By black view, model number is a 60 and it’s an Android smartphone device. It’S meant to be a budget price smartphone. So you can’t really expect much from this, but I’ll go through all the features that this product has ok now you can see that it has it and not, as you see, but a very nice one, he doesn’t really cover the whole screen. As you can see, the bone bins know covered by the budget. Price was not much to look forward to. He has a 6.1 inch screen: 1 gig ram and 16 gig room with a 5 man, pixel front camera and rear camera has a 5 megapixel and a 30 minute pixel rooted jewelry, a camera it has built in quad core processor, with Android 8.1 Co Edition booing. Also, and just to show you, you can also remove the back of this so I’m gon na remove the back, and I can just show you how it looks. Ok, so pull it off. You can see that this is how it looks. Ok, the battery itself is not removable. Ok! Well, you can see that it has a built in 4080 mAh battery capacity, so that’s a big amount, and you give you a long last day, usage time on the right side and on the left side it takes two nano Sims and also takes a micro SD Memory card as well and the micro SD memory card can be, you can pull up 228 gig, and it also has a nice everyday body curve as well.

Okay, now put that back on, you can give three different colors in your green black white, and you can see that the top it has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right side. He has two um volume up and down and the power button on the bottom. He has the micro USB charging port and at the back on the left corner is the speaker and he also has a flash buin. Okay, it comes with a silicon seafood and case because you already found a few search, the name up on online on your yet to find it because it’s not very known a smart phone. It also comes with user menu and micro, USB charging cable, and it also comes with a mains plug, also comes a screen protector on this already as well. Okay, so let me just never get through what kind of things he comes with. Okay, so skip that skip that for now I’m. Just wait for that to go through. There scared scared, okay and you can pour pattern paint password not now and if you go through there, just you have to read through that and accept it and then just have to wait for that to go through after that you’re into the main menu. Now now we have a nice M, what background wallpaper default wallpaper and the touch screen is very good as well I’m gon na go to this. Setting so saves is here and the saying is you got an air cannon internet? If you go to there, you go there Wi Fi, plus you got ta hop hotspots.

Also. You can also um share your hotspot airplane more at the right bottom ma’am. You forgot to connect the devices you can only you have bluetooth, you don’t really have NFC. Okay only fits like this, you call really pay via I’m. Google pay anything cloud that apps and notifications here and then, if you go to the battery, you can say that they ran a battery life. Is there and can do battery savers or press there? You go wallpaper sleep, I’m, more font, size, sound volume, vibration me go storage, so without downloading anything and literally stirring. This up it’s already used up 20 percent of your storage. You still have our 16 gig the remaining amount, okay, and also at the bottom, to press em, safe space. You go the jura, speed here and we get a security location. Now this has the Google Play protect, find my device security upgrade and the screen look. So it doesn’t really have and their face frickin recognition. I love, am budget price smartphones have that, but this one doesn’t have that this one doesn’t have the touch as well, so to unlock that way. So it doesn’t have a lot of features like that. So there are of all smartphone within the pricing of sixty to eighty pound, new technology. That has all those features, so you can still breath forever, smartphone and, if I’m, probably fine better once but other than that is decent. You know you using smartphone lacks a lot of features, but you know it does the job before just looking for a smartphone.

They can download few apps and use it okay other than that there’s, not much to say, it’s a budget price decent. Looking smartphone comes with case and charging cable user manual and operates quite smooth that’s, because he’s tied up, okay would lack of sleep. You download a login and stuff because only has one gig RAM and 16gb ROM other than that. Thank you for watching my video.