Today we have the vivo s1 in for a review. This smartphone is priced slightly higher than the viewers at one true, but it’s also stylish and available offline, but does it have the performance to back? It’S looks well we’re about to find out Music before we go ahead with the full review of the vivo s1. Be sure to subscribe to the guys is 360 YouTube channel and click that Bell icon, so that you are the first to know when we have a new video vivo has launched three variants of the s1 in India, 4gb of RAM and 128 GB of storage at 17 thousand nine hundred and ninety rupees six GB RAM with 64 GB of storage at 18 thousand nine hundred and ninety rupees and the top end one with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage at 19 thousand nine hundred and ninety rupees vivo smartphones are Usually sleek and well designed and the s1 is no exception. The vivo s1 sports, a six point. Three eight inch display with a tiny dew drop style, not at the top. The display has tiny bezels on the sides, but the bottom chain is comparatively thicker. Evo has opted for an AMOLED panel and the s 1 sports, an in display fingerprint scanner, the in display fingerprint scanner is quick to scan a finger and unlock the smartphone and rarely required. A second attempt face unlock isn’t, the most secure way of unlocking the smart phone, but it sure is very quick and convenient.

It has a laminate back with a striking diamond pattern design and a gradient color finish depending on how the light hits the back panel, the diamond patterns emerged which does look at sea. However, we are not a huge fan of the material. The back panel is made of primarily because it picks up minor, scratches very easily. Vivo has opted for a plastic same. That is rounded, which makes the s1 comfortable to hold in the hand. The back, however, does not need the frame seamlessly, and you can feel rough edges when holding the phone. Vivo has positioned the power button on the right, along with the volume button. They are all easy to reach. The s1 also has a dedicated Google assistant button. We were disappointed with the use of a micro USB port on the s1, considering that most other smartphones at this price point have moved to USB type c. The s1 is a dual SIM device and has two nano SIM slots, as well as a dedicated micro SD card slot. The s1 runs fun touch OS on top of Android 95, which is heavily customised. If you have used the vivo smartphone in the past, it won’t take long for you to find your way around the device. For starters, there is no app drawer and all app icons are lined up on the home screens. Fun touch has an iOS like command center, which needs a swipe up from bottom of the screen to access.

This is the exact opposite action compared to any other Android smartphone and could be annoying to some people. Vevo does install a fair amount of bloatware on the device and we saw Daley hunt, hello, faithful and several other apps pre installed. You can quickly remove all of these if you don’t want them. Thankfully, this phone does not have or notifications. Family vivo also has its own app store, called the V app store, which you can’t uninstall, the mediatek helio 365 SOC Parakh, the vos one does a good job and you won’t notice, lag or stutter during day to day tasks. The smartphone is quick to launch app and can run every app and game in the Google Play Store and we did not have to wait really long for an app to note. The vivo s1 also manages idle drains pretty well, which means that when the phone is idle, it does not lose a lot of its battery charge. Multitasking was quite easy. Considering we had the 6 GB RAM variant of the divides. The phone never really had to close apps running in the background. The AMOLED panel on the vivo s1 has got good viewing angles and is bright enough to be legible outdoors. However, the bottom firing speaker isn’t loud enough, falling short of making the vivo s1 a good device to consume content on Bob G mobile ran and the medium preset, with the graphics set to balance and the frame rate set to medium.

We played the game for 20 minutes. We she did cause the phone to get warm to the touch. We also noticed a 5 battery drop after gaming for that long. The vivo s1 delivers good battery life and we could go on for about a day and a half on a single charge. During this cycle, we ran all our benchmarks, took a couple of camera samples and had an active whatsapp account on the device in a HD video loop test, the smart phone managed to last for 16 hours and 38 minutes. We put the supplied charger to the test and it managed to charge the battery to 34 in 30 minutes and 65 in an arc. Vivo has opted for a triple camera setup on the s 1, consisting of a 16 megapixel primary sensor with an F 1 point. 7 into pocho and 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera with an F 2.2 aperture and a 2 megapixel depth sensor with an F 2.4 aperture at the front. This phone has a 32 megapixels led feature, though, with an F 2.0 aperture photos taken with the vivo s1. Were below average for a smartphone at this price point in daylight, the phone focused quickly, but we noticed the photos were underexposed. Details were acceptable and text at a distance was legible. The same scene was exposed better when using the ultra wide angle sensor. However, in this case, photos lose out on details. Close ups were good and the vivo s1 could lock focus quickly and get the exposure right.

Colors. However, weren’t all that accurate portrait mode offers different lighting effects, which you can choose from before, hitting the shutter button. The output had good edge detection. We will also offer a separate aperture mode which can be used to take bokeh shots while shooting portraits in this mode. We notice that the blur effect wasn’t applied consistently its detection wasn’t that good in this mode either low light. Camera performance was average, as the phone could not capture details very well, we did not find a night mode in the camera app and this could have helped. We were improved its low light camera performance, selfies had good detail. The vivo s1 tends to overexposed scenes, you can take portraits in selfie mode as well, and the phone did manage good edge detection. In our experience, however, these shots were also slightly overexposed. Video recording maxes out at 1080p for both the primary as well as the selfie camera. We found out that the Revo s1 lack video stabilization, which is a little surprising considering its price. Most smartphones at this price are capable of recording 4k and can stabilize 1080p footage. The s 1 is yet another smartphone from vivo raised under 20000 rupees. It has an eye catching design and a quick in display fingerprint scanner in terms of processor power. The vivo s1 is on par with smartphones powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, which can cost as little as ten thousand rupees, while the vivo s1 offers good battery life.

It’S camera performance failed to impress us for the asking price of nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety rupees. You have a lot more smart phones to choose from like the real me X and the Opel k3, or you can spend in that little extra and go in further ed McKay 20, and that was our review of the vivo s1.