The semi me a3 is a bank for about entra. One smartphone that comes with a snapdragon 6 is 5 chipset and it’s priced at 999 ringgit. But is it worth it we’ll find out? This is a 6.0 8 inch device with a Super AMOLED display, despite only pushing 720p resolution with low pixel density. I found the colors to be vibrant and images are sharp. You really notice the lower resolution when you’re watching videos, but mostly the display, is great. The drop match. Bezel and sizable chin may be a deal breaker for some, but that subjective moving to the back. You get a very me, 9s design, Corning Gorilla, Glass, 5 back panel and all it looks more premium that it is. The phone has a lot of competitors like the Huawei y9 Prime and the vivo s1. But I think the me a treat takes the kick in terms of design. Without the provided case, the phone is relatively thin. The curved edges on a 4 makes it easy to haul and its size fits nicely in the hand it’s a little on the heavy side, but we’ll get to that later, while we’re at the back let’s talk cameras it’s, not uncommon, to find three lenses on a Budget smartphone anymore, but it’s uncommon, to find one with a 48 megapixel lens that’s, the mainland’s while accompanying it is a 8 megapixel, ultra wide angle lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The main lens does well in broad daylight, which you may not notice immediately because you’re looking at it through a 720p display, but colors look natural and they have good contrast.

The ultra wide angle, shots suffer just a little by shooting at 48. Megapixel requires you to go into pro mode, but it doesn’t really offer much in terms of a better image quality, which is usually the case when it comes to nighttime photography. Images do have some noise, but when used night mode, a lot of it is remedied, while brightness is also improved a little more when it comes to Southeast the 32 man pixel lens perform splendidly there’s AI beautification, which I really need it. You also get other beautify features as well as filters. Portrait mode is basic. Okay, if I can look a little artificial, but it generally doesn’t really eat up chunks of hair in terms of performance. Don’T expect anything amazing. The Snapdragon six is five does find a powering. The phone while offering some power efficiency, although regular browsing and swiping doesn’t, really feel snappy either you get four gigabytes of RAM as standard with up to 128 gigabytes of internal storage, expandable via SD card of up to 256 gigabytes gaming on the me HP, isn’t too Bad pop G mobile does fine on low, but you can also push it to medium with occasional status. This is not a phone to be really gaming on now we get to pretty much the main selling point of the phone, it shoots it and drive one and it offers nearest all and drive experiences. So if your peers, you are enjoy the simple, UI and layout swipe out ones, to bring up the task manager swipe up again to bring up the add tray or we can do it all in just one single smooth swipe with Android one.

You also get timely updates, although not as fast as stuck on the pixel. This one gets it before custom OS is like the me UI, and draw on phones are guaranteed at least three years of security updates and two years of OS updates, also a plus with Android one is that it comes with minimal blog, where I say minimal, because Our unit came with four non google apps, including the native camera, but of course you can remove them if you wish. This is working on Android, 9pi and that’s done more preloaded, which I’m using right now there’s, also an in screen fingerprint scanner and although not the fastest, it’s, actually pretty accurate when it comes to audio it’s loud, but there’s, really no depth, plus there’s. Only one firing speaker at the bottom, the other one – is a dummy. Yes, yummy didn’t have to do that there, but at least there is one necessary hole here, which is the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack powering. The phone is a big 4030 milliamp hour battery that charges via USB see it sports up to 18 watts quick charge. Three bar unis only came with a 10 watt charger out of the box. Battery life here is great and with a low resolution display and Schneider s6 s5 chill set it’s easy to see why it lasts the whole day, with a little bit of gaming elbow web browsing and mostly texting. Judging from about 10 to full will take you little over an hour, so that’s pretty much standard.

The comm a3 is available in more than white kind of gray, and not just blue naming convention see obviously take a cue from the pixel series. The phone is priced at 800 and I ring gate for the 64 gigabyte variant and 999 ring gate for the hundred and twenty eight gigabyte bearing the me a tree serves to fill a gap for those looking for stopped and dry experience. But don’t quite have the money for a pixel it’s, a reliable performance, impressive cameras and speedy software updates make it worth your money, so that’s it. For me today this has been the semi a3. Let us know what you think in the comments down below remember to Like subscribe and I’ll.