So in this video I’m also going to talk about the 3d features before we do that let’s talk about specifications, okay, so the rocket Pro 3d has a 5.9 touchscreen has 64 gigabytes of storage. You can put up to a 256 gigabyte micro SD card inside of there, and if you open the SIM card tray, you can actually put two SIM cards if you don’t want to put a micro SD card there. So if you want to have two different phone numbers on one phone, you can do it with this one. The rocket Pro 3d is unlocked, so you can use any carrier that you want. It has a fingerprint sensor on the back 4G LTE, so it makes sense that with a 3d display you have a 3d camera, and that is what the dual camera setup on. The back is for we’re gon na talk more about that later, on, watching 3d content on the smartphone it’s very similar to the VDS there’s no glasses, but the one difference between this phone and at videos is that there is no depth slider. So if the image looks a little bit blurred to you, you got to move it just a little bit and once you get at the right angle, then you see the 3d and once you do it’s pretty impressive. Actually so, the first thing I did when I turned on this phone was open up the 3d gallery app inside of the app there’s a two minute, video it’s, pretty much the trailer and it really showcases how good the 3d is on this phone.

The problem is after you watch that video. Where else do you look at 3d content there’s, another app on this phone called rock flex 3d, and it allows you to download 3d movies for free and it’s, not pirating. Somebody’S movies and videos are actually exclusive to the rocket phone that actually has a decent amount of content to what you can see some documentaries, some music videos and if it some comedies, but to be honest, I spend most of my time looking at the documentaries. Those are pretty cool and those are nicely done, but I’m sure most people are gon na ask. Can i watch real 3d movies, like the 3d movies that are in the theaters, and the answer is yes, so I actually downloaded Aquaman and you can see it right now. It is playing in 3d and it looks amazing, but it wasn’t very easy to get this movie or it’s, not very easy to download these separate 3d movies and put it on your phone. You can also watch 2d videos on YouTube, but it’s actually kind of hard to search for 3d videos and even when you find a good video in 3d, the quality is not that great. Now, let’s move on from talking about 3d videos and 2d movies. To talking about the 3d camera there’s two cameras on the back, and that allows you to take 3d pictures and 3d video and it actually works. So if you ever use it yes, you know.

They’Re, taking pictures in 3d is a little bit tricky because you want to get it in a certain angle so that you actually see the 3d effect and that’s the same thing with this phone. So not every single photo. You can see the 3d effect you got to do in a certain angle. You got to make sure you position it right. So just as a test, I took a picture of this flower and it looks amazing in 3d, it’s just really popping up the screen, but it’s a little bit discouraging because I can’t share this awesome 3d photo on social media unless I can put it to Jeff And then you can kind of see in 3d, but you get what I’m saying okay. So before I end this video, I wanted to talk about one last thing and that is bra ket games. It is a App Store for games that is exclusive to the rocket phone, but the problem is most of these games. They’Re, not that great – and you probably never heard of them before. One thing that I found funny was that in the top list, section there’s a category for Disney games and when you click on it, there’s nothing there. So I found out a little funny. Maybe they were working on adding new games, maybe they’re working on some new partnerships, but right now is not really much to see here. Ok, so that is it for my review on the rocket pretty smart phone.

It is available now and it is exclusive to Walmart. 2.