This is Larry welcome. Back to today, I feel like calm today, we’re going to take a look at the Benro X. This is the three XS light version. This is a smartphone three axis gimbal we’re gon na check it out see how it performs. So here we go alright, so as we do, let’s jump right into the good and the bad of this gimbal, and the first good thing up that I want to mention is: is something you’ll, probably notice right away when you take it out of the box and That is, the gimbal is foldable, and this is really nice. It packs down smaller than Gimbels of the past, so it actually folds down. So you can actually fit this in your pocket. If you want to, you can put it in your back pocket your cargo pants pocket your jacket pocket, you can put it in a backpack, a purse whatever it really is easy to carry, because that foldable format, the foldable sort of function that it has really makes It easy and convenient to carry with you everywhere, as we can see here, there’s a little button right here. We push that it unlocks it. We can unlock this access and then unlock this other axis right there, and then we are ready to use it. But when we’re done, we can go ahead and lock everything down, lock that and then we can fold it back up just like that there and we can just stick it right in our side pocket or if we want, we can even fit it in our front.

Pocket so I’m gon na go ahead and take my keys and my wallet out of my front pocket and we can slip it right into our front pocket as well and boom just like that. It works just that easy it’s super small super compact super light. It’S very, very easy to take with you and travel with. So if you don’t want to carry something big, something heavy, this really is a nice option for you, alright. So the next good thing up that I really like about this gimbal is the app there is an app associated with it. It is the Benro app and it is for iPhone and and for Android phones and tablets and all the other good stuff, iOS and Android. Basically, but it’s great, because it has all kinds of features in there. It has your normal photo and video mode, but it also has object tracking face tracking, it has time lapse modes and it has a motion time lapse, which is my personal favorite. It really allows you to make some cool looking time lapses, where you can move across the field of view from one end to the other and make that time lapse. Look really nice and professional. Now there are a couple of hiccups with the app, and one of them is that there’s no 24p in the app right now: there’s, 30 P and 60 P in 4k, but there’s, no 24, P or 25 P. So if you’re, someone like me who shoots everything in 24 P or if you’re in Europe andor in the PAL system – and you shoot everything 25 feet, unfortunately, they don’t have that right now in the app now I did talk to the techs over at Benro.

They are trying to work with the app, so they can get it so that the frame race just mirror whatever your phone offers. So if you have an iPhone that offers 24 frames and 60 frames and whatever the app will actually mirror those but that’ll be coming later and an update. So this next good point is the hardware. The hardware just feels really really good handles very, very comfortable. The buttons are easy to access, they’re, nice and large so that you can find them without looking for them. You can just fill for them and they’re right. There there’s a zoom, toggle there’s, a custom function, button there’s a trigger on there to start and stop videos. There is a little thumb, a little thumb joystick on there, so you can actually rotate the the gimbal and move it from left to right or up or down. It really does have very very nice hardware. Now, as much as I love the hardware of the three XS light, there is one part of this of this gimbal that I do not like, and that is the phone clip. So the phone clip just doesn’t feel like it wraps around my phone and holds it sturdy enough. It really just sits on the edges of the phone and actually at times where I’ve been putting my phone in there it’s sort of slipped and popped out. Now, once I actually get it in there, I haven’t had any issues with it coming out, while I was using it, but it just doesn’t feel that safe and secure in there they really need to fix that phone clip and from when I talked to the people At Benro they did Express that they knew that was an issue and that they were working on it, but it probably won’t come in to a later version, all right.

So the last thing that I want to talk about what this gimbal is the most important part and the reason why most people buy Gimbels, and that is to get nice smooth footage. So this gimbal does well it does its job really really nicely. It really provides stable footage that looks fantastic, but instead of me telling you guys about it, let’s actually go outside I’ll. Show you what it looks like. I shot a little video using the iPhone alone handheld and then I put that same iPhone on the gimbal and tried it out, and you guys can tell me what you think about it and which one looks the best alright. So this here is just the footage of me walking using just the iPhone handheld, and you can see that it’s a little bit shaky I’m trying to hold it as still as possible. And now this is me running a bit here so it’s, just a quick run. Now we’re gon na go ahead and put this on the gimbal and we’re gon na see all the performs with the gimbal and the phone instead of just handheld okay. So here I am I’m walking now this is with the gimbal attached here. So we can see. I can tell already just from looking at the screen that it is a lot smoother, and this is just me walking. Let me go ahead and start running a bit, so this is me running now: holding the gimbal and again I’m not really doing much to try and hold it steady I’m, just letting the gimbal do all the work for me.

So you guys, let me know which one you think looks the best alright so I’m outside now, and you may see that there’s a green box right there on my face and I have the face tracking part of the app on, and so this is nice because It allows me to be able to move about, and the gimbal is actually going to move my camera and keep up with me so I’m able to move about freely, and I can talk to you guys and it’s going to keep up now. The one thing I wish this would do is I wish it would tilt the camera down so that actually, I didn’t have all this Headroom above me, because, as I move further away, it actually keeps me right in sort of the centre of the of the frame Here, but I end up with all this Headroom there, but it’s really nice, as you see here, the camera actually moves because the gimbal is moving it for me. So it’s really really nice that that you do this. So if you’re a vlogger – and you want to talk to your audience – you don’t have to be locked down to just being right in front of the camera or just holding your camera out in front of you. You can actually sit your camera down and then you can have freedom of motion to move and vlog and talk to your audience as you see fit.

Okay. So here I am I’m using the face tracking mode, and I have my arm fully extended out here. Just holding the gimbal with my phone out in front of me as if I was vlogging, so this is sort of the framing that you can expect. If you are trying to use this in a vlog, so I mean I’m using the iPhone 10s Max and I’m. You know I’m fairly tall about 6 feet tall fairly long arms, so you know it. Doesn’T give me the widest field of view. Part of that is with the app part of it is with the camera. So you know that is some to be considered, but this is what you can expect if you’re vlogging here so I’m, going to walk a little bit. I have you know: I have the face tracking on there and let’s just move a bit: well: walk I’m gon na walk. You know so I’m, not right with my back to the Sun there. So, but there we go. We can walk a little bit and I found it’s gon na be a little challenging keeping this thing framed up just right, but you know with a little bit of practice. All gimble’s take a little practice to operate, but this is sort of what you can expect from a vlogging sort of set up with this gimbal, alright, everyone. So there you have it. That is a look at the Benro X, 3 XS, light 3 axis gimbal for smartphones, and this is a fantastic gimbal, it’s foldable, so it’s nice and small it’s, packed with features like face tracking object, tracking photo and video mode time lapse modes.

It has really nice hardware, it has a 3.5 millimeter mic port on there, so you can plug microphones right in there. It really has a lot that usually you only get with more expensive gimbals, but you get all that packed into this little guy right here and I think you guys will like it. So you know anyhow, I’m gon na leave a link to it down in the video description so that you guys can check it out and you can get one on your own I’m also going to leave a link to my am on page. So you can see all the products that I’ve reviewed over time, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel and follow me on Facebook, and I am Larry.