Xperia one I’ve been using this phone as my personal daily driver for about five months, and these are actually my verdict on the phone itself and I personally think people are really missing out on a really good video graph before and that’s what these so names Bo. One is all about and why exactly we’re going to talk about that in this video and you’re, watching The Adventures of esperance let’s begin now. This video is not gon na. Be me talking about the specification or how great the performance, ins and whatnot, because to be taught that one you can read our full review to know more and honestly, even if I were to talk about the Xperia 1 it’s not gon na, be because of the Specification it’s because of what capability it Falls and what kind of future it sets for a really really great smartphone. With that said, I’m gon na talk about these two things that I really love other than pretty much everything that I love about the phone and the first thing is obviously it’s going to be the display on the frame. You’Ll notice a really interesting aspect: ratio and it’s, a 21 by 9 aspect ratio, cinema, widescreen and if you know, cinema wide aspect ratio, you know it’s a wider screen ratio from the 16 by 9. That gives you a much more in depth of a feel when you’re watching a movie say, for instance, even when you go to the theater that’s, the kind of screen that you’re watching you know, and they manage to put that in a very small form factor.

That is your smart phone and experience on a 21 by 9 aspect. Ratio is amazing because I’m, a huge fan of the only 1 by 9 aspect ratio and you have like dreams of making my own a lot of mini indie films, kind of thing. But with that said, the phone precedes a lot of capability under the hood and the display is amazing and it just doesn’t end that the display is also a 4k HDR of all that panel. So you are getting a fascinating color experience and also fascinating user experience. Overall and you might be wondering isn’t, the 21 by 9 aspect ratio a little too long for a smartphone. Well, it is but it’s a very practical approach with more and more smartphones out there going completely curved or literally ditching the whole bezels for more display. So into this model approach here and I got ta – give them credit where credit is due: they bruh they ended up retaining the bezel on the top and the bottom of the fourth and kept the display any 21 by 9 aspect ratio by making it longer. So in that case, you can so hold your phone in one hand, and you can still do one hand operation and the reach ability is fantastic, unlike other ones, I’ve used in the past or reviewed in the past. Reach ability is a pain in the head and trust me it’s, something that you don’t really want to go through, and this one made it a whole lot easier and reaching up to the top it’s, not a big of a deal, because you can always enable gestures.

Like this one – and you can use them to turn down the notification toggle, which is fantastic and also on top of that, they have included, features like the sight sense where it allows you to launch a dedicated drawbar like this one, and let you use in a Mini screen, you can do 100 more. That is, you can even toggle the notification you can use multi window, which is an amazing experience on a 20 Patricia when you’re doing a multi window on this phone. It feels a lot nicer, unlikely, 16 by 9 or 18 by 9 phone, where the ratio can be a little uneven and the keyboard might take too much of your space. I was able to actually launch a press release on the top and my office were at the bottom good enough space for my keyboard to type and do a lot of things, and this is pretty much the only device. I was using it at certain events. To do my press releases right live so that I can actually cognition onto my site to do the article. The phone display in general gets only better and better from here on with support for up to 100 percent of dcpip in color gamut, and also has the capability to reproduce bt 22. Any color production. This display is fantastic, even in fact, if you are planning to watch netflix on this one, it actually enables this create a kind of mode where it gives you the exact color.

What the producer or the producer of the show, wanted to watch or won t show watched the way it was meant to be so that’s, something that you can do with this, and it has been a feature on accurate TV with Sony in the past, which is Called the creator own in built right into Netflix, but this time they have their own profile built right into the phone and it makes the whole experience a lot. So that’s all. I have to say about the display M it’s, a fantastic display to work with now. Let’S start with the second one, which is the camera and I’m, not talking about the camera, app that’s baked right into it. I’M. Talking about this baby right here, this cinema, so let’s talk a bit more on the setup itself. So Sony has opted in for a triple 12 megapixel sensor, which is completely fine even into this is a standard, and if you were to ask me, I am fine with the 12 megapixel camera instead of before the eight or something that’s way beyond and processing its Gon na be truly a yes, but other than that, the camera setup you it just works just fine and it’s a very practical approach. So you get a ultra wide angle or white handle ANATEL for a sensor which makes the whole life easier. So you can you don’t have to choose between if you want in telephoto or if you want to get pretty much the best of both worlds, and that aside, the cameras, take good pictures and the default app really does require a lot of work but I’m.

Not even talking about the pictures right here, I want to talk about the video, because the cinema Pro app is a very interesting approach to the whole smartphone from Sony themselves. Now let me give a little bit of history on smartphone cameras and how I sometimes shoot my video and, as some of you have seen me before at events, you might notice me using a gimbal and a smartphone with an app which is popularly known as a Filmic Pro now fully pro has been the pro tool for video for the longest period of time. I can remember, and it actually offers the manual control for a lot of cameras, now Sony released a very own simapro app, which is proprietary to these phony smartphones. Sadly, but I’m, fine with that – and I can see why they did that for a very few good reasons which I’m going to talk about that later and they have included with the Sony Xperia 1 and D 5 and it’s exclusive to these two phones – I’m. Not too sure about the other phones, but if you want to experience the cinema Pro, you can only experience with this and the other one. With that set the moment, you launch the Advocate plethora of settings. You can even set up a project folder where you want to shoot certain videos and put it inside older, making life a lot more easier to categorize files and also, at the same time you get control for ISO.

You get your exposure time and you can even do your point. Eight point two focal lens, which is a three an interesting feature to have, and with that said there are so many features, including a very interesting one. Hlg ctrl G is something that you don’t get to see on a smartphone every day and it’s really hard to come by, and even if you come by one it’s, not that perfect. This one has a proper hydrology and we’re talking about the capability to color, correct or apply the color profile that you want, and you love on the videos that you should order to. Anyone by 9 aspect ratio – and I was extremely excited to apply that my personal camera, which is a DSLR that I shoot all these videos was about to die and, in fact, it’s still dying and I’m really looking over to get a new camera. But this one saved me so many times so much at the point. Two to three of our videos were entirely shot on this one I’ll add the link to that in the link in the description below. So you can check those videos out, but with that said this one has the capability to do a lot of things way better than any other flagships that i’ve ever used in my whole life and thanks to the partnership in bringing their whole sitting outside experience over Here you get the fantasy as profile on the phone itself, so which means you do get to experience a little bit of how a pro video crafter or a pro cinematography works on a smartphone.

That is exactly what sony is trying to do here and sony. Did it really well? Because if i were to tell you this hero’s that i’m gon na show you right now was shot on a smartphone, you will be shocked on how capable this smartphone is. You can enable your stabilization on any of those lenses. You can carry pretty much all three lens in the pocket and be able to shoot whichever video that you want and everything in it 21 by 9 aspect ratio to give the best cinematic experience possible. I am done for this phone to be in my pocket for the rest of media, because this is a smart phone that I am willing to use as my daily driver for the longest beard I can, but sadly I can’t do that and I have to return The phone, but who knows maybe I might purchase one or wait for the experience too, and speaking of that, should you pick up the Xperia one, even though the one month two is around the corner, I think you should here’s what, if you really want to get Into a smart phone with a lot of potential in the camera Department, not for photography but for purely videography, the phone excels in that area. So much so to a point that I can think this phone is a potential. Smart want to be used for an indie film kind of setup and other than that. The phone does offer really good specification again, it’s, not written in 55, and the Snapdragon Series has been perfect that ever since 835, so I’m really not bothered with which flagship smartphones I’m getting and which processors in it and with 865, is going to be extremely expensive.

With those who fight a module and truth be told, we all know for a fact that IG is not gon na, be here anytime soon. If you were to pick up the Xperia 1 you’re gon na have an amazing time and we definitely recommend the phone inches of aspirin. Although I do have one comment for Sony, the Simon fingerprint really does need a lot of work to get fixed because sometimes it just does not recognize my fingerprint. So I hope that issue is fixed in the new, but other than that. I think I am holding what Sony can call themselves, something that they are strong at, and I really don’t want so need to let this down, because I’ll be so disappointed what a good time to live it, and I love this phone so much and I’m gon Na miss it a lot hey guys with uhm again, if you’re watching this video from other parts of the wall, we are not too sure if the phone is available in your country, but you can always check out with your local distributors and, if you’re in the America or the European countries, this phone is already available there for a really nice price tag, but you can always purchase it right now and with that said, the Sony Xperia 1 is also available for purchase here in Malaysia through Sony official source. So you can always head over there to get your very own Sony, Xperia 1, to get your Best Cinematography experience.

There is and that’s basically it before we end this video. We would like to thank Sony Malaysia for loading, this phone for the llamas and we’re eternally grateful for that, and we will give you guys more interesting content later down the line so that you get to experience it here at the adventures of Esper on what’s. To come, and if you like this on our facebook, follow us on twitter and instagram. That will be great because that’s, why i post all things tech created and if you haven’t, subscribe to our channel, already hit that Bell icon to get notification and hit that subscribe. Button so that you get to see every single tech media that we upload here for your pleasure that’s. Basically it thank you so much for watching this video. This is pretty I’m signing off.