It features a modular design, stock, Android 9 and is made out of fair traded resources, recycled plastic and comes from a fair factory. Who pays the work as well? I found his project quite interesting and I still remember the release of the fairphone 2. A few years ago today in this video we’ll have a closer look at the phone and I will walk you through all the features. Now this is Shenzhen in China. Shenzhen is known as the world’s Factory, because so much of our stuff is made there. In fact, a few reports say that 90 of the world’s electronics come from Shenzhen, including toys, televisions, air condition, units mobile phones and drones. I have visited the city quite often, and I always like to say there is nothing that you can’t do in Xinjiang, but they also visited a lot of factories where people have to work very hard and are mostly underpaid to deliver the Western world. Cheap electronics fairphone aims to change this with their phones. They are still made in China, but there are factories who treat and pay their workers well, but there are also factories where people have to work like slaves. So let’s see how good this fair, maid phone really is in comparison with the cheap budget phones who flood our markets. What some guys doing here welcome back to another video and today, I’m really excited, because today we finally have something different on the table. So this right over here is the brand new fully modular fare phone you’ve, seen it in the intro.

What fairphone is what they stand for, what they do so don’t want to boy. You effects will jump straight into what you guys came for, and i guess it’s a teardown to have a closer look inside how the modular features work like and we’ll do that just in a second. But at this point, big thanks to the guys over in Amsterdam. For choosing me and sending me, the phone I’ve not been paid to make this video, but I think the project is really nice. It’S really helping out the environment and yeah I’m really excited about the technology as well. So big thanks to the guys in Amsterdam – and this is a pre production unit, so the final build quality may be different. Keep that in mind, but now let’s stop talking let’s jump straight into the unboxing alrighty guys so here’s the package and let’s have a closer look on what we can find inside. So I made for you a phone pretty nice packaging and they try to keep it small, probably also because of you know, lower shipping fees and yeah to not waste resources. Then in here we have two phone, no super fancy plastic packaging. So this also looks like recycled there’s screwdriver inside that’s, pretty cool, because we need to actually use that to open it up, because there are some screws. The fairphone 2 was actually a phone which you could open up almost completely without screws here’s, a user guide which usually nobody is reading, so we’ll put it beside and there we have the phone now you will wonder why is there no charger included so well? There is no charger included for reason.

First of all, on cheap and cheaper phones and budget phones. People throw the way because they don’t have quick charge and the charges included the usual crap, so they say, buy a quality charger on your own or buy it from fair phone directly. If you need one so that they don’t waste resources on the charger – which i think is a cool thing because well, i usually also throw my stock charges and budget phones away, which don’t have quick charging. Now here we have two phonons well, as you can see, it’s looking pretty cool, but this is handmade so well. It can have a few scratches here and there and also I’ve, used it a little bit so yeah I’ll tell you later i’m the build quality. Okay, umm there we have the phone now let’s, open it up and let’s see how it looks on the inside alright guys. So I haven’t done that before so I’m really curious. If I can manage to open it up without breaking it so well, let’s see if I can do that. So first of all, we have to remove the back cover. This is really easy. Just with your fingernail peel it off – and here is the inside of the phone first of all right over here that’s the removable battery. You can easily remove it with your finger. There we go let’s get the battery out the battery, as you can see, changes in your hands, pretty cool design and it says 3060 milliamp hours straight on the battery, so that’s a fairly huge battery for a mid range processor and this place eyes.

Then here can see we have all the ports here on the inside, so micro SD up to four hundred gigs sim one sim to because this is a dual SIM phone. We can see here also, as you can see right over here, the antenna lines which i think is really cool design. The whole plastic here is recycler than transparent, so you can actually see also here the poets, the speaker, the chipset, and I think it looks really cool. So now comes the tricky part, because we have to remove some screws in order to get the modules out. So there is no way around that and yeah let’s open it up, and there we go now. Once you have removed all the screws, you can actually lift off the bottom part and there we go. What we have right over here is the actual display and check it out really thin, so that’s just to display nothing else, and usually you have a flex cable inside which goes from the display connector to the motherboard. But as you can see here, we just have a few golden contacts and they are actually connecting here with this connector to the motherboard. That’S super smart and to repair should be super easy because, usually when you change your display, the weakest part is the flex cable, and this is usually what breaks if people do it for the first time so here the display here at some instructions, yeah don’t, kill The screws and that’s this plate and now let’s have a closer look here at the motherboard from the inside.

So here we have a few modules which we can actually remove and let’s just check this out so here’s the connector for the display which we’ve seen before here we have a flex cable for the bottom of the module. The bottom module consists out of the type C port and there’s, also a speaker module, so let’s say if only the type C port is broken for some reason like water damage, you can just swap that part out and that’s that’s really cool, because usually most of The phones, you have to replace the whole bottom PCB and that’s expensive. Then let’s check out here the top here, as you can see it says top. So there we have two top module with the front facing camera. Here we have the camera with the camera module and the top module also includes the speaker. So basically, there are also some signs here, for instance yeah. That should be the speaker. I guess here we have the camera here at the bottom, the microphone. If the microphone is broken here, the charging port – and here the speaker, module so I’ll quickly try to get out all the modules and let’s check out how this works. Okay, guys I managed to get it out. There is still a flex cable inside. You need to check out that you don’t damage it, but it’s pretty solid. It has a camera on there and here we simply have the camera module.

So yeah check it out right now and there is a single 12 megapixel camera with a dual tone LED flash and, as you can see here, the connector for the Flex cables. So let’s put it beside and let’s check out the next module, which should be the whole top module and there we go, the top module is removed, and now I gathered that for the headphone check, because what you see right over here here, we got the front Facing camera – and here the top module includes the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So this is actually pretty cool because it’s, just one module so let’s say you just kill the headphone check because for like water damage, then you just have to replace that and not your whole phone okay. Now, the only part left is the whole motherboard. So, as you can see right over here with the heat shields and everything and yeah, you can remove the motherboard as well, but you need a Torx screwdriver, very small one. In order to do that, I won’t do it because usually the motherboard doesn’t break down. If Apple tells you the motherboard breaks down, they just rip you off, but usually on the phone it’s, the least part that dies and yeah the motherboard can be replaced. You could also do that on your own, but then you should really take care. What you do – and you also need a different screwdriver for that, but let’s have a look at the remaining modules, because what we have right over here – that’s the bottom module and, as you can see, it includes the type C port and the hole charging circuit.

So this is just this tiny piece right over here and the coolest part. I think right over here, the speaker. So, as you can see speaker in theory could be upgradable and really really cool stuff. So I think it’s a super smart design, yeah just check out how that looks now ripped off it doesn’t even look like a phone anymore, but still I can put together in five minutes again and that’s, really really cool all righty. So there we go here’s the phone now let’s check it out and let’s check out some things and how it works. Well, so far, the build quality you have to say built quote is pretty good. I really like the modular design but yeah I’m. The plastic is a little bit prone to scratches, as you can see here, on the back side already few scratches from the keys in my pocket. Now the display itself well, as you can see, the altar brightens is a little bit slow, sometimes, but works pretty fine. I’M, the display already has also some scratches, because I was leaving it with the keys in my pocket, which you shouldn’t do so I would really recommend to get yourself a screen protector, even though you can change this by easily the phone is pretty fixed. I wouldn’t recommend the cover, but a screen protector is really a must. Now. The phone is running. Android 9. Pretty much stock Android just feels like a Google pixel so from Android, because it’s yeah pretty much close to stock.

There were no modifications at all except of some settings and we can check out here the notification bar. So I already tried out a little bit of multitasking now the system on chip it’s it’s a medium range, so it handles it. Okay, but it’s not the fastest. One anyway let’s check out quickly the settings and there we go so here: the usual settings network, Wi, Fi, Bluetooth, blah blah blah and battery. Now the battery it lasts around a day, so it depends really on your use. If you’re, not a heavy user, you will get a little bit more than the day. If you have a user, you will get a day so that’s all I can say about the battery because I haven’t tested it so much so far about the edit set. You have 64 gigabytes of storage, a few apps installed. There are still 40 gigabytes left, so that’s pretty ok, but you can put in microSD cards to extend into a memory so that’s. Also fine. Then there is a fingerprint scanner. Now. The fingerprint scanner is here at the top, which is a little bit hard to reach. I have big fingers so who meets ok, but if you have small fingers, then maybe it’s a little bit hard to reach the fingerprint scanner it has all. The latest Google features like also digital wellbeing, which Google has introduced and yeah. If we go here to system now sorry let’s go to about the phone, then, as you can see here, there should be also the Android version, Android 9 and there are updates under system and system update and, as you can see, it’s running the latest security patch.

So you should get the latest Google patches really fast, because this is pretty much stock. Android then let’s check out the camera so right over here we have the camera portray panorama. There is a pro mode. The pro mode is pretty nice, because sometimes you really have to adjust the brightness and exposure on these single camera phones than normal, regular photos and videos. The camera is a 12 megapixel camera which can shoot ya maximum of 12 megapixels with an aperture of 1.8. As you can see, here object tracking, redeye reduction, so some advanced features. The video quality is 4k 30fps maximum, so that’s also K for such a phone and yeah that’s. It I’ll leave you some after of the sample pictures now in the video, but you can also check them out. Links will be down below in the description front. Facing camera. So far is doing fine. You can check out some pictures also right now on the screen. Under the recording modes, as you can see, we have video quality up to 1080p 30fps. Then I noticed something. If you go to the settings and video modes, let’s change the camera and there we go then in here there is also 1080p 120 fps, but I guess it should be 60 fps and also the camera. If you focus it will just false close. So this is a little bug right now, but you know they just made this phone. This is a pre production sample and there are a few tiny, minor issues which they still solve, alright guys.

So that is the camera, as you can see, pretty much stock Android. So nothing to explain here: let’s quickly check out the unto the benchmark and there we go. We get a hundred K which yeah the the chipset and this smartphone has been introduced last year. So in the middle of last year, it’s an OK chipset for a mid range phone, but don’t expect flagship performance out of it. Then let’s quickly check out if pop she’s running so popular game. So I can show you that also these games run not at maximum graphics, but they do run so guys. The performance out of the Snapdragon 632, with 4 gigabytes of RAM well don’t, expect bonders. You will have Mike relax in the game, especially if something, if there a lot of players and you’re moving fast but that’s completely normal. You also have that on budget phones of this chipset and yeah, you can play 3d games like that, but don’t expect that they run in full maximum graphics. They will run that basic graphics and yeah, with average frame rates, but occasional micro starters. Now, video playback on the phone is really ok, but there are no stereo speakers so that big earpiece is just an earpiece and to speak at the bottom is a speaker you can for sure zoom in because you know this is 18 by 9 and the screen Itself, the screen itself is looking good right enough for how does use and it’s an quite ok looking screen so there’s really nothing wrong with the screen.

The speaker performance, while it’s mediocre don’t, expect any wanders out of the speaker, it’s quite loud, but still the sound quality. I would say it’s average. So now, let’s check out the fingerprint scanner quickly want to show you the performance, so it works from the black screen. You just put your finger on there and there you go as you can see unlocked, so the fingerprint scanner is working quite good, reliable but well. I don’t like the placing too much it’s too much at the top, but because of the battery they probably couldn’t place. It right over here, alright guys so yeah that’s, basically it the camera quality. Just some comments on that it’s, a single camera it’s, not a good like Google’s camera in the Google pixel for sure it’s getting chopped down for occasional snapshots, but as soon as it gets dark, it gets very noisy as you’ve seen before videos they look. Ok, they don’t look really good. They don’t look really bad, so there’s, nothing wrong with the videos, but the camera quality. Yeah it’s, ok for snapshots, but I wouldn’t use it like now for pro Instagram pictures. Anyhow it’s a solid phone that runs pretty much stock. Android has not the best flagship components, but while it is working, fine and the most important stuff for me is the modular design, because I really like that: ok that’s it, ladies and gentlemen, now let’s come to a quick conclusion, alrighty guys so we’re now here at The end of this video and just some personal feedback and personal thoughts for myself, so I really appreciate it if you watched until this point – and I would also appreciate if you continued until the end, because the message I think is really important.

First of all, I think it’s a good project. The phone well it’s a mid budget, mediocrity on for a little bit higher price tag than usual and fairphone even states on a sheet they have included. Who is this found for customers who want a mid range phone? Well, it’s, obviously, a mid range phone it’s, a mid range chipset with mediocrity, Murrah performance, but I think it has really cool features that it’s easily to repair, and they also said here a repairable phone that lasts. So if you drop your phone quite often, I think it’s cool that you can get every single part in the store from fairphone, and you can also replace it for yourself. So you don’t have to put it to third party repair centers, where it costs a lot to change that, for instance, I changed parts on microwave phone and this is usually costs around 400 euros, so ‘0 euros for the front and back side. This is absolutely crazy. It’S, like a new phone and a sustainable phone, well sustainable it’s, it is sustainable, that’s, really true, it’s also quite robust, build quality in the final version will be different, as I’ve told you for sure, there’s. Also the Eco aspect, which is not listed here, but I think you actually like it’s simply like donating something to a good project. You know you pay more than you could actually buy a phone with similar specifications without the modular features for 200 years.

So half of the price, but there you know it comes from a Foxconn company or Foxconn similar assembly company and the working conditions. They were horrible. So I was a few times in China because I do run my own business. I sell televisions which we make in China with our Chinese partner. I had my own power supply line, my own power supply brands and I visited a lot of factories and at one time in China I visited a, I don’t want to say name, but the power supply company that also makes cables and stuff, and we visited the Factory and first of all I was impressed. This facility was huge. There were tons of people working there and it was almost 700 p.m. something like that. People were still working all the time I’m, not sure for sure they have they don’t work 24 hours a day. So then they get changed with other people, but still they have to work for quite a long time and we had a look at the factory roof the owner. It was quite impressive and then I saw one girl and I was really impressed by that girl, because I’m pretty good at soldiering stuff. I repair a lot of stuff, and I do this since I’m, 10 years old and this girl was just soldiering like like a machine, it was so damn fast. I was like damn that girl got skills and then I looked at her and you know it’s very hard to guess the age of Chinese, especially girls, and I was like okay.

She could be 15 16, something like that and then I was always just curious and was a bit drunk and asked the owner hey. Do you know how old are you, workers and the owner just said? We don’t check IDs, and this just really was a statement that blew my mind. I mean we don’t check. Ids already says that they are underage and the problem with that is, I talked them to the other owner and they said yeah they a little bit younger. They are not not totally young but younger, but you know if they, if they wouldn’t work here, they wouldn’t have a job there. Their family wouldn’t be able to live, and this was just blowing my mind because at 16 I was playing Counter Strike World of Warcraft. That was probably the king of World of Warcraft, and this girl of 16 actually makes an income for a family, and this was just really really crazy and I had huge respect for the girl. I was a little bit sad that I now saw how it really works in the world, and this is every time I see a five dollar product on Amazon. I think like this is coming from a factory where they treat people like shit and yeah. Sorry, for the bad words is probably demonetized anyway, but still, I think, it’s a really important message and after I saw this, I just I just think more about what I buy.

I don’t buy every crap I just check. Does it have a good quality? So I can use it at least for a longer time and that this makes the planet a little bit better. So I don’t buy stuff throwed away by new stuff, because it’s crap, so I try to buy quality products. The fairphone free is definitely also a quality product, but yeah it’s a little bit expensive, but this is just if you want to be part of this project. Well, then, you need to pay the high price. If you want to have a flagship phone, the fair phone is definitely not for you, so also it’s, not a phone for me because well, I need a really good camera for my YouTube work and with the fair phone I wouldn’t be simply able to keep up. I want 4k 60, which you don’t even get on my way: P 30 Pro and also any really good camera Instagram stuff, you know time is changing. Time is weird but that’s how it is if I would have to buy a phone for my mom, because it’s also very eco friendly. I would probably choose this one because she doesn’t care at all about the specs it’s, a usable phone it’s. It has Google. You know Android 9 and it’s pretty close to stock, so you can expect updates very what say, early in the timeframe and also sustainable anyway, cool projects I’m, looking forward to more phones from this company and yeah.

If you like, the fairphone, if you want to give it a try, check out the links down below no affiliate links at all just to the website and check out the product, so big thanks for watching guys. If you have a story about China to share or anything, I want to share your opinion post it now down below in the comments, because I’m always really excited about such stories.