We put the Galaxy Note 10 to 5 out before we go ahead with the full review of the Galaxy Note n plus be sure to subscribe to the gadget 360 YouTube channel and click that Bell icon so later, the first to know when he have a new Video, the Samsung Galaxy Note, 10th infinity would display. This is Samsung’s name for a panel with a hole for a front facing camera, which is at the center of the display. It wasn’t distracting to us and we got used to the hole punch in a matter of hours. Samsung has picked a huge 6.8 in Super AMOLED display with quad HD plus resolution for this device, which is HD, are 10 plus certified. There are two display modes to choose from vivid and natural and the vivid mode bumps the contrast up making colors pop on the display. Samsung has paired this AMOLED display with stereo speakers. The earpiece doubles up as the second speaker. It isn’t as loud as the bottom firing one, but together they deliver a good stereo output. Just like the galaxy s 10 series, the Galaxy Note 10.1 onic in display fingerprint sensor. It unlocks the smartphone quickly and does not need the display to be switched on to function. We found it to be well positioned and we rarely encountered issues using it. There’S also face recognition. If you want the right side of the device is completely bare and all the buttons are on the left side.

This feels a little odd as nearly every other modern day. Smartphone has at least the power button on the right. On the Galaxy Note, 10 people is still on the left as before, but it is also used as the power button. A short tap will put the phone into standby while a long press. Someone speaks me. Fortunately you can disable bixby. If you don’t want to use it and you can change the behavior of the button to the traditional setting, which is a long press to show the power of options in the software samsung also offers a software button in the quick toggles to switch. The Galaxy Note. 10.1 has positioned microphones at the top, along with a hybrid dual SIM tray at the bottom. The galaxy note in class has the primary microphone USB type c: port loudspeaker, grille and the S Pen silo. The Galaxy Note render setup at the back and the back is made of glass which curls on the sides. This design makes the phone very comfortable to hold. Yes, there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the galaxy note, n plus Samsung still ships AKG headphones in the box, and these have USB type c connectors. We found them to be good, so you would have to buy a different headset separately. We had the aura glow version for review, which looks like a mirror finish. However, it is a fingerprint, magnet and picks up smudges very easily Samsung ships, a transparent case in the box, which should help the fingerprint situation.

The Galaxy Note end spen are both rated ip68 for dust and water resistance. The IceMen, which distinguishes the Galaxy Note series from every other Samsung smartphone out there has got a few new features of its own. This particular s pen pairs to the Galaxy Note 10.1, when it’s in its silo. You can still jot down stuff quickly by pulling the S Pen out when the screen and off to take notes pulling the S Pen out launches the air commands which lists all the different actions you can perform with it. The device is now able to recognize and transcribe what is written in the notes you jot down using optical character, recognition. This makes your handwritten text searchable, which is really cool with this generation. Samsung has added air actions to the S Pen, giving it more functionality compared to the S Pen. That came with the Galaxy Note. 9. You can use the S Pen as a shutter button for the camera to switch between the front and the rear. Cameras are also to zoom in or zoom out. Unfortunately, most of these features feel gimmicky. The Galaxy Note Pentagon ausmin eight to five SOC and has a whopping, 2 l gb of ram. You can choose between 256 gb and 512 GB of internal storage. The storage is expandable on the galaxy note, n plus, and you can use a micro SD card to add up to an additional 1 TB of space. The Galaxy Note: 10.

1. The latest version of 1ui review unit was running the September security patch. The interface is polished and is designed to be convenient for 100 use. You do get a few apps from Samsung Google, as well as Microsoft, pre installed on the smartphone Plus Facebook and Netflix as well. We found that the my galaxy app from Samsung kept pushing spamming notifications to us, forcing us to disable notifications for this particular app Samson has worked with Microsoft to add a feature called link to Windows. This lets you connect the Galaxy Note, 2 n plus to a Windows PC so that you can’t access, text, messages, notifications and recent photos, among other things, Samsung’s decks feature now works on a Windows PC or Mac. Simply by connecting the Galaxy Note n, plus to it. Using a USB cable, you will need to download the Samsung Dex app on the Windows or a Mac machine to use this feature also, while takes no longer requires dedicated hardware, we couldn’t find multiple use cases where we wanted to run, takes on a laptop Samsung’s game. Launcher clubs, all your installed games together, you can choose between focus on power, saving balance and focus on performance for all games or set a level for each game individually. Other game related software features in the Galaxy Note, n plus include dolby atmos for gaming, Auto screen lock and a pop up panel that lets, you add shortcuts for up to four apps you might wish to access.

While gaming, we played pubsey Mobile on the smartphone and it defaulted to the high preset, with graphics, at the HD and frame rate set to high. We bumped the graphics up to HDR and the frame rate to ultra and the phone showed no sign of stress. We played the game for 20 minutes at these settings and it did get slightly warm to the touch. The galaxy note. 10 battery drop over that time, which is acceptable. The camera hole, punch, wasn’t an issue while playing for t mobile. The Galaxy Note 10 performance. In our experience, we never really had to wait for anything to load with 12 GB of RAM on board. We couldn’t multitask easily, even with multiple apps running. In the background we launched over 45 apps on the device and still had about 5.9 GB of RAM free samsung has bumped the battery capacity up on the galaxy note n and at 4300 milli amperes. It does help the device deliver good battery life in our HD video loop test. The galaxy note template to run for 17 hours and nine minutes and with our usage we were able to end our day with close to 40 still left in the tank. Charging is super quick with the bundle charger which can charge the Galaxy Note any in a little over an hour. The Galaxy Note n has the best camera hardware that Samsung has on offer and we’ve already tested it out in our in depth.

Camera review for this device. You should definitely check it out. To sum it up, we found that the Galaxy Note and accelerated hardware and the right software to extract the best camera performance out of it. However, the scene optimizer was a hit or miss when clicking close. Ups and the zoom mic feature when that works as long as the conditions are favorable. While this galaxy note template be a little boxy, it packs in a stunning display versatile cameras and lots of software enhancements. This device also manages to deliver good battery life and the bundle fast charger is a boon while it is helpful to use the s pen as a remote shutter button for the camera, the other gestures feel a little gimmicky priced at 79918. I know peas for the 12 GB RAM 256 GB storage version and 80 9999 rupees for the 12 GB RAM 512 GB storage variant. The Galaxy Note 10.1 of the best devices that money can buy at the moment. However, if you don’t really care about the s pen and want something that is manageable, the Galaxy S 10 plus and the galaxy s end offer roughly the same experience without the s pen, of course, at 73 thousand nine hundred and sixty one thousand nine hundred rupees Respectively and those are suitable alternatives, so that was our full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.