Video Hi Rose here of video marketing for beginners Philippines, helping you to grow. Your business and brand with online video on this channel, we are going to talk about YouTube strategy and YouTube equipment like this one. So if this is your first time here, consider subscribing and now let’s go into the video one of my favorite smartphone stabilizer is the ulanzi? U rig! So if you are looking for the links of this equipment of this video equipment, you can check on the description below so the things that I like this ulanzi. U rig is that it have three cold shoe this one, one two and three and then another tripod thread that you can use for other purposes and then this one where you can put on … or to be mounted to a tripod. So the first thing that we’re going to do, if you have a tripod, is to mount this ulanzi? U rig to your tripod, or you can also use this one. Even if you don’t have a tripod, you can still use this by handheld stabilizer or you can put just like this one. Ok! So right now, since I have a stand here, we’re going to use the stand., All you need to do is to mount it and make sure that the ulanzi – u rig match with the screw of the stand, because there are some times that they do not match. Rotate, the: u rig until being tight here, you go.

This is how it looks like, and another thing is that it also has a it, has an adjustable lock at the back where you can loosen and tighten the lock. Once you put your smartphone by the way you will put the smartphone here at the center, so you need to loosen the lock first, if you’re going to unlocked it, make sure to rotate the lock moderately, because the lock handle is removable from the screw. that’s. One of the disadvantaged, because if we unlocked it without precaution, the lock handle will be removed without our notice so better to rotate the lock handle moderately and then put your smartphone here. You need to pull up the smartphone clamp using the lock handle at the back.. All right, don’t forget to tighten the lock at the back of the rig to grips your smartphone and won’t fall down once you are going to move anywhere with your stabilizer, its looks good. Right and in case you have another accessories like this one, a LED light. So you can put it on your ulanzi. U rig make sure that once you are going to buy, there should be a lock and a hot shoe because you’re going to mount it to the ulanzi. U rig cold mount shoe if you have a Boya Mic like this one mount it to the ulanzi. U rig to complete our accessories, My tip for you! If you’re going to buy online, make sure that it comes with the .

.. hot shoe, lock it properly so that it won’t fall down once your moving around all right. This is now your simple YouTube set up for your YouTube videos or for your vlogs. If you are looking for the links of these YouTube equipment, just check in the description below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, because we still have a lot to talk with about YouTube equipment so that you can create a good quality content for your business. And brand or if you are going to build your influence, impact and income with online videos, make sure to subscribe. Alright question of the day what smartphone stabilizer you are using on your YouTube videos, let me know by leaving a comment below and if you get value from this video don’t, forget to smash that like button and subscribe to my youtube channel for more youtube equipment reviews. You can check on this video again.