My name is Tosh Tony and welcome to my channel today, we’re gon na be reviewing the on selfie lamp with smartphone holder. First, we renewed the review, then we’ll move on to the unboxing and we’ll finish off with lighting test. So if you want to see the unboxing or the lighting test for this product keep watching otherwise, as far as the recommendations do, I recommend it yeah I do it’s a pretty simple product. It can hold your smartphone as a small ring light that plugs in by a USB power. So really, this is nothing not too light, it’s cheap. I got it for less than 10 at Walmart and honestly, if you’re looking for a simple way to light up your video content without having to spend 50 to 100 dollars. This is a great way to do it. Am I gon na recommend this for a studio, setup or professionals? Probably not. This is definitely made for a beginner content creator, but for those of us who need some lighting on a budget, this is a great option. So if you see this, if you look at the rest of the video and decide that you like the lighting test that I have on, if you decide that it’s something you’re interested in, I definitely would try to check it out at Walmart for less than ten Dollars: it’s a bargain, okay, so let’s move on to the unboxing Music, Music. Okay! So now that we’ve unboxed they probably let’s, talk a little bit more about it.

The ring light actually has two sets of LED light strips inside of it. One is colored blue or cooler temperature, and one is more of a warmer orange tint right now. The light is on a blend mode, we’re in a room completely dark with no outside lighting we’re gon na test out how good this light actually is. Now this is the brightest setting on the light right now, we’re gon na turn. It all the way down to see what it looks like in a completely dark room and yeah that’s dark, but you can still tell most of my features make out what it look like. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to record like this, but just in case you were a really dark room. You have some options here. You can move the light around. If you want different, looks for your lighting rather have it more of a top light or perhaps something that’s more on the side, it’s very, very harsh light. You can tell the strong shadows on my nose, but honestly I don’t know I look at. It is it’s not too hard a little bit selfish here on the edges, but as far as the lighting and color modes, we have three modes right now, we’re in blend. This is cool, and this is warm it’s. Pretty simple, warm obviously, is gon na give you that nice orange glow, while cool may match some of your other lighting. For example, my soft boxes are more of a cooler lighting, but otherwise you have options blend.

Is the brightest I’ll keep it on blend? Now now we’re gon na turn on one light and see how it performs in just a semi lit room so now we’re in a semi lit room. I have one light right next to me, that’s pretty giving me a good bit of light on my side. Obviously, I’m darker here so I’ll have my stuffy lamp on this side. It’S gon na hopefully help fill in that light. On my right hand, side and let’s try it out on the blend mode. This is the lowest intensity and, as you’re bringing back, I can see it’s matching the light on the left hand side, however, it’s not matching the color. So if we change to a cool mode matches a little bit better, not quite as bright, but at least we are getting a little bit of fill and it’s, not quite as dark as if it was off fur. Go to warm that orange hue comes out quite well. You can definitely tell I have a light on me and the nice little highlight as well it’s. What I really like about this, that it gives you that eye light and if you’re a movie, nerd or film student you know, highlights help in kind of creating a life in the character or the person on screen. Okay, so that’s one light now: we’re gon na try three lights and really brighten this room up so now. This is our lighting test.

With our three lights to softbox is pointing my general direction and one bouncing off the wall. Let’S go ahead and turn on our selfie lamp. We are on the cool setting, I believe, at the highest intensity yeah, because the temperature is matching because of the color temperature and say is matching our softboxes you’re, not gon na see a lot of difference, but it is filling in the light on my face and A little bit and behind me as well let’s see back there actually yep. So it is effective if we hit it once more believer and get the warm yeah that’s. The warm setting nice orange glow on my face on the right hand, side and then, if we go to the blend, this will be the brightest setting. Now this is too bright, for you can go down an intensity, but if you go all the way down it’s basically off I mean this is low intensity and that’s off there’s, really no difference here. So, honestly, if you have this much light in your room, play between the brightest to middle settings and try to match the colors around you, if you want to go for a different look, if you want to get more of a warm glow or a cooler glow On either side of your face – or perhaps you want to complement different colors – you can the light right now. The light is at the different at the distance of the camera we can move around like so let’s see if we can do it here without messing up.

My actual camera, too bad, so now the light is basically right. In my forehead, pointing down. You can see the orange spot on top of my head that I’ll turn it back on, want a little more natural look. We can go to the blend and turn it down a bit we’re trying to Anil innate some of those shadows. If you want to go creepy and go back under there were the shadows underneath your head, but this is not very natural, it’s an option you have with this. While the arm isn’t super flexible, it is able to give you a little bit of leeway with how you want your lights set up, so you can see it here depending on your angles and a clamp while functional. It seems a sturdiest thing around. I will say one of the downfalls and this kind of system is that if you are recording while adjusting your light, it’s gon na be very awkward, for example, let’s say I want to move this light out of frame a little bit higher up. As I move the light, the camera shifts as well and if I just the camera on all the lights and frames let’s, I just light it again and the camera moves it’s kind of obvious. I mean they are both attached to the the clamp, but it is something to keep an eye on and something to think of as you’re recording. So that was the lighting test, as you can tell, it works well in pretty much any lighting environment.

As for the construction and putting it together, that’s also really simple as well. You just snap on the phone holder, secure it into place and you’re good to go on the downside. There is no built in power or battery for this device. However, you could use a portable phone charger to power this and have it with you on the go. It works just like normal, but depending on your phone banks capacity, your mileage may vary, and so that is it for the on selfie lamp, with smart phone holder. Once again, a fantastic device for its budget range for anyone, who’s looking to get their foot in the game who wants some way to hold their phone and in there as well. This is a fantastic choice and I would highly recommend it for anyone alright, so that is it for the video. Thank you so much for watching. My name is two touch Tony. If you like, this video, give it a like, if you didn’t, like this video don’t, give it a like comment below if you want to see any different products being reviewed, otherwise have a great rest of your day. I love you all.