Smartphone rugged is in the name built to withstand and dust drops vibrations and even extreme temperatures. This cat phone is built with durability at its core. I had the pleasure to test this phone out in the field and it did not disappoint. It withstood the elements and provided the same durability as the cat equipment. You see out in construction sites. The phone comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or dents on your screen. The phone is designed to be nearly indestructible. It can withstand drops of up to 6 feet on the solid concrete. I did test that out. In the field, I dropped it from a bridge onto some rocks and it came back unscathed and still worked properly. One thing I really appreciate about this phone is the design the rubber outer edge, as well as the octagon shape, helps withstand shocks if the phone is dropped. I really like the dedication to the headphone jack on this phone it’s located right on the top underneath this rubber flap. There are also rubber flaps on the sign for the SIM card and SD card, which help it be ip68. Water resistant, the SD slot helps for extra storage. If you need it, this CAD phone can be submerged in 4, feet of water for 35 minutes. We did test this out in the field, and the phone still works just fine. It not only can be submerged in water, but it also has an awesome underwater camera feature and I personally got some great underwater shots with this phone.

I was out fishing can’t. Tell you where the spot is, though, in Wisconsin somewhere and the underwater shots. Look great it’s got a 13 megapixel rear view camera, as well as an 8 pixal front camera. The touchscreen has an innovative, wet touch technology that allows you to use the phone, even if your fingers are wet or the screen is wet and who said cats don’t like water? Not only does the touchscreen have innovative wet touch technology, but you can also use it while wearing gloves, which makes it a great smartphone for a construction worker, a farmer or for people whose hands get cold. Another reason why I like this phone, so much is the battery life there’s, a four thousand milliamp per hour battery, which allows the phone to last for days on a single charge, great for those who work long shifts or in remote locations, and the ultra bright screen Is grateful when you’re trying to read your phone in direct sunlight, but audio is great and loud enough for those who may work in noisy environments? Speaking of noisy environments, one of my favorite features about this phone. Is the FM radio take off the rubber flap for the headphone jack plug that in the app comes standard on the phone allows you to seek through your favorite radio stations? So you can really jam out the comic Music along with that app. I also enjoyed toggling with the buttons on the side which you can dedicate for specific functions like the side orange button program to bring up my app toolbox, which includes golfing apps fishing apps, you name it.

I would highly recommend this phone due to its rugged durability and it’s camera features. The underwater camera feature is amazing. You’Ve got to try this one out it’s available at Cellcom. You can stop by a retail store near you to pick it up. Tell us what you think about the rugged. Smartphone drop some comments below make sure to answer those don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more product reviews and tips from Cellcom.