I think funny word max. Payload is 280 grams. I believe this with the G stands for 280 grounds. Inception model via panty, 600 degree, rotation, it’s, a lot of rotation, the trigger button for sport mode and to recenter it. This visual, auto tracking motion, time lapse, panorama and zoom control. I think this is a pretty cool product here. Let’S get like a KT that’s, pretty cool carry travel case feels pretty durable. He’Ll quiet let’s see what you got. Okay, he comes with a charger. Thank You, JJ, okay, so let’s go ahead and read the instructions. It will be right back over you you. Basically, you just put your phone in here in the little cell phone holder, it’s pretty cool because it doesn’t matter what size your phone is. You know pretty big phone you’ll still fit in here, so basically pop it in like so slide it down to the base and your phone will kinda look, you have the power button and you have your mode button, and this one here is your zoom in and Out, but the only way you can use your zoom in and zoom out is, if you’re connected to the whole thing app itself that’s how that’s connected bluetooth. So you have four different modes here and you have the PF it’s pan, follow and that’s. When you touch the mode button once the little remote light up it let’s get this here off with you see a little bit better, so your mode light is going to blink once once you turn on I’m going to show you all this again.

Pan tilt follow. It’Ll blink twice to let you know you can see the little dots here and Al is all luck and that’s three times. If you tap the mode button three times to go to all lock and the AF is all follow. So all of the and I’m gon na show you each one: okay, alright, so let’s let’s see the down. You turn it on. So we can see how the gimbal adjust once you turn it on and bam boom, so the levels out and when you first turn it on it’s gon na automatically go to the first city right now, it’s a little bit slanted cuz he’s gon na go through The first inning, which is um, pay and follow so basically, okay, look at my password he’s gon na go to the first mode, which is paying father, basically it’s, just gon na follow Music. So if I go to pan tilt, follow you he’s two times and you see the button flash twice yes now twice so now it tilts go to all lock mode, so it’s basically live I’ll. Follow you have your joystick to look around you. Can it has a pretty good radius like comment subscribe, our Channel, and also you have this – this lock button here on the back, it’s, pretty cool we got to mention earlier. So ok, it goes in right here. Maybe you want to put a light and I think maybe it’s more like so maybe a few other attachments, my microphone microphone.

Ok, now we’re gon na go ahead and we’re gon na go ahead, go to the app and show you how the app works. So the app is it’s called hold him hold him gimbal there’s a list, so we have the I state a mobile plus there’s, the I state a multi. I study protein and the GX one classes. So we have the the mobile plus and you just hit connect search for the device connect to it and when it’s connected you’ll see the little blue light come on here, it’s daytime, so you may not be able to see it but there’s a little blue light In here letting you know, it’s going to end the app pops up and you have a few different options, features forever. So one now you can use your your your zoom in and out with the with the joystick, because without being connected to the app you can’t zoom in and out also you have these different modes here, so let’s go to let’s, say panoramic right. So if you want to do a panoramic 180, you go ahead and you click on it and the cameras gon na sit all by itself and it’s going to start painting. So we can see the picture here. So this is the 180 okay. I also does a 360 let’s get a sexy. Thank you, lista, clap. What what we’ll post it later? Music go back, yeah and everything there’s, not like a separate storage.

So everything that you say it goes automatically to your follicle and that’s that’s, pretty cool from having to switch back and forth yeah. So if I click this little smiley face here, mm hm it’s gon na follow J it’s gon na locate his face Music. If you moments later once it locks in on your face, it’ll take a picture. Okay, so that’s the picture mode, so it’ll follow her face. Like that’s a KitchenAid she smile, which she’s always smiling. I forgot her name: oh it’s, locked under the girl, paw Patrol. So, no matter where time when she stops she’s gon na take a picture so now it’s following Kate Marshall, that’s Marshall. I believe, and it’s gon na take the picture when he smiles and he’s always smiling so it’s taking the picture. Of course, we have the panoramic 360 mode as well it’s just going to take the full picture, like the 180 we saw it stated, will be all the way in a complete circle. You want to do that. One yeah, so we’re gon na put it in 360. Music, Music, in addition to the microphone and light adjustment attachment, you can put here, there’s a power pack to charge it there’s other power banks say: maybe you want to charge your phone, you can charge your phone right here on it and it gives a pretty good Charge and the charge on the gimbal itself lasts, pretty awesome, Tyler it’s, like 12 hours, that’s pretty cool, and it only takes maybe three or four hours to charge it so and and there’s multiple features inside them the app itself, and you can, you can kind of Play around with that we’re, not professionals or anything, but this is a very handy device to help there’s there’s the panoramic.

You can go to 180 degrees 360 degrees. Then you have your video mode, of course, and inside the video mode. There’S a there’s motion lapse. Time lapse you didn’t there’s the standard, long exposure and light trail modes. One more thing I want to tell you you can take pictures by using the power button right. So if you push the power button, once it’s going to take a picture – and I believe if you, if you push the power button twice, it starts a video, so let’s try that yeah and it starts to record and it’s. This thing is stable. I’M gon na. Do a little run and and show you guys that it’s going to keep it stable? Why are you running Music Music? I can zoom in on in here with this button here he spilled water on his shirt in the water, fountain he’s having a ball. I like it, I think overall, my favorite feature is that you can use it as a power bank and the what’s recognition is really good, so that works really well recognizes your face, says it doesn’t want to play activate it. You know we can’t get you can’t get him over here. Do it now so to activate it there’s a little smiley face here on the side right, so you hit the smiley face and then you tap on it on the smiley face anyway. Doesn’T it work on objects to follow the face spaces in object.

Let’S, try again Music, I mean fun at the park JJ, so you guys so overall we’ve been playing with the gimbal for about two weeks and we’re getting very familiar with it. Like I usually use a selfie stick, but since the gimbal is, you can definitely see the quality when we moving around. So yes, guys, that’s been our abuse of.