The ultimate all screen designed this side of dual display phones did Samsung nail it well before this puppy here we’ve had a fair share of crazy ideas. Like white notches. Sorry, Apple narrow, notches, moved to v shaped and doodle plans with sliders pop up cameras, shark fins display holes and finally, thanks to the wonders of the free market, we arrived at the ultimate solution. Just the screen and the main camera set for self is what real cameras can take selfies. You say: well, those screen phones, like the new Z 20, and this here galaxy a8 II, will prove me wrong. He’S having a motorized vehicle, a cooler than having a display on the back, hey that kid from stranger thinks Millie Bobby Brown seems to think so and that’s exactly how Samsung decided to do it. This rotating camera design leaves us with a big, beautiful, uninterrupted display at the front of the 880, which is a godsend to browse the web or watch videos on. It is bright with accurate, colors and thankfully 1080p resolution, so it can take better advantage of the battery pack inside compared to gas guzzling quad HD panels. Unfortunately, the giant 6.7 incher and the motorized mechanism of the camera kit also leave us with a very bulky and heavy phone in the hand and that’s before we had even found a fitting enough case for this wacky flip camera design. We won’t be dwelling too much on some songs, popular one UI interface.

Here it runs sufficiently on the mid range chipset inside there’s plenty of memory to back it up anything stalls Samsung’s one hand, operation up, you’ll, be able to handle this giant heavy phone with relative grace. We know you’re here for the most pressing question go. How good are the pictures taken with this crazy camera kit? After all, that’s the whole point of the rotating camera to take selfies with the best sensor and lens combination, you have on your phone instead of relying on a typical, inferior front. Shooter sorry we’ll have to disappoint you. The shots taken with the rear camera, both the main sensor and the wide angle lens are nothing to write home about, and the pictures of video quality in low light leave a lot to be desired Music. What about the self is? Well, apparently, the rotating mechanism doesn’t allow for the full features of the camera cube to be used when facing the other hex Samsung just issued an update, clap all the focus when in selfie mode, for instance. So the only thing the selfies have going for them is the resolution. Pictures taken with EAD lack dynamic range, the colors seem a bit washed out and the video quality could be better, but it plays the phone. Does it in 4k, so what’s the verdict. Well, the average camera and battery life performance in our tests are what prevents us from how heartedly recommending the galaxy AAT hey, what’s the point of having the main camera take yourself as if they could be just this mediocre.

As from a phone with a more orthodox design right granted, the oneplus 7 pro leaves a similar a hefty footprint, but for the same 600 price it offers more on the plus side of the galaxy a8. A are a huge beautiful display, fast charging plenty of memory, and the undeniably cool factor slide flip snap. This here, new infinity design idea has a huge potential and if Samsung manages to equip the next models with a better camera in a more compact footprint that would cost you to kill a handset.