Smartphone anyway, is it’s more of a like a high end smartphone, but it’s, because not really that known, the price range is around at 240 pounds. So it’s more of a goes for a mid range pricing, but with good specifications. The win. Okay, I’ll tell you why? Because he has a built in 6 gig ram with 128 gig internal memory, that’s similar to let the high the flagship phones, the top ones like the Sony LG. They all have similar specifications like that. Ok, but this is, and just a like a affordable one who has good features between ok, it has a built in. You can see that he has a tude real jewelry or camera with a flashlight. It was has a rear touch button here at the bottom. He takes a micro USB charging port, he has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the speakers on the right side here, on the right hand, side it takes. It has the volume button and there the power button and on the left side that’s what the SIM goes in. So you need a pin. I’Ll take that out. You should come with their smartphone and that’s a bad way. So now, when I switch it on, I like to show you some features about from this smartphone. Now, when you log switches on it, looks great very fast as well Friday out, but I want to just show you as well now and it has its browser built in Android 9.

1 PI with a CPU of mtk, P 70 octa core okay as a joe sim, Which M takes a nano nano SIM, plus a nano SIM plus at TF card up to 256 gig and the front camera it it’s, a 16 megapixel and the rear camera? One of them is a 40mm pixel that really good pictures I’ve seen it, but when it comes to recording it’s, not the best and a 5 megapixel as well for drew camera, it has a built in 4000 mAh battery capacity with 18 words fast chargers book. He has a six point: three fh f HD screen and also had the water drop fullscreen. As you can see here, okay, their screen is made out of a Corning Gorilla Glass free. Now let me switch that on second show you, so you can see that everything is on one screen by the way. So you can download the launch, launcher and change that, but if you go to sayings and that’s why he has okay. So if you go to Wi Fi and you go got a Wi Fi there, then you go to hotspot. You got those as well this one doesn’t have it NFC, so that’s one thing it doesn’t have built in okay, but it does have a love of a thing like the face ID the picture in picture. The split screen brute beautiful video, the videos quality wise, not good, but it does record. You know perfect, lead, okay, doesn’t lag or anything and stuff at that um display.

You know we go acadmico, backlight adaptive and brightness OCD effect. You can change that to one color, a cool color depending on um. You know. If you look at her at might have more in the morning, you can put a light nightlight on as well the wall. Playpause sleep rotating autorotation, screen phone sides, screensaver cast printing full screen mode. I have to go back and the one thing I love about this is that is very smooth to operate. Let those I’m high and flagship okay, I do highly recommend it for the pricing is amazing, I’m, a smartphone navigation bar, and he has a lot of features booing okay, like and like the who are, where P 20 P 40. Have we got all these features? Doing and I’ll show you a few okay, so security you got the face ID, you got the fingerprint unlocking go all these features that a smartphone, a good smartphone would have. Okay, these are the things here and he has the 4000 mAh battery capacity, giving you a big long usage time. Okay, we’ve ATM was fast charge system settings, okay, I’ve just gone through there hold on. It also has intelligence assistance, okay, so I can it can race to wake black screen gestures, double click, wake up, jump to camera, prevent ringing; smart gestures, suspend options, glove patterns as well. So all these features, okay, even certain. I am high in flagship store. Have this features between okay and yeah? Okay? So when I first ID there was also update, updated a and security patches stuff like that, but yeah the counter at the camera.

You can see you can go to the camera, so that’s the camera it’s a four team, a picture camera you can see that it also has HDR built in as well. They can switch on and is pretty good, like it records really good and takes pictures and amazing pictures and like if you swipe down here, you can see they go love options as well: okay from extreme mode to screen, em, recorder, nightlight and screen show ago. All these features booing okay, but on told that, like I’ve, wanted sayings you’ve seen all the rest of the features as well, there yeah so I’ve. The only thing is that you know it’s not really known, but it is a very powerful smartphone for a very damn. You know good price comes up a case because you won’t really find a case, so it comes as nice as a facility, silicone case and a microwave USB charging cable that’s about it. Okay, this, in my opinion, is one of the best affordable fast and we were low features built in smartphone. Okay, we were excellent, build quality as well other than that.