This is the Alcatel 3. The specifications on this are absolutely amazing. As you know, with my reviews, I don’t go through all of the specifications, but I will tell you the main ones: it’s got 5.9 inch, HD plus screen 19 5 to 9 aspect ratio. Sorry, an octa core processor, 64, gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of RAM and then the cameras we’ve got 16 megapixel 5 megapixel cameras on the back also face ID as well, and a fingerprint sensor, a fingerprint sensor, just positioned under those dual cameras on the back And it works extremely well with a fingerprint sensor. Let me just show you so you screens off tap and it unlocks screens off tap and it unlocks. Let me do that. One more time. I’Ll just show you from this angle, so I’m tapping now and it unlocks a little bit of a delay little bit, but very, very accurate, really accurate, fingerprint sensor. I think that’s important that this unlocks nice and quickly and feels a nice and responsive smartphone, especially when you see the price the price on this is absolutely amazing. I don’t know how how could tell do it let’s talk to you a little bit about build quality is primarily plastic, of course, at this price point, but it feels very nice. Really nice filter this phone, no creeks or anything. You know no, no flex really to speak of we’ve got this blue that wraps around the side and then, of course, it goes into this matte black, where the power onoff button and the volume rocker ease down on the bottom microUSB.

We haven’t got on this one. At least I don’t don’t think on the bottom. We haven’t got any sort of other ports, but we have still got three and a half millimeter audio jack on the top she’s still got a headphone jack. Really nice screen on this. As well, very very nice, in fact, let me just pop the brightness down and little tiny bit just you can see that a bit clearer, really nice pin sharp screen very, very good quality. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all with the screen comes pre installed, with plenty of applications, no bloatware to speak of, but just plenty of apps to get you going and, of course, you’ve got the Google Play Store on here. So you can, of course, use the installed any apps that you want if we pop into the gallery. The camera is good. The camera does give a lot of detail, but you do need to throw a lot of light at the subject. That’S. What I found here’s another one I did with my light there, just in the background it’s a little bit slow to focus, but the actual end results are good, especially if the subject matter is well lit. So I think you’ll be ok with the camera as long as you consider your lighting situations in low light. This is where you’ll notice that this isn’t a great camera performance, but in good lighting. I think you’ll be more than happy regards to the speaker watching back video making phone calls with a speaker and video playback if you’re watching YouTube top stuff and that’s.

Thanks to this really very, very nice screen really good screen good viewing angles. A nice sort of neutral color to the screen as well the speaker quality again, washed you’re, watching videos really very good, and then the last point to touch on when you’re talking about audio is, of course, making calls law reviews. I see. Don’T mention call quality and it’s really important, because phones are meant for making phone calls. Of course, we text each other nowadays use social media, but making a phone call. You need a good quality. Earpiece good cord quality might pick up very, very good on this. The earpiece here when you’re listening to the person, the other end extremely clear, crystal clear and the might pick up very, very good as well also just to let you know the battery life on this and I think that’s down to the combination of the screen resolution And also the process that I’ve used, but also the battery capacity. Of course, you easily get a day day and a half between charges in this really great. You really nicely designed smartphone. It feels so so good and when you check out those links down in video description, you will not believe the price the price on this is fantastic. Now I want to take a few little questions from the live chat. This is live, of course, a big hello to Eric Carter, hi Eric thanks for tuning in you’ve, been watching the videos for many years, and I really do appreciate it.

Eric’S comments in the quality of your live stream has significantly significantly improved. That is really good news. Obviously, as you’ve probably realized, I’m in a new location, I’m still setting up a new editing room and a new studio, this is the sort of makeshift editing room just so I can get the live broadcasts up and running I’m working on some other projects. But thank you for that comment. I really do appreciate it also like in the new wallpaper. In the background out of curiosity, why did you get decided to get rid of the red foam? The acoustic foam I used to have was really good, but it did make the background quite dark. So I think this new sort of location you set up looks a lot better. I still will be using the red, Aix foam, but I’ll be using it mounted to board, so I can strategically place just a couple of boards of foam in the editing room. So when I do the the live broadcasts, they look and sound the best. They can very very important to me, Stephen Murray, saying good morning, hello, Stephen enclosing the Alcatel 3 2019 smartphone. Can I recommend it well for social media communications taking the occasional photo and running a nice speed, a nice quality smartphone then I certainly can recommend it. If you’re into your high end gaming, then probably not there’s a little bit too much lag and if your primary use for a smartphone is taking solve action or sport photos and again, probably not, but for everything else.

I think this offers up fantastic value for money. Is a great smartphone, great price, well worth checking out check out those links down in the video description to where you can pick this up for you self and also to the Alcatel website. Thank you very much for tuning in live everyone. Please do subscribe if you’re new to the channel a published new tech, video, sometimes multiple tech videos every single day, and I really do appreciate you so joining in live watching after the live broadcasts. All of your comments are appreciated. So please do drop me.