free finish and the battery is a 3500 milliamp cell again should be a pretty energy, efficient, smart phone and thanks to the lack of clunky launchers and stuff, Like that, so, hopefully all their battery life on a single charge, no worries as for that triple lens rear camera it’s.

Once again, a Zeiss branded snapper you get a 48 megapixel primary lens which can actually produce 40 megapixel shots as well. I’Ll combine the pixels for a brighter 12 megapixel shot instead and that’s, bolstered by a 180 degree, ultra wide angle, lens and suddenly there’s, no telephoto lens. That third lens is a depth sensor. You get all of your standard Nokia. Camera features, thrust onboard, including my splitter picture in picture mode, and so on, and one of the first new features I checked out was the updated portrait mode complete with a bunch of special Zeiss effects, crafted just for the 7.2. You can actually set the blur level after you take each shot, choosing the effects and seeing the results right there on the screen, and apparently it even works well at night, thanks to the Nokia 7.2 s new low light, smarts that’s right. This thing also comes back in a fresh new night modes. The foam can actually recognize if it’s stuck in a tripod or if it’s been held by hand. If it’s in a tripod, it captures 20 images and then combines them. If it’s been free held. Then it drops to it to ten images. These images are then merged in order to reduce noise, remove gostin, and it works well with the ultra wide angle lens, as well as a primary shooter. Apparently, of course, I think our chance to test that out in my hands on session, but certainly the portrait mode seems to work really well and you shoot nice crisp, looking photos in the decent conditions.

Meanwhile, around front you’ve also got a 20 megapixel front facing camera. All of your sexy selfies. Now, if you are already salivating at the prospect, you can grab your very own Nokia 7.2 from the end of September, when it’s launched globally and, of course, will be coming to the UK as well. It’Ll cost you from 299 euros, that’s for 4 gigabytes of RAM model with 64 gigs of storage. Otherwise you can bump up to 349 euros and that’ll bag. You 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage. So are you tempted by the Nokia 7.2? It definitely seems to be a massive improvement on the 7.1. Just from my brief hands on session right now saying the performance seems a lot better and I’m really looking for a testing out that triple lens camera tech as well. Don’T forget, of course, if you come quite stretch to the Nokia 7.2, there is the cheaper Nokia 6.2, which is also just launched. A t4 2019 in burl let’s go check out my full hands on review for more on that and my in depth. Reviews of both hands that should hopefully be coming soon.