Let’S talk about what you’re getting for your money. This thing is not cheap. Its 1099 bucks you’ve got a great camera in your pocket, although it’s, actually not the best, and the phone is really fast. Although technically it’s not the fastest, but none of that matters, the note 10 is Samsung’s. Best phone hands down we’ve had more fun with this phone than any other smartphone in 2019. Let’S start with the display. The screen is so big. It takes up the entire front of the phone and and then some it’s got Samsung’s signature, h2h design, that’s sharp in more ways than one okay, so it doesn’t have the fluid silky smooth 90 Hertz screen refresh rate that we’ve seen in the oneplus 7 pro and The edges they can produce the false touch if you hold on to the phone too tightly, but both those problems seem kind of trivial. When you just take a minute and bask in the technological marvel of this 6.8 inch screen, bawls touches are not. You definitely will want to keep a tight grip on the note 10 because it can be slippery now. I know my DMS are gon na, be blowing up for saying this, but kind of have mixed feelings about the aurora glow glass back. Not only is it hard to hold on to without a case, but it smudges so badly. You’Re gon na be spending as much time wiping it clean as you are scrolling through Instagram.

All that said, if you get the Aurora glow version and hold it in the right light, it has this neat rainbow effect and quite literally makes it your shiny new toy. Now, people here six point eight inch screen and they kind of freak out, but it’s not actually any finger than the six point. Five inch iPhone and that’s because of this punch hole center, aligned, camera the hole is actually twenty. Six percent smaller than the s10 camera hole and it’s easier to ignore, then apples, more intrusive, knotch, the streamlined front camera does lose the IR scanner. That came in the last two note: phones that was used for securely, unlocking and paying things with your face in its place is a fancy new in screen fingerprint sensor, which we found more than enough to secure your device. But not every trade off is so great. Their traditional headphone jack look for it it’s not here, it’s, been replaced with a USB C port for audio and you can plug in some included in the Box USB C headphones. The other non surprises Bigsby, is still well Bigsby. Every time I try a new Samsung phone, the first thing it says, is meet the new Bixby, but guess what we’ve already met? It’S the same mediocre voice assistant every time. Without a doubt, the note 10 secret weapon has to be the s pen. The stylus is shorter and thinner than its older brother, but it still packs in some of the same features that we like, like with remote, shutter and screen off memo.

What’S new are the remote gestures, well, they’re fairly gimmicky I can’t help, but like them, you can zoom in and zoom out with a clockwise counterclockwise rotation and change modes by swiping, unif you’re standing several feet away. Capturing remote photos does sound, really cool, but unless you have this thing mounts armed a tripod, it’s not actually feasible. Laying it down on the ground gives you really unflattering shots and let’s be honest, no one’s, propping this bad boy up on a Ledge, just a swish and flick a selfie. The s pen has better handwriting recognition compared to the previous generation. Now, keep in mind better it’s, really a relative term, because as good as it is, it still makes mistakes and quite frequently, even worse, it’s cumbersome in that you have to export your scribbles into a third party app. What I’m trying to say here is don’t expect a note 10 to turn your crappy handwriting into instant text from Samsung notes: it’s, just not gon na happen, which is too bad, it’s kind of an oversight but that’s just me. The note 10 has four cameras on back and even if Google’s pixel phone’s take better main camera photos, the extra lenses here do bring something new to the table. The ultra wide lens is by far my favorite. It crams more what’s in front of you into your photo. You can get an all encompassing picture with an artsy fisheye effect without having a backup.

The telephoto lens is also fairly good, has a two time zoom that doesn’t come with much distortion when it comes to low light photos, they look better than ever and that’s thanks to a new dedicated night mode. It helps for taking pictures in low light like at night, without it people’s skin too often looks soft, like a 1980s family photo portrait there’s a lot of airbrushing going on and here’s what we really like. The punch hole camera on in front we’ll. Take your selfie game to a whole new level. The live focus filter is like color point and the new filter big circles make it even more fun to take pictures of yourself. In all seriousness, the new 10 plus has the best selfie camera we’ve ever tested, where the camera really excels is in video live focus. Video blurs the background, while keeping your subject in focus it’s better than what we saw on the LG g8, but it still struggles in some areas and the practicality well that’s, still a mystery for us. Another new feature is zoom in audio and it it does serve a purpose. It amplifies the subject, you’re zooming into. However, we found it just makes everything in a room with louder. What really matters is that video has great optical image, stabilization beating anything we’ve found from an iphone, and it has a fantastic video editor. This is where the S Pen actually does come in handy now. I know what you’re thinking Matt.

Are there any? Needless visual effects built into the phone that are real time wasters and serve no purpose at all glad you asked with the note 10 Samsung serves up a are doodle and 3d scanner AR doodle lets you draw on faces and see everything tracked, the subject in 3d. 3D scanner! Well, that lets you import physical objects into the digital world. No doubt they’re new and different, but I wouldn’t call them groundbreaking or even practical, as you would expect from a new note. The 10 plus is among the fastest phones available sure last year’s iPhone and a few of our Androids they’re, a tinge faster but that’s, mostly about bragging rights, Samsung’s packs in 12, gigabytes of RAM and a vapor cooling chamber designed to handle today’s 3d games. And whatever comes next one perk that’s exclusive to the Plus that you won’t find on the normal note, it retains the micro SD card slot for expandable storage. You know just in case the 256 gigs or 512 gigs of internal storage. In case they aren’t enough. For you, when it comes to software, samsung redesigned its UX to be logically laid out on such a tall device. Everything is easy to reach within its own menu system and the camera app it’s, one of the most robust. The note 10 also works with PCs and Macs, with a PC actually benefiting from a link to Windows Mode. More mobile apps are coming to the PC later in 2019.

As far as battery life goes, how does 4300 milliamp sound? That is so much battery don’t you’ll. Never need to worry about losing juice, even with heavy use. We put the note 10 through its paces and by the end of the day we often had 30 battery life left best of all. The note 10 plus supports 45 watt chargers, which can charge your phone back to 100 in about an hour, but keep in mind the charger is sold separately. Of course, it does come with a 25 watt charger in the box, which will give you good charging speeds and first for the note, Samsung has included wireless power share it’s a feature barred from the S 10 series. So you can charge an irresponsible friend’s iPhone by treating the back of the note 10 like a Qi. Charger look it’s a buyers market when it comes to phones in 2019. You have a lot of options, including several from Samsung, but the note 10 plus to me represents premier phone hardware it’s the one to get. If you dig a huge screen tack it enough for the funds, you stylus demand more power and fancy yourself an amateur filmmaker. If you’re concerned about the price tag consider there are three different: Samsung Galaxy S: 10 phones on sale right now and they’re all priced at a considerable markdown, not to mention the normal notes head. Okay, it doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles on the note m, but it does come with the same s pen and it has a friendly you’re, a screen that can fit a little bit better in one hand it’s almost as if Samsung is giving you Too many choices and for consumers that’s a big win for us on that sweater, with TechRadar for news and reviews about technology, keep it locked at techradar.