While filming you move, you focus on the action and the camera stays Rocksteady in position. No more shaky unprofessional footage like this. Instead, almost butter smooth recordings like this, hey, you guys what’s up it’s me again, Tom from TTT Tom’s tech time, welcome to a new episode. Today I want to introduce the brand new DJI Osmo mobile 3, and I want to take a closer look at it because actually I’m quite critical, with smartphone stabilizers, because I’m, an old school guy I like to use bigger cameras and all that stuff. So never the last let’s take a look. Wow. A bird almost hit my tripod over there that’s right now, we’ll take a closer look at the device. A product link can be found in the description below the video let’s get started. The hardware of the new Osmo mobile 3 has gotten a proper makeover. It is DJ eyes, first foldable smartphone gimbal, making it easy to transport and bring it everywhere. Building it up, takes and here’s the proof. A single second. Only now all you’ve got to do is slide in the smartphone and push it a bit to the right or left until the phone doesn’t fall to one of the sides anymore. No more screws, no more complicated and time consuming balancing procedures. Let’S make this quick. The level of stabilization the gimbal provides is excellent. I must admit that I did not expect anything else, as DJI has many years of experience and is what I call the mercies of the gimbal manufacturers.

Everything below excellent would have been a disappointment Music, while other gimble’s usually block both the charging port, and if your phone still has that the headphone jack you won’t have that trouble anymore. When using the Osmo mobile 3, you can at all times plug in your headphones or a charging cable sounds silly. It is not the DJI Osmo mobile 3 comes with a built in USB output, so you can comfortably connect a cable and charge your phone on the goal, even while recording the game builds inbuilt battery safely. Brings you through a full day of filming. I didn’t have any problems with that and recharging it through the USB C port works. Surprisingly fast, the Osmo mobile 3 has a comfortable grip and, in general, feels valuable, even though it is made out of plastic without the need of rebalancing. Users can switch the phone’s position from the standard horizontal to an Instagram like vertical position, to entertain the audience and create pro looking stories and live streams. That’S. Definitely a huge advantage and a big step for all Instagram lovers and users out there on the front users find the control panel. It features a power and a mode switch 3 battery and a status’ LED a record button for wireless control of the smartphone’s camera. So you don’t have to tap on your screen anymore and a joystick to move around and control the smart phones move only with your thumb on the back of the handle.

Dji installed a new trigger button that accomplishes multiple tasks and on the side, a zoom switch. The zoom switch gave me a headache, though it works flawlessly no doubt, but the app does not seem to notice that, for example, my smartphone has an integrated tella lens, instead of making use of it and getting crisp and clear shots, even when being zoomed in the App just crops into the white angled footage and therefore causes a hell of a quality loss, not smart, and I hope that DJI fixes that problem with the next update Music modes like motion let’s. Let you capture unique perspectives. Easily, using a gimbal can be problematic for people who really don’t care about the camera, who don’t care about how to you know, get the best shots done themselves. They just want to walk around, they want to point out things, they want to move and they want to be very flexible on the go and you can see it. The problem is that I am never having a good composition. I’M. Never staying like in the center of the composition, but that is very easy to fix with active Trek. I took it to the test and it’s working phenomenal DJI actually has quite a lot of experience with that. They have this active track mode already. On many other devices like other gimbals and drones and so on, but we can quickly take it to the test and it works like this.

You take your finger, put it on the screen and just draw a box around the object that you want to keep in the center of the composition. Then a little green box appears, and now, if I lean over here, if I lean over there, if I go down a bit, if I jump up it up, you can see that automatically and I’m not doing anything the phone slashed. The awesome mobile 3 now keeps my face in the center of the composition, which is really cool I’m, not walking around really not paying any attention to what the awesome about 3 is filming. I’M, even moving my arm around a bit, and you can judge yourself how well the Osmo mobile 3 does so here, I’m moving it around now, I’m. Moving around my face a bit big news is the gesture mode that lets you control, gimbal and camera from a distance. It is a neat tool for filming yourself. Just show the camera a particular gesture, and the gimbal then starts to automatically track and shoot you it’s. A suite tool I wouldn’t want to miss what we learn. Firstly, gesture control works and, secondly, active track works too, even though I’m not quite sure how well it would work. If I would now be cruising by let’s say with a bicycle major down site off the gesture control is that it eats up the battery. So you only should enable it when you really need it, and the second downside is that there is no way to stop the recording.

So that means that I now have to go to my smartphone and turn it off somehow and now it keeps on tracking me. Come on stop the auto editor creates neat clips that can be uploaded to social media right away and it works flawlessly, provided that you film in horizontal mode, not a single one of the install presets, as of today works with vertical videos. I could not even find a button that allowed me to manually rotate the videos, therefore, the clips that the app automatically created for me somehow looked a bit awkward Music Music thumbs down for forgetting about this but I’m. Sure that DJ is gon na come up with a fresh bundle of presets for vertical videos very soon, and then the thump is finally gon na point upwards again, because the auto editor in general is a really cool tool. The new DJI Osmo MOBA 3 is a pleasant update. It’S compact size and intuitive handling are big plus points just as the excellent level of stabilization. If you are into filming with your smartphone, then the Osmo mobile 3 will significantly enhance your recordings. The Zoom slider and the author editor both would look better. If DJ, I provided a revised version of the app but all in all again I’m happy with the new DJI Osmo Mobil 3. Now take a look at the current price by clicking on the product link.