This smartphone aspire a brand called Olli phone. The model number is ARMA x3 it’s, a rogue Android smartphone now, obviously by the design of it, it’s designed for basically for builders, ok or those who drop the phones. A lot this will protect you from breaking it because of the design and the rug design, as you see, and is a perfect BM smartphone. Ok, now it comes with a user manual and the smartphone with a micro USB charging cable, a mains plug. They also provide you some tempered glass screen protector as well, because you’ll find it difficult to find this online. If you’re looking for a screen protector um, he doesn’t really need a case because of the design has, and you wouldn’t really find a case for this anyways by the way very did smartphone is designed um. So let me show you so on the right side, you can see that volume buttons are here and the power button here you can see there is waterproof. He also says in here waterproof at the bottom. This is where the charge employees make sure you don’t break. This charging port here but that’s where the my crispy charging port is and he charges your smart phone there on the left side, and he has the button here just like a shortcut button. And then you go the disappear here where the TF, the memory card and SIM goes in okay. So you can pull one of the same and one of the memory card there at the top.

It go 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jack and all of these have and like covers in see because that’s how it stays waterproof. One of them is open, the water will go through it. It has a dual: am um rear camera with a flash em light as well, and so that’s about everything carry has a front camera as well. So let me switch you on starting to show you some features. Now this K M smartphone. It does operate very smoothly. It has a two key, Graham built in with a I’m 32 gig internal memory, and we cap all support micro SD memory card up to 128 gig. It takes two SIM card slots, there’s all nano SIM. You is required I’m doing. It has dual cameras at the back, which is a a mer pixel and a 2 megapixel. The front camera is a 5 megapixel and it also has a feature which you wouldn’t really find a normal smartphones only on the rug smartphone. The CERN rug most smartphones, ok, but this one has this micro toolbox. There has GPS, flashlight, bluetooth, alum, um, height meter, plumb, bob bubble level, etc. So it has all these things: building more fallout, builders and stuff, like that, you also has a blinking notification that I would tow if there’s a notification you got, it also has a face unlock as well, so that’s pretty good and feature as well. It supports 2g and 3G and it takes a while to load up.

As you see he’s been you know, usually the high end smartphone deal it’ll, stop a lot faster, but this one’s taking a while to let us stop. Ok finally started up, and it also has other good features like it has under underwater mode with ip69k ip68. Proof. Ok, which is like the waterproof m and features, also provides glove modes as well. So if you’re wearing gloves, you can use to operate and you guys customized buttons as well same buttons. You can press it’s pretty loud as well. Ok, it has Android 9.0 prior operating system booing. We were 5000 mAh battery capacity now the highest battery capacity that I’ve actually used smart phone wise was around three four thousand two hundred four thousand three hundred bucks. Five thousand is such a high battery capacity, the fact I’m not using like a proper high quality screen, not using like a triple camera, etc. So the battery life would last a lot longer than a high end flagship, smartphone, so that’s another brilliant thing about this smartphone and also the it can handle five minutes underwater up to 1.5 meters of water. You can also 24 hours of submission in 1 meter of concrete, with stand, stand, withstand drops up to one point and to meet there’s. Also one point to mere drop. You won’t damage the smartphone and it’s guaranteed as well, and it can be underneath one meal of concrete and won’t get damaged as well. The screen size is 5.

5 inch, HD display. Now let me navigate through, so you can see that a operates very smoothly as well. Okay, so let me go to sayings. If you go to the settings, you can see that you got the easy key here if you press the easy key, just zil a single click and double click, the long press, which is this button here and makes it easy for you so it’s, like more of A shortcut for you, and then you go to network here which has their Wi Fi built in the hot sport, a built in doesn’t. Really I don’t think he really has NFC got Bluetooth blue in apps. Is here the batteries here you go face unlock here display if you already display you go there brightness level 80 nightlight adaptive, brightness indicator light reminded. So I just got this screen saver cetera and then go to the sound. You got that when you go to this sound can control the media volume. The call volume the ring volume and the alarm volume can also my vibrate for calls along with the ringtones and go there. I can leave the tone and now patterns as well on charging sounds on touch, sounds, etc and sound enhancement as well, where you can and off that or on there as well. And if you go down, you go to security in locations where you can put the five Matic device, one swipe to unlock, which you can choose.

Pattern pain password to swipe like a normal Android device, location, that’s about we’re and then go the accounts. And you got the intelligent assistant where you can flip to silent smart answer, free finger and screenshot emergency risky glove pattern, jump to camera. Okay, go Jura speed, and this is okay, so that’s all the feature you got a lot of good features. Doing. To be honest, the outdoor two books is here. If I press that, let me show you so you got the it’s going to compress the flashlight the bubble level, the pic hanging, the high meter, the magnifier, the alarm and the plum book. So it’s more of like those who is a build and stuff like that, this is a perfect smartphone for them. Okay, other than that, thank you for watching.