So, as you can see over here, as you can see, here are some of the specs. It says that it comes with the AMOLED screen. Now, yes, it comes with an omelette screen, but it’s a HD screen and it’s broken by Gorilla Glass and that, apart from the triple camera, we also have a 32 megapixel front facing camera and guys, as you can see, this is the review net and I got It before the launch – hence I don’t, know the exact pricing, but the price is there on this box for the 6 gigabyte. So let’s look at that and if you look over here for the 6 gigabyte RAM variant, it says that the pricing is seventeen thousand 499. So I frankly feel the pricing is slightly on the higher side constraint that we are just getting a hasty plus screen and there’s, also going to be a 4 gigabyte RAM variant when I get the official pricing. I’Ll add that in the description area, but anyway, so this is the 6 gigabyte RAM Berrian that comes with 128 gigabytes of storage and let’s open this up and have a look and, as you can see, we have, I think so, a case inside the typical rubbish Case that we are getting with most devices so it’s similar to that, and we also have a sim ejector tool. Yes, as you can see, this is pretty flexible, that you’re getting I’ll just keep that to the side.

For now – and this is the me a3 itself – and we have this in this blue color – in fact I would say the colour looks nice let’s just take this out and again it has that gradient. If you can see, if you just move around it plays around with the light, so it definitely feels nice, and this is also glass guys. Xiaomi claims. This is not polycarbonate and even the front facing is a good at last 5. So let’s just take this out. Let me do one thing before we look at this device: let’s see what else do we get in the box? We getting a USB type c cable with this one, as you can see – and this is supposed to be a 10 watt standard, Xiaomi charger that we have seen earlier also. But this device does support 18 what fast charging, but you have to buy that fast charger separately, so that’s what we get in the box. So let me keep that to the side, so guys let’s, look at the handset itself. So, as you can see, this is the handset and on the top we have a 3.5 mm headphone jack and we do have IR blaster on this one, so that’s, actually nice, and on this end we have the volume, rockers and power onoff button, again good quality. I don’t see any verbal on this but looks like the buttons aren’t made up of plastic anyway.

Some bottom will be the vent for the speaker, USB type c port, and on this end the SIM tray so let’s open up the center let’s. Just take this to out am let’s, have a look at the central and let’s just pop this out. I believe this time they have getting a hybrid slot. So yes, indeed a hybrid slot, which is an improvement from the me a 2 there. We don’t have any what do you say with micro SD card slot, so this is what we get and back obviously we have the triple camera setup. The main camera is a 48 megapixel. Then we also have a wide angle lens and the third is it to make a pixel for depth. So this is how it looks about again it’s sort of a fingerprint magnet, as you can see so best to use it with the case and, if you put it in the case, this is how it is going to look. So let me do one thing like guys: let me just power this on and by the time it actually boots up, and I set it up. Let me give you a configuration overview. This VA 3 is having a 6.0 8 inch. Super AMOLED, HD plus screen at spread by Borla glass, 5 it’s part by the snapdragon 665 SOC, and it has the audrina 16 GPU it comes with 4 or 6 gigabytes of RAM and storage will be 64 or 128 gigabytes.

It also has IR blaster. 3 5 mm headphone jack moving to the camera. It has a triple camera setup, the main camera as a 48 megapixel, then we also have an 8 megapixel for wide angle lens and lastly, a 2 megapixel for depth. Moving to the front facing camera is a 3 2 megapixel and it has a 4030 mini, AMPA bat and guys I’ve just finished setting up this device and as this is an Android one device, its stock Android experience that you would get and I’m happy to say That no extra, bloatware or unnecessary apps are there on this one. So that’s, actually a nice thing, as you can see: Google specific, apps and it’s just sending it up as of now and if we go over here and if we go to about the phone and if we go to what do you say, it’s running on android 9, as you can see, June update might get the new update, I’ve just set it up and again as an Android 1 device. So you won’t have a problem regarding Android updates. It’Ll get the Android updates quickly, and another thing that I noticed is that this is having that 6.0 8 inches screen, so hence it’s, actually very compact and easily fits in your single hand, as you can see, and for fingerprint scanner. It has this in display fingerprint scanner. As you can see, it also has face unlocking, but I wouldn’t restrict that much.

I would say so. You have to use this in display fingerprint scanner and as of now I would say it’s fairly quick. As you can see, you can tap like this and it’s actually unlocking. I noticed that the AMOLED screen is slightly over saturating. The colors again I’ll have to test that quite a bit, but again the viewing angles will be really good, but this is not a full HD Plus display. This is a 720p HD Plus display that they are using on this smartphone, and this is the higher end of variant. So let’s look at the storage and all of that hundred twenty eight gigabytes looks like about 113 gigabytes of space is what will be available to you, so that is regarding the storage, obviously, on the 64 GB a to be a half of that anyways. If we just go over here, as you can see, it’s the typical, what is the Android one stock Android experience, so you just swipe like this above for your multitasking tray like this, and it has this Google specific apps. I would say I like the fact that they have now kept this 3.5 mm headphone jack. That was slowly missing on the BA 2, but they should have given Full HD plus screen. Also now let’s look at the camera, because that is again supposed to be an improvement. 48 megapixel Sony sensor is the main one that we are having and heat. Megapixel is the wide and 2 megapixel is the depth.

So let’s look at the camera and here we have it and, as you can see, we have this interface. So this is the regular mode and if you go down over here like this, I think they should have given an easier option here. But as you can see, go into the portrait, so you have to toggle like this. It goes to the 2x and again, if you press over here these dots, then you get to the wide angle lens. I hope they make it easier, very a small area, but again and as you can see, you can toggle between them to move between the wide angle, a regular and the zoom, and you also have the portrait mode on this one. As you can see, I’ll show you some sample shots, but let’s. Also, look at the front facing camera on this, and the front facing also has the depth, and this is the regular more and let me do one thing guys: let me actually shoot some samples so that you have a better idea regarding the camera, so these samples Were shot with the rear facing camera of the me a3 and, as you can see, it does a good job. I also like the fact that it has that wide angle lens, as you can see, and also in general shots the contrast level etc were very good. As you can see, with the sample shots that we have far taken and now moving to what he says, semi indoor conditions, also here also, I felt it did actually a good job.

This was taken and completely artificial lighting and for human subjects. Also, as you can see, it is doing a pretty good job and again these were taken in the wide angle lens, as you can see, and these were now taken in the portrait mode and I feel even in the portrait mode, it actually did a very good Job, in my opinion and some of the indoor shots – and here also, I was surprised that it did very good even in indoor, artificial lighting, and this was with the portrait mode enable now these were taken with the front facing camera and the Eagle taken in the Normal mode and as you can see, it has ample sharpness, and these were taken with the portrait mode. The portrait mode is a little bit aggressive, but again still as you can see, it does a good job so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this me a three and guys I’m. You take this video before the launch, so I don’t know the exact pricing but it’ll be interesting to see how xiaomi price it, but if the prices are very highly like what we saw in the box, so I feel it can be slightly overpriced because the real Me 5 is having this name as snapdragon 665 SOC that was launched yesterday, so it’ll be interesting to see how xiaomi prices this one will be available in two variants for gigabyte and this six came by to ram variant.

So what do you guys think about this me? A three do, let me know in the comment section below anyways guys, that’s it for now thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button.