First, this is not a drone, as you know, and it’s been a year since DJI a drone company released its last row and the second thing come on guys eleven days before launch you’re leaking everything. What are we supposed to do when we publish a video? Everybody already knows everything, so please think a little bit about that Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, hello, guys and welcome again to a new. We talk you in this video. This is alex with cable on the camera and please don’t miss understand what I just said in the beginning. This is the new DJI Osmo mobile 3. It is probably one of the best mobile phone phone smartphone game balls out there, if not the best and you’re gon na see it in this review. But there are some things that from time to time, we have to say the three most important things about this gimbal are first, the price I’ve been told 119 US dollars, which is pretty interesting because right now, as I am saying, there’s the justman well to a Surprised at 1′ us stars, so I don’t know what is happening with the older versions of the awesome mobile. That will be interesting to see. The second thing is: look at this Chivo, oh my god, but no it’s, not voice control is if you tap twice a button. Look at this I press twice and it goes into portrait mode, which is pretty awesome too, and the third thing, of course, is once you take off the phone look at this Evo.

Oh, my god, it is foldable and see how small it is. This is my hand. It is as big as my hand, so it will fit right into your bag without any problems Music by the way, the most innovative and groundbreaking things oz more well. 3 brings us is the my story, my pocket story mode and stay tuned until the end of the video, because we’re going to show you it’s through the DJI me Moab and it’s really fun. But is it really good with this size, the surprise and foldable? Are we sacrificing something let’s see some nice footage taken by the Neo Ozma Missouri, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music? We just discovered something new, as we were testing because that’s. What we here for testers and one of the shots that we did like a lot to do, was going down with the Kimball and then look at this. What happens and I can’t really go up the way this l shaped this new L shape. It makes actually the L shape that this motor doesn’t appear in front of your camera, but on the other hand, you can’t really go down. So what you have to do is just do like this, so it’s the new way to do these kind of shots. You have to go it’s a little bit, there’s, something you have to learn, which is nice and fun. But I hope that you, like I don’t, know if the tripod is included in the basic tag once you purchase it, because this is a sample.

But I have to tell you: this is the first of all, while that it’s not really straight when you put it down in the ground, as you can see, it is a little bit skewed. This would be straight and it won’t hold. So if you put it somewhere, it just will fall. So please do and get this, and this is very important. Music let’s talk a little bit about the product itself. As you know, in this channel we’ve been covering the automobile one and the two and we’ve done tons of comparisons. The most important year is DJ, has kept the simplicity of a product. It has just two buttons and a joystick which is pretty pretty important functions of the buttons are pretty simple. You have start stop recording same button for taking pictures if you’re in photo mode the M button, which is not only for turning it on. But if you turn it, you press it twice. It will turn your phone into portrait mode and you put it back again and there’s also a zoom button which nobody ever used and, of course they maintain the trigger which were in love with by pressing one. You go into the full lock mode by pressing it twice. You recenter the phone. Finally, you charge the Osmo well in about 2.5 hours via USB fee, and you have this nice, a USB port, a right here in order to charge your phone while you are using it, which is pretty awesome, because the Osment well too did not have it and Others did Alex whether you think about the newest Momo by three.

Deborah is pretty good and I’m pretty happy with it yeah. I love it Music, sponsored by as an I were, the best son Randall. Please one of the great things we just discovered Timo. Can you please make the victory sign, look at this, it tracks automatically and oh my god, it starts recording now TiVo move please, as you could see, the tracking works pretty good, even with some stuff in between the object, in this case Tebow and the camera, because It has a new enhanced tracking, which is superior to its predecessor. The optimal let’s go, and I can confirm it works really good, and this is true. So what just happened was that I activated the gesture control inside the app and TiVo just made this, because I thought you know when the DJ is part. When you did this. Everything, like the gesture controls, work this way, so it started first tracking TiVo and then recording and it’s pretty pretty awesome. As you could see, you can switch actually from video to photo just by pressing the M button once and you can that button assigned to any other option. But this is probably the one girl they use and for sure and it’s when Shiva did the victory or it just put his hand like that it’s tracked it’s, centered TiVo and then it took the picture when you’re in photo mode or it started, recording when you’re In video mode, apart from that, we’re not sure if there are more gesture controls, we don’t have the manual right now, so we don’t know but I’m pretty sure in the future, or once this releases there are, there will be more gesture controls.

So, apart from that inside the app you’ll find interesting to change the modes between follow tilt, ocular, three, three basic and simple modes, you can change the zoom speed and the control stick, speed, fast, slow and medium and there’s. Nothing really else now let’s get. Finally, to the my stories, which I’m pretty excited and it’s something very new, and you have to know nowadays in YouTube – there are tons of nice filmmakers such as Sam Cole or Peter McKeon, and Dave Mays, John Deere, Bao and transitions are really the hype right now. So TJ, I thought: okay let’s put this into the awesome over three and actually let’s get to my screen and now, as you can see, if you go all the way up to a story, you’ll see that there are tons of templates well, actually not hums, but Five or six, eight ten, ten templates with different topics and once you hit the start, you’ll see the four different parts that you’ll be recording and the awesome mobile three will record them for you. They will do the movements with the gimbal and they will edit a video for you so that once you’re finished, recording you have a nice video with nice transition and now that side with chivos, awesome and handsome face movie started space free fly through the skies and Better sample Music – and this has been the review of the newest mobile 3 – I have to say stabilizing – it is probably one of the best or the best gimbal for your smartphone out there.

So we didn’t really have a problem and it’s. You have seen the footage for now, and you know that it was pretty awesome. Stabilized no wob stabilizers are used on that footage. So keep calm please. Apart from that, we always love from DJI the simplicity, a couple of buttons. No really big deal easy to use easy to set up. You have two calibration if you’re also about three is not calibrated, but trust me, it will be calibrated, so you won’t be using it that much and that’s pretty much it the nice stories at the end of the video you can learn with them. You can do them, we won’t be using them ever, but you know for starters in the world of filmmaking. It will help you quite a lot and the l shape has been great, and apart from that, it is also good that. Finally, the smaller three is using the DJI memo app, which means that all the ausma products there’s no pocket the Osmo action and they are small. Well now you will be using them through the DJI memo app and not pitch. I go one PGI go for and all that chaos that you don’t really know what is happening, and apart from that thanks to Berlin for leaving and giving us the scooter for this video and pretty much it. It is a good choice for you. It has to be top at least top three of your priorities when buying a new foam gimbal.

It is easy and it works good. Nothing really else to say there are some comparisons coming that we are filming in the next days. So if you have any doubts or comments, please leave them down there. We will be answering them if the thumb for tebow hand is awesome at it and nothing with us to say all remember, to keep calm and talk.