This is a gimbal for your smartphone. I’Ve got my iPhone 10 s max connected to it inside the box. You do get a charging cable. You also get a user manual to get you up and running this guides you through installing your smartphone installing the software and obviously connecting and calibrating the gimbal. You also get as well as the gimbal itself. You get this little tripod that you can put on the bottom it’s, not really a tripod it’s like three little feet that just screw onto the bottom. You can put these up like so or you can of course, spread them out. So you can place this on a flat surface and use the the gimbal to perhaps record yourself it’s a really neat. Looking gimbal it’s got some great controls and I want to give you a closer look at the buttons and also the user interface. So let’s start by taking a look at the physical button, so we’ve got a power onoff button we’ve also got a an M button on the side here which allows us to customize. This I’ve got it currently set to switch between cameras. We’Ve got an input on the side as well just here. This allows us to actually plug in a microphone, for example, and we’ve also got this sort of trigger on the side which allows us to actually zoom in and out. So I can use this to zoom in and pull down to, zoom out, very, very cool and then we’ve got extra buttons just here.

These allow us to actually move the gimbal, so we can move up and down and left and right. We’Ve also got a trigger, which is out of view for you at the moment, but if I tap the trigger or double tap it recenter z’, the gimbal and we’ve got extra buttons here. We’Ve got one that we can stop and start recording. So we’re now recording video and then we can push again to save the video we’ve also got a menu button, and then we can flick through the various options on the screen. You can see here. We’Ve got time lapse. Motion time lapse, object, tracking face tracking slow mo and video, or we can flick across to photo mode as well. So we’ve got plenty of modes that we can choose from. If we choose something like motion time lapse, we can set start and end points for a motion. Time lapse, I’ve been primarily using it in video mode. We’Ve also got various settings within the app. You have to actually touch the screen to get into these, but if we go into settings up here you can see we can change the video format, resolution grid, etc. We can go into gimbal settings, which is where we’re going to do calibration or change off scenarios or customize the buttons and then we’ve also got a general setting for device lists and upgrading firmware, so that works really well as well. I, like that, the menu settings, the face tracking works extremely well I’ve, been very, very pleased with it and overall it’s a really comfortable gimbal to both hold and use it’s really well set out and feels like a solid product.

So why would you use a gimbal? Well, if you handhold your smartphone, obviously a lot of smartphones now do have image stabilization, but a gimbal allows you to really smoothly pan and keep the camera sort of facing your subject. You can also lock on to subject so you can dip the gimbal down or back up to a higher angle, to get those low or high shots and again it’s a very, very smooth action. And then, of course, if you do go off center, so, for example, we’re going off center here and we double tap, it brings everything back round to this central position. Let me show you that again, so if we go off centre and then double tap that trigger it brings everything back round to the front face in focus it just works extremely well. The 3xs lie also has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve and a really long battery life up to 24 hours of use on a single charge. It also offers up wireless charging and that tracking feature really is very cool. I think it’s a really nicely made product. Actually, the one thing I would say was the initial: getting everything set up was a little bit tricky, but with a bit of patience as with most gimble’s, you can get really good results, and now I can pan around using my smartphone and get some very cool Shots now something else it does. If I can remember, the right button is, if I tap the M button, it’s currently set to put the phone round into portrait mode, so I can go from portrait to landscape very very easily.

How cool is that? Let me show you that again, a tap on the button and we go from landscape to portrait and tap again and we’re back to landscape mode. I really have enjoyed my time testing the Benro 3xs light and using it for capturing some really smooth video. I want to thank Ben Rowe for sending this out to me for this review. If you want to pick up one for yourself check out those links down in the video description area and if you enjoyed the video as always, please do hit that like button.