1, 2 check. 1. 2. 5 seconds 3 seconds. Here we go: hey everybody what’s going on good afternoon. This is hashtag TT, jovi tech news that jerome ortega finds interesting good afternoon to people in the Midwest and on the East Coast good morning to people on the west coast and good morning, good afternoon and good evening to everyone else around the world. This is episode, something something I lost count because quarantine. No, I lost count because I just lost count and then this is day number something in quarantine, because I lost count of what day we are in quarantine anyway, guys welcome, how’s it going. We have some tech to go over today. We don’t have a ton of tech today, but uh we’ll try to go over anything that you guys might have in chat anything that you guys want to talk about as well and just whatever will cover the hour. So yeah let’s get started. Let me um. I see why 2019 with the high high. Why how’s it going nice to see you in here? As always – and I also see Paul Hendrickson here as well present – you have a present for me – Paul, oh you’re, presently here hi Paul how’s it going welcome to the street nice to have you check for your knees is here as well: hello, folks, hey tech for Your needs nice to see you again. Man welcome to the stream how’s it going happy what’s today today is Tuesday, happy Tuesday, everybody.

So today, again, we don’t have a ton of stuff, but I have a couple stories and we’ll see how this hour goes. If you guys want to talk about anything specific in chat, please let me know we can have a discussion. You guys can always engage with each other in chat as well. Tectonic is here as well. Yes, yes, tectonic how’s. It going welcome to the stream nice to see you nice to see ya. Alright let’s get started. Let’S talk about this red magic 5g. Do any of you. I don’t know how many of you are even looking for a phone like this. This is more of a gaming phone and it’s kind of held as such, from SlashGear red magic, 5g review more gamer now than phone. I don’t know many people, I don’t know many people. Actually I don’t know anybody. If I ask them if their phone is used primarily for gaming, I don’t think anybody would tell me that I don’t know if I have a lot of friends that just game on their phone more than anything else but it’s nice to see that there is a Specific niche niche niche one of the two that they make for people who might be interested in a gaming phone. I see a team variety. In my opinion. There you go that’s exactly you were reading, my no you were reading my mind timber. I hi Jerome, hey everyone, hey team variety, nice to see you man, glad you could make it and then Brian isn’t here to a gaming phone with good, specs, yeah and actually a pretty decent price.

I think from what I saw tech for your needs says Taco Tuesday. Today is I get to break my fast today and tacos sound, really good, although I don’t know if I’m gon na have tacos we’ll see all right so uh Brian Elsa says what up everyone? Whatever ayan welcome to the stream man’s eye nice to see you so let’s get into this article let’s talk about it, let’s maybe discuss things that we don’t know about this phone. I don’t know much about this phone, but there is a transparent version of this phone which looks pretty cool but we’ll get into that after I read through this review so uh, so the editors rating from SlashGear got an 8 out of 10, which is what what Phone did I talk about yesterday that got reviewed the the sony xperia 1 mark 2 from who reviewed that wired wired gave it an 8 of 10. This phone got an 8 of 10, which is actually really surprising because I would think for a gaming phone. It has a couple things that most people aren’t looking for and gets a lower score, but so it says here interesting additions, changes to Android hardware, switch launcher for game. Space remains unique. I have no idea what this is and I’d like to kind of read into that fan truly seems to keep phone from getting too hot. So for you guys that don’t know it. It has a cooling feature on it.

It has a live fan inside the phone. I think I saw mkbhd, I don’t know if he reviewed the phone or just kind of gave an overview. I think I watched part of it but it’s pretty cool to know that it has a fan in the phone. As somebody who has you know who builds pcs, that is, I don’t know it just seems like a cool feature that has been crossed over into the smartphone space anyway. Camera is decent, generally usable and I’m guessing that’s, probably its biggest hiccup. A decent stereo speaker system, decent stereo, speaker system cons, say, should include protective case by default, that’s kind of a weird con. For me, no wireless charging and price only makes sense after extensive use. Well, ok, I I I thought this was priced: cheaper, um! Well, anyway, let’s let’s, let’s read about it. So the gaming phone red magic 5g is effectively a collection of the most interesting gaming technology yet offered on a phone jammed in the body of a very optimistic handset. This device feels like it was made by a company that had the opportunity to take chances. Unlike other devices, I’d classify as niche niche niche, the red magic 5g includes features that I would not expect on a device. That’S priced this relatively low, so it’s weird that they’re already kind of knockin on the price. But then he has a statement here that says I would not expect on a device that’s priced this relatively low.

I just don’t know where he’s going with it. So the display – and I think this has a pretty good display from what I’ve read or what we’ve read in the past. So the display on this is the the the display on this device is very nice it’s rolling with a 144 Hertz image, refresh rate, which means it should be smoother than basically any other smartphone on earth. Today, I still haven’t, I saw haven’t had a chance to test the phone with a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate. Yet while I found the display to be too intense at first glance, screen display preferences were easy to locate in the phone settings and my preferred mode made. The display, color and intensity feel entirely on point screen. Display preferences allow the user to slide between cool natural and warm with plenty of stops between the extremes. This panel also allows the user to choose between normal mode, colourful mode and natural mode. So for someone like me, I would almost always pick natural mode. I don’t remember any time I have picked a display outside of anything than natural or basic or whatever, that specific setting is on the display. These options flip between DCI p3 for normal and colorful modes and srgb for natural mode and that’s, usually what I keep it on srgb. I was disappointed by the extreme curvature of the corners of the display panel. If you’re used to such extreme roundness of corners, you may not be bothered before my money I’d much rather err on the side of sharpness.

Is he talking about the curves like right here, instead of having it like a flat, rectangular coz? I would rather have that too this curved and I feel, like my corners – are being clipped for no good reason and yes, that’s, exactly how I feel I feel like you’re clipping the corners there. It would be like the monitor that I’m looking at right now if the monitors were curved instead of the it’s like you’re, taking a screen display away from me. I appreciated that the that the display was flat. So, thank God, the the display is flat and you know it doesn’t curve around the edges, especially since we’re here primarily to play games if I’m gon na be playing if I’m gon na be paying for a phone specifically because it’s made for games I’d really rather Not have the display running over the edge of the phone just because it makes the device feel more extravagant, and that is a fair point. In addition to 144 Hertz image refresh rate, this phone has 240 Hertz touch sensing aka, 240 240 Hertz touch refresh rate. That means it processes touch interaction with the display touch panel significantly more times per second than it does display individual image frames. This is an uncommon, but the high rate of touch sensing is rare and great. If you’re looking to have the best possible touch screen for mobile game interaction on the market today, I don’t – I don’t know if I’ve had anything with a display that that high end 144 Hertz refresh rate and a 240 Hertz 240 Hertz touch touch sensing wasn’t a Touch sample yeah there you go, it says here: the raagh phone ii had a 120 Hertz image, refresh rate and 240 240 hertz touch sample rate and the iPhone 11 pro has a 60 Hertz image, refresh rate with a hundred and twenty Hertz touch sample rate, and Then the s20 ultra has a potential 120 Hertz image, refresh rate with 240 Hertz touch sample rate yeah, so this one is the highest of the high.

I guess at this point with 144 Hertz image, refresh rate alright let’s continue on the red. Magic 5g has a very slippery backside. If you buy this phone, do yourself a favor and buy a case, or at least some sort of accessory that allows you to grip. It more than the phone itself allows the phone slipped out of my hand, at least a dozen times, it’s that slippery and off the counter ten tens of times down to a safe landing on carpet. Thankfully I don’t like carpet just the FYI I’m, not I’m, a hardwood floors guy. The buttons are pretty great for the very few. I only say that, because I think they’re gross and I think hardwood floors look awesome. All my apartments have been nothing but hardwood floors. We’Re completely going off topic I’m completely going off topic, so buttons are pretty great they’ve been relatively easy to get used to using at first then invaluable. I imagine I’d still rather have physical buttons to press down, but that’s likely, primarily because the only other buttons I use that are anything like these are otherwise physical. Much like most of the elements that make this phone unique or otherwise push it ahead of the rest of the pack. I don’t think I really need the buttons, but once I’ve had them in my life I can’t imagine going back so a rotating fan for cooling that’s, I don’t, know it’s just cool to have something different on a phone.

You know we’re used to seeing the same kind of I guess. Well I mean it still has the same shape right, but the fact that they’re, I don’t, know there’s just something different about. It is kind of appealing to me, which is also why I like I like different colors cuz. I just I don’t know I get tired of like the same shit all the time. So much like its predecessor, the red magic 5g, has its own cooling vents through which air can flow out of the out of the device. Thanks to an active rotating fan as we’re aware and can confirm things too intrepid, teardown professionals, this device has more than one trick up its sleeve for cooling. Okay, so on top of the main processor in the smartphone, is thermal foam covered with heat shields covered? In turn, by copper, thermal tape, I don’t think any other other. I don’t think any other company does anything relatively close to thermal foam, heat shields or copper thermal tape. I really don’t yeah. I I mean I don’t know maybe maybe I’m missing. You know maybe that’s a standard in other phones, but I seriously don’t think so and then there’s a black metal thermal channel, which runs through the phone from one end to the other, with air moved by the phone’s fan. Oh, I think that’s pretty cool this device remained cool throughout our review process, with the notable exception of the point at which we opted to keep the fan off while running some intense game streaming with Google stadia on the phone’s display at highest possible brightness and refresh Rate, so we know the fan works when we decide to use it, which is pretty cool there’s, a bright what’s there’s, a bright red switch on the side of the phone that activates, what red magic called game space huh, just as it was with this phone’s predecessor.

This switch and the space it reveals makes the phone feel like more than a phone, because the switch activates this space with games and the gaming phone feels like more than just a concept I’m still confused. How this works, the system’s advanced beyond what we saw with the red magic 3includes system, including systems like aiming assist that places a crosshair above your gaming, app on your screen and 40 shock. Unfortunately, the 40 element only works for a few games at the moment. Not quite as widespread as it was with the red magic, three again, I’m, not exactly sure what that gaming game space, just as it was with this phone’s predecessor, this switch and the space it reveals makes the phone, oh so like when you open that switch. It brings up this whole area here, oh that’s, what I’m guessing it’s doing right am i, if you guys know if, if I’m mistaken, please let me know if you’re looking to use this device wills connected to Wi Fi here in the USA, you’re gon na be In good shape, so it has 5g, oh no! It doesn’t! If you’re looking for full 5g coverage, this isn’t it not in the US here. You’Ve got sub six gig 5g, so sub 6, gigahertz 5g, so it’s not gon na get what millimeter wave I’m guessing and then talks about the LTE bands. If you have questions about whether this device will work on your carrier of choice, it’d be best to call and ask since the red magic, 5g wasn’t optimized for any network here in the US, you take the same chance you take with any phone in a similar Predicament no carrier will guarantee coverage quality with a device that’s not been specifically planned for by said carrier.

I mean I I you know what I guess is somebody that isn’t a gamer it isn’t the biggest deal to me if it’s, not using Verizon’s millimeter wave. If it’s not really taking advantage of the best 5g at this point, because again, it’s – probably still too early for that, but it’s nice to see that companies are trying to give the fastest speeds possible, especially when it comes to a gaming phone. If you’re using it to play online, which most people are at this point I mean I, I play video games online, but it’s it’s only online competitive play that I play at this point I don’t play. I don’t play any other games unless it’s like some kind of online competitive play such is the plight of any smartphone that’s, not already teamed up with a carrier in the US right now, but duly so when it comes to 5g coverage. Look at the oneplus 70 pro 5 G McLaren with t mobile, USA that’s a very long name to say and you’ll see how confusing this game of brands can be. So as far as the cameras and I’m assuming again, this is probably where its hiccup is it’s. Difficult to find a reason why one would need a set of cameras any more capable than these on a device that’s supposed to be aimed primarily at gamers. But if we’re, assuming that a person would use this device as their primary smartphone and like all people, that own a smartphone they’ve got the occasional reason to snap a photo.

We’Ve got an at least basic set of expectations for the quality of the device. Sets of cameras do any have any of you guys in chat ever owned. A gaming, primarily gaming based phone I’m, just curious. What are the other ones like the Asus rug and then well, I know lenovo is working on. I know lenovo is working on something but yeah. I don’t I’m, just curious here. You’Ll see some examples of photos captured with the back facing camera rate on the on the red magic 5g. The front facing camera is basic at least or at best. So again, not the best camera it’ll SAP a photo for you to send a friend on snapchat, but it won’t likely capture any award winning shots. I mean they’re, not bad right and I’m sure they’re totally doable in bright enough light I mean I don’t think most people would notice that’s, actually really good when it comes in terms of detail. The detail on that isn’t bad either they’re, not awful. You know exposures a little dark in some shots, but it’s not bad, so the red magic 5g has a forty 500 milliamp hour battery, so pretty big battery. Obviously it probably needs one especially with the high tech display or the high refresh rate high touch sampling rate. Um, etc, etc. So 4500 milliamp power battery, and then it only has oh okay, so an 18 watt wall power adapter and it supports 55 wired 55 watt fast charging.

But only if you get an optional charger to make it happen and who knows how much? Who knows how much those would be? I haven’t seen how much those fast chargers are, but I, if I mean, if I’m, not mistaken, isn’t the one for the one plus eight Pro like wait: no that’s Wireless that’s wireless yeah, so maybe a wired one. For that fast, maybe it’s not as much at this point. I haven’t kept up to date with that, because I don’t have a phone that charges that fast battery life depends greatly on your choice of the display, brightness and image refresh rate. If you got all elements turned up to max power and play the most demanding game, you’ve got available, you’ll be able to run this battery from Foldit from full to empty in a matter of hours. I wish they said how many hours, instead of a matter of hours, is it three hours? Is it five hours because those two hours make a difference when you’re not plugged in using this device with conservative settings and it’ll last you well over a standard 12 hour day? Well, I I need a phone that lasts more than 12 hours. I’Ll tell you that much lights – oh yeah, that’s, right, that’s, another that’s, another unique feature of these kind of phones. Right because again like for someone like me that has like you can’t you can’t hear it. You see my camera shaking I’m like knocking on it.

Like you’d hear it is my PC and you know building it from scratch. I take pride in my build and it does have some lights and whatever on it – and I don’t know, I guess it’s just cool to see a phone have that. So this is a red magic smartphone, so it has LED lights on the back of the phone you’ll find a light up text, logo, red magic and a separate light up. Logo mark they’re, both controlled separately and they’re. Nothing if not interesting to behold, I’m, not gon na lie. I would probably keep those lights on, especially just to show off be like yeah. My phone has lights in the back. Does yours know um let’s, see here since they’re on the back of the phone it’s sort of like a light up logo on the back of a laptop, so it’s like a flourish yeah? Why wouldn’t you I don’t know maybe it’s just me. I would keep it on is the red magic? Is the red magic 5g smartphone worth the amount of cash you’ll pay for it here in the summer of 2020, it really depends on what your values are. If you absolutely positively must have a smartphone with a 144 Hertz image refresh rate, this is currently your best bet. You could also look in the into the IQ oo z, one 5g, but we’ve got no hand on experience with that brand whatsoever, so cannot attest to quality.

The Nubia Play 5g, with its 6.6 5 inch, full HD, plus AMOLED display 144 Hertz image, refresh rate and Qualcomm 765 G shoulder triggers it’s very, very similar to the red magic 5g. So slightly less powerful processor slightly, I think that’s a big difference when you’re, comparing it to an 865, so they’re just talking about the competition here, I’m, not going to go through all that, if you’re looking to buy the red magic 5g in the summer of 2020, You’Ll be paying a price of at least five hundred and seventy nine dollars, which i think is a pretty fair price for everything that this phone includes: eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage, 649 bucks for gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of internal storage. So there’s other versions as well. Why did they not talk about its other performance? Specs great? This is a snap 865. Did I not go over that, or did they not say that on here at all? No, I I’m I’m, pretty sure it has a I’m. Pretty sure has an 865 chipset it’s, just weird: they didn’t list the other specs to it, but if it is an 865 at 600 bucks, I think that’s a pretty fair deal. Let me let me actually move on to this transparent version, because I want to get into that before I get into chat, but this article from GSM arena kind of continues on with it and says the red magic 5g, transparent edition demos, it’s fan on video, and It has a well it says here: 16 gig version stock incoming, so I don’t know if that means only the transparent version is gon na have 16 gigs of RAM or, if they’re, making another version with 16 gigs.

I guess we’ll find out the transparent edition of the Nubia red magic 5g went on sale May 31st and sold out fairly quickly. This video shows what you’re missing out. If you didn’t get one, I actually want to take a look. I haven’t a chance to see this. I haven’t had a chance to see this, the transparent back panel and the pulsing LED really gives it that quote gaming PC look also. This is one of the very few. This is one of very few phones to feature an integrated fan for cooling. You can see that demoed in the video with a piece of dry ice, of course, of the trick. Of course, the transparent back makes it possible to see the smoke make its way through the phone, a really cool visual guys. I don’t know if there’s audio but I’m gon na mute it because if I don’t they’ll probably give me a copyright whatever which I guess, doesn’t matter at this point, just FYI guys for the last. I think three weeks, every single one of my streams gets D. Monetized after it gets put out again, I don’t know what the fuck YouTube is doing. If they’re d monetizing me because I say fuck once now, I said it twice, but uh it’s very annoying because it it hampers on just trying to do this stuff. They put whatever it’s another story anyway: I’m, not gon na have the audio on so I I and I haven’t watched this yet I like the transparent, look to it and you see it pulsing here.

I think it’s, pretty cool yeah it’s an 8 65. It says snap 865 did, I think, that’s a pretty good price for 600 bucks if this tip the scales for you you’ll be happy to hear that Nubia is preparing a new batch of red magic 5g units that will be available on JD comm on June 14. From 10 local time, the retailer will be stocking up on will be stocking the top of the line model with 16 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of storage. This version costs CNY 5200. Is that you on I’m guessing compared to CNY 4600? I don’t know what that price is that I’m, assuming because this is the transparent Edition, it’s, probably gon na cost more so it’s, probably more than the 600 price point I’m guessing you get plus. It also has 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage, but consider imagine if this was still even around 700 bucks that’s that’s about the price of a one plus eight. But then again, would you rather buy this, or would you buy one plus eight, but the one plus eight doesn’t even have 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage? Does it or at least the 700 version, I don’t think it does? Then all the cool lights and the cooling fan I don’t know maybe maybe maybe I’ve just gotten so bored of regular phones that I actually find this really appealing and you can also break it up into monthly installments, so yeah, I I don’t know it seems kind Of cool that’s kind of why I wanted to talk about it, it’s different and it’s, not something we typically see is it for everybody, no, obviously not, but it seems pretty cool for what it is.

If I had money to blow, I would definitely test it out, but whatever okay so uh, I see a super chat here from Levin Williams, Levin what’s, going on man. Welcome to the stream nice to see you thank you for the support on the grind, but want to show my support Levin. Thank you. So much man appreciate it. Always me so much to me. Thank you for being a continued supporter, especially for a good period of time. You know, I always see you come in and stop by and you’ll drop a super chat or you know, show a little support so appreciate it Levin. Thank you so much um. Let me go ahead and go back up to chat here, see what you guys are talking about as well. Okay, so team fries says I game a lot of mobile, mostly single player, ports uh, I don’t know what that game is dis, dad dead cells. Oh, I remember dead cells. I like that game. Is it dead cells or dead cell? No dead cells right, but the pixel 3a is good enough for me, but I understand why some people might enjoy specially designed devices like this yeah and I don’t know maybe it’s weird for me to say not weird, but this probably appeals to a maybe an even Younger demographic right people who are like 10 years old to like 16, or something or just hardcore gamers in general, maybe this is what they’re looking for.

Instead, when I went to San Diego, my cousin who lives there, I was really surprised he had a red phone um, a red phone yeah right is it red that makes so not red magic, uh. The company that makes like the high end cameras it’s red right. He had that and I’m like whoo, I just it was like out of left field and I’ve never seen one before but um yeah I mean. Sometimes people just want something different: they they want to stand out and this might be their way of doing it. Okay, so let’s see here uh. Let me scroll down sorry guys: I’m, not gon na be able to go through everything. So um Brian says the ports are the best. Are you talking about the fan I don’t know if that’s, what you’re talking about? Oh, you guys are talking about porting of games, never mind yeah, you guys are talking in something else. I have no idea. Curves and phones are cancer yeah. I don’t. I do not care for curves at all. Give me the full this way. Don’T don’t curve the display on the screen either that’s always prone for accidental touches, and I just I can’t do it, I can’t. Do it um all right? Let me let me scroll down here, Jerome for all your interior tips. I have pretty decent style. I think, even when it comes to some kind of decorating, interior decorating but uh yeah team for Isis, speaking of gaming phones, whatever happened to the razor ones, they released two models and kind of faded out of the fanfare that’s a good point I haven’t heard from Them in a while um yeah, I don’t know, maybe they just realized it wasn’t, making a ton of money.

But now other companies are kind of like putting their foot in or getting their foot in the door and trying to at least compete. Deepok Murphy, hey Jerome, hey Deepak, what’s, going on, I was trying to wave and then I noticed it was on the screen. Hi Deepak there you go how’s it going. Man welcome to the stream nice to see you again always nice to have you on here. Let’S see uh, let me scroll down tech for your needs, says no, never own a gaming phone and then Bezique. Oh, is hey vis, eCos what’s, going on man! Welcome to the stream nice to see you again welcome back. I can see myself going for a legion phone. If you guys don’t know what a legion phone is, I believe that’s a Lenovo phone right, they’re, calling it a legion phone and what’s different about that is that phone, I think, is made specifically for landscape mode. So even the the it has a selfie pop up camera, but it is it’s not on the top, so um I’m just grabbing a phone here, sorry didn’t mean to mess up the audio so instead of the pop of camera coming up here, it actually comes up Here, like in the middle of – and I I guess, the what they were assuming is it’s made that way because it’s made for landscape. So if you want to stream, you can stream that way. Instead and I don’t know again it’s different, not everyone’s, gon na.

Do it – and you know it’s nice – to have another company – do something completely different than what you’re seeing every day from other phones. Tecktonik says. I just want a big battery me too. I I feel like at this point. All phones should have a pretty big bad to make sure that we get at least a day and a half out of our phones is that gon na happen with future phones. I don’t know I really don’t know Deepak Murthy says it looks like a gaming laptop yeah that’s, probably what they’re trying to get at or trying to go for so yeah we’ll see but yeah for the price I don’t think it’s bad, especially if someone’s looking for A phone with you know the latest and greatest 865 chipset. It might not be bad, I mean it has a big battery. I think the only sacrifice there is the camera and I mean it’s, not gon na be stock Android either. So I don’t know all right guys, let’s let’s, move on. I have this article about the 1 8, the one post, a probe – and I talked about this yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to touch upon it but uh. So this article from Angier community is talking about how the oneplus 8 pro is getting high scores in DXL mark – and I talked about this because apparently these scores for the oneplus April are worried – did beat the Galaxy S 20.

I don’t know if we beat the Galaxy S 20 ultra, I don’t keep up with the excel mark. I don’t really use that as like – and I have said this before – I don’t use it as a Bible right for me, the best experience or the best way. I can tell which phone has a better camera is just for me to test it myself, but to see you know I’m, not saying don’t, discredit, DXL mark, although I also say don’t, don’t use it as, like the be all end, all use it as a baseline. As a guideline, and even seeing this made me think whoa shit, should I get a one plus eight pro to test the camera? Is it? Is it that much better than the s20 ultra or s 20 or whatever? Can it actually compete with the iPhone 11 Pro? I don’t know so uh reading on with this article, the one 8 1 8 Pro were made officially last April after months of rumors and leaks, we’ve seen the two phones in action and even reviewed the 1 8 comprehensively. The phone is said to be different yet similar to the pro variant. We’Ve also seen the durability test by Jerry rigged everything they have Ben. There have been a number of issues like the color filter camera, seeing through objects. Okay, first of all, I don’t like when the it’s that’s, not that’s, not an you don’t use that as an issue that’s that’s again that plastic.

That plastic is made transparent, yeah the the color filter has that I don’t know it has that benefit. I guess if you want to call it that it’s not the biggest deal in the world, why is it an issue and of all the issues that they pick for the 1 8 1 8 Pro they’re gon na pick that the color filter is seeing through plastic. Seeing through black, transparent plastic, I don’t know come on, it has since been removed with the release of a software update. Unfortunately, another issue has been reported recently and that’s the phone not being able to play Netflix in HD quality. So if you want to bring up an issue, bring up that issue instead, we’re not sure what’s happening to the 1 8 Pro, but the phone has already hit DXL mark it scored whatever numbers. I really matter to me putting it number 7 in the ranking behind the xiaomi me CC: 9 Pro Premium Edition and the huawei mate 30 Pro the 1 8 pro’s color filter camera has been disabled, but we believe the camera system is still good. First of all, the filter, the color filter, camera isn’t, the main shooter on there. So this is not even a point of contention. It’S such as I just I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like these people. Writing are not picking the right points but uh. You know what whatever numbers, a bunch of like tech stuff here, that we’re not really going to get into.

I just want to read about how good these cameras are. The results of the review tell us the oneplus 8 pro offers images with good detail, low noise and accurate exposure. It also delivers fast and reliable autofocus all great things. You may also notice low noise and high detail when using flash I don’t use flash. Do you guys use flash, I never use it ever, never ever use it when taking ultra wide shots. The only time I use flash is to use the the flash light that’s the only time I ever use it. When I wake up in the middle of the night and I have to go pee and it’s dark – and I don’t want to step on something that I shouldn’t be stepping on videos recorded me. I know I go off topic a lot. This is gon na start. Probably happening more more often than not the more comfortable I get streaming and just talking about whatever videos recorded may show well preserved, detail, effective stabilization, accurate and pleasant color and right target exposure plus wide dynamic range. It’S. Not all great as photos may show slight under exposure. I have a. I have an opinion about slight under exposure I’m – not I’m, not for me I would rather have of for me I would rather have a photo that slightly under exposes than over exposes even slightly. I it is easier to brighten up a shot than to dim a shot.

That is a bit overexposed that take that from somebody who edits photos all day. Even when I shoot when I shoot with my dia. Oh shit, it’s, not there. Oh it’s, because it’s standing on the tripod, I was filming yesterday on my other channel. When I shoot photos in manual mode, I will always always always slightly under expose the shot on purpose so that it doesn’t overexposed, but also so that it captures detail that I can brighten up later in post. When I say post I mean in the editing process, but again we’re talking about smartphone shots, and so maybe you’re not editing it anyway, and you just want to send it off right away and maybe that slight overexposure isn’t a big deal. So you know, but I’m I’m, giving you my opinion just FYI, so uh let’s see here: noise and night shots, okay, so that’s not a good thing. Nobody wants noise in night shots and white balance casts outdoors, so I don’t know what’s wrong with the white balance that it’s talking about there’s, some minor highlight clipping in most challenging scenes, and that could be because of hmm well yeah. I was gon na say sometimes that’s, usually overexposure, but so highlight clipping ultra wide shots may show fringing and ringing artifacts yeah when taking videos results, may show visible temporal noise and slight auto focus instabilities. I don’t what they mean by visible temporal noise. I don’t know maybe that’s something I have to look at there, maybe alias aliasing, aliasing and more visible more, I don’t even again.

So like yeah, I am a my photographer. Yes, I take photos, but I also am NOT like I I’m pretty technical. But again I don’t know everything and I’m also not like a snob when it comes to photos and shooting so it’s. Just it’s, not I don’t, know everything anyway, plus slightly low shadow exposure in HDR scenes and I think that’s it when it comes to the article. So but it speaks highly of the oneplus a pro if it’s ranking in the top ten again don’t take DxO mark, as you know, the the Bible for what the best camera is, but to see it Frank high makes me wonder like hey. Maybe the camera really is improved this time, and maybe I would be happy if I tested it makes me want to test it. Actually, I just don’t want to work out the money all right. Let me uh, let me get back into chat here. You guys are asking each other questions, which is great Kyle brasses just watched the DxO video on that earlier went against the iPhone 11 Pro and Huawei p40 Pro watching on a 4k TV gave real good perspective, but the new camera tech is really good. That’S great. I love hearing that Kyle. In your opinion, when you watch that video I mean, I know that they probably gave you examples and you saw and they told you what the inaccuracies were or the inconsistencies. But when you watched it and you saw the pictures of the one plate, the oneplus 8 Pro – were there any shots that you looked at and you said to yourself: hey that looks better.

Then what that shot turned out to be on the iPhone 11 Pro or that look better than what the Huawei P 40 Pro showed, or is it not even on the same level like I guess my question is: is the one flow there’s, a 1 8 Pro Even hold a candle to the iPhone 11 Pro or the this Huawei P 40 Pro, which I have no idea. How good that is. All I know lately is everyone, keeps Tommy will always make great cameras, and I should really test one out. Yeah Deepak Murthy says in fact picks phone slightly underexposed, so they don’t burn the highlights wonderful technique again, yeah I and it’s something I appreciate you know I mean even even on a smartphone. You can easily just dial up the exposure or the dial up the brightness. Later on, if you really need to usually you can’t, do it the other way Paul says that damn leggo scattered under Rome’s floor, the Zico says it’s sad that DxO doesn’t measure raw DNG performance. So I didn’t even know that I had no idea. I had no idea that they didn’t do it so it’s, just straight um, it’s, just straight auto, auto shooting which again like for me that’s how I shoot anyway. But you would think that a company like DXL mark would maybe at least test that out and then give good examples or opinions for people who are looking to shoot just in raw.

You know right, I mean I yeah okay, so let me see here, Hopkins is hey Hopkins how’s it going man welcome to the stream. Dxo is irrelevant in my opinion, yeah. So, like I, I feel I feel again similarly um the way I feel about any kind of tech stuff. I mean even my stuff, guys even stuff you watch for me like like I. I love that you guys value my opinion and I try to be as unbiased and as transparent and as honest as possible, but my experience might differ than somebody else so again use it as a guide but don’t don’t take it as Bible don’t. Take it as Scripture is that the term I don’t whatever, where the galaxy has ten or Huawei P 30 Pro outperforms pixel, for I cannot take that seriously. There you go there, you go and – and I totally hear you deepak says more – is when you see wavy lines on clothing and other surfaces. Oh okay, I don’t know. If I’ve had that issue on my DSLR I’m sure I have and maybe it’s just something I didn’t notice um. Thank you for sharing that. I also I am i pronouncing it right. Is it more? I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right. Tech PhD, hey man, welcome to the stream nice to see ya. Glad to see you back. The Excel lost some of his credibility to me when they started giving scores of more than a hundred wasn’t there a whole article about it about how like it was, never meant to be at a hundred anyway um that it’s based on some other fact.

I don’t know I don’t know how they score that kind of stuff, and it is kind of weird it doesn’t really really. I don’t know I, you know, I think, once it went over a hundred, I think it through a lot of people off, because people were looking at a hundred, as you know the very best, and then I guess when they started showing scores above 100, then it’s, Like okay, now it’s just a numbers thing and I think that’s how a lot of people see it kyle brad says iphone over exposes in a lot of still shots and 1 8 pro looks better in most situations to me, Huawei has a set. Huawei has set a new standard and I’m, seeing both phones struggle to keep with the p40 Pro that’s uh that’s. Actually I mean that’s that’s a big statement and I feel like you’re. Not I mean you’re, not the only one that says that either about the Huawei phones and what the p40 Pro is their newest one right and I’ve, never other than my Nexus. 6P I’ve owned, no other Huawei’s, and I would really love to test one out. I know grant who does come and chat here once in a while has told me to take a look at at least to take a look at the p30, because he says those are pretty comparable and you could still get a p30 at a fair price. I would have to take a look but uh Kyle.

Thank you for sharing that. I I appreciate it ok let’s see here. Uh pulse is a factor not the defining factor. Um, I think I got lost somewhere I’m, not sure and Brian with the dollar super chat. Brian, thank you man. Thank you for the support. Thank you for the super chat. Thank you for going the extra mile and supporting me. You know in for a long ass time, for you guys that don’t know Brian has been supporting for a while and he has continued his streak of super chats, which is, I don’t know in the high 50s or 60s treem Zin a row so Brian. Thank you. So much man, thank you for the continued support always appreciated. Thank you for being a moderator, and you know engaging with people in the chat and making sure everything is on the up and up so again Brian. Thank you so much! Okay, uh! Let me see here. Brian says DxO is like the NBA dunk contest. Some perfect scores are better than others. There you go. Defects sp30 Pro had a yellow tint because it used a an R yyb sensor, not the usual RGB. Oh, I didn’t know that either and actually that’s a technical aspect that wasn’t aware of, and not one that I know much about as well. Okay, guys so real quick! We are what three quarters of the way in. I forgot to add this in here, but guys for anyone who’s watching, please feel free to like the video liking.

The video helps me in an algorithmic kind of way. Aka. I think it helps people find the stream. You know it helps. People engage in chat. If you guys are watching feel free to say hi, we have a really good community. I think we engage in actual conversation not just like bullshit team, Android, team, Apple kind of shit or whatever so feel free to do that and for anyone who is new, I do also stream Mondays through Fridays. So if you want to get notified of that feel free to subscribe hit that subscribe button would always appreciate new subscribers and here’s the thing here’s something I want to share with you guys. This is something I haven’t shared with you today. I started the stream, probably at 200 p.m. Central. That is my new time at this point. I will be streaming at the same time every weekday from here on out. That is my goal for like no no question like my goal now is to be punctual on time, so you guys know that I will be streaming at this time every weekday indefinitely. If I am late on that, I will do something special. I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do, but I’ll do something special, so 2 p.m. central, always if you guys aren’t, aware that’s 3 p.m. Eastern 12 p.m. central or 12 p.m. Pacific in California and then I’m sorry guys, I don’t know the rest of the times Around the world, but um yeah.

So if you’re not a subscriber feel free to subscribe and last but not least, if you see people in the chat with green in their name, if you see a red Chicago star next to their name, that is because they are a member of the team. Sorry, I fucked it up. They’Re, a member of the phone Jerome fam phone Jerome squad community, whatever I and you can be one too – for as little as 99 cents a month, guys it’s just the way to support me, and these are some of the perks that come with it. You’Ll get the green in your name. You get the red Chicago star badge, you’ll, get to use custom, emoticons and outros of every single one of my live streams, but again don’t feel obligated that’s just a way you can help. You can click that join button. If you want to do that or if you can’t find that joined button just go to youtube.com forward slash phone Jerome join either way. Like I said, I appreciate any kind of support you guys just coming in liking chatting in the chat stream subscribing any of that stuff is always appreciated, so that is my little marketing thing and we will continue on with the news. Let me get that banner out of the way all right. Let’S continue on. So I have news about the pixel. I think is it? Oh, not the pixel. I have news about pixel buds, but I see other people in chat.

So let me say hi to people that I haven’t seen in here before: okay Hopkins Hopkins says 1 8 Pro is on par with the iPhone 11 Pro and beats the iPhone 11 Pro in low light. Because of a big sensor, I have seen a good comparison on YouTube phone arena. How kids? I would love! I would love love love to grab that phone after you say that, because I would really like to test that out and see how it compares and I’m. Not I’m, not trying to like say phone arena, doesn’t know what they’re doing I just for me personally, so I can say it with confidence. I would love to test that out. How much is one plus a pro 900 bucks god? But what about that? Wow? Wait that one’s good too I don’t, know things to think about. I see a del P and woz in here team Android. I was just talking about not saying teeth. Just give you shit man, Delphian woz, I don’t think I’ve seen you in the dream before have I. If I have, I apologize, but uh welcome and appreciate you stopping by appreciate you saying hi in the chat always nice to see somebody new, always nice to have other people come in here and you know just talk shop talk whatever’s, going on just passing by bro. Thanks to you well appreciate you, even if you’re, just passing by thanks for stopping by always nice to see you know new people in here, Deepak Murthy says: big sensors will always be better yep it’s the rule of optics.

I agree, and I see cricket teams in here as well cricket teams. I don’t think I’ve seen you uh before either give me one phone. I don’t know what phone you want. Let me know, let me know your address your phone number and then how you’re gon na pay me and I’ll give you a phone cricket, team’s appreciate you stopping by man. 79.99. I know I have no idea what you’re talking about unless you guys are talking about something else, and then I see Mauricio Salazar roses hi from Mexico, hey Mauricio. I know I’ve seen you in here before um. I don’t know if you’re talking like you’re brand new, but I know I’ve seen you Mauricio welcome to the chat. Welcome to the screen appreciate you stopping by cricket team, says I’m new here well: cricket team’s, thanks man. Thanks for stopping by appreciate you saying what’s up, you know we have a pretty big crew people all around the world, so appreciate you stopping by you cool guy thanks, you cool, too cricket teams, all right, guys, let’s uh, let’s, move on let’s let’s talk about these Pixel buds. The reason I want to talk about this is because there has been news lately about how the pixel buds have had issues with connectivity and not something that I was expecting. People were speaking pretty highly of it and I think it still does pretty good. But when you hear somebody having connectivity issues that is uh that’s unfortunate to hear, especially for someone like me, who’s had the air pods Pro now for a while a long while, but I will be honest with you guys.

Last week my left ear pod Pro started to crackle and have audio issues, and I still need to contact Apple and get that replaced, but uh but yeah. But it looks like a good number of people are having issues with these pixel buds and we’ll talk about it. So let me scroll down this article from 95, google says made by google launched the second generation pixel buds six weeks ago. Today, supply is still limited to the US and one color variant. Oh man, I didn’t know oh yeah yeah, yeah that’s right. They have different colors, but right now I think you can only buy the white ones. I think, while some have reported audio, cutouts and that’s the thing you’re buying these things, like I, if you’re, if you’re low on supply of color whatever but man, if you’re having audio cutouts, I just it’s the last thing that you want from buying truly wireless earbuds. Google, this afternoon emailed pixel buds owners to take part in annex in an extensive survey that does ask about any issues that may they may have experienced. I will ask you guys for anyone. Do you guys have pixel buds uh? I know who is it? Maybe it was big, no, I thought it was Levin. I think Levin might have mum. I don’t know if Levine’s in here anymore, but for anyone that has pixel buds, have you guys tested it out? Have any of you guys who have had it have had audio cutout issues, I know, will has them and will I think, was telling me or no it was in the article it was someone in the article was like well.

If I have it in my front, pants pocket it’s, fine, but as soon as I put it in my back pocket, it cuts out and it’s like what literally your back pocket from your front. Pocket is what like six inches eight inches. I don’t know whatever it’s not far away is. Is the point I’m trying to get at and you’re having audio cut out issues like what kind of garbage that’s nonsense right there anyway. So it says here in a separate announcement goal this afternoon said that Bluetooth, connectivity fixes for pixel buds are coming and I hope they come soon enough. The survey format is par for the course, and something made by google has done in the past for other hardware products, we’re interested in learning more about your experience with your Google pixel buds. If you have time to share your thoughts, please click the link below. So I guess they’re asking about how you feel about it, maybe they’re trying to get into like it’s the audio cutout. It then asks you. It then asks about whether you’ve had any problems with your pixel buds. This list is clearly tuned to some things. People have reported over the past six weeks, especially static, quote static, hiss noise when listening. Oh, my god, nothing would piss me off more than to have issues like that. The one thing that I will say about my pic are about my ear. Pods Pro is that, before the before the crackling issues, it has been solid connectivity, wise audio quality, wise.

The only issue that I had with it was the fit didn’t fit as well. They started to loosen a bit over time, but I’ve had those four god. I don’t know over six months, and this is the first time I have an issue. I’Ve had an issue I still need to get in touch with Apple and see how easy that process is to get that fixed or replaced, but um. As soon as I do. I will let you guys know all right, so there are also questions about whether you use a wireless charger and what phone you’re paired to blah blah blah it’s. Just a survey I don’t know if you guys have taken it for anyone, who’s owned it, but um. Really the the point I’m trying to make here is this: shouldn’t have really been a problem. I mean I’m saying that and now I’m having issues with my ear. Pods probit again, I haven’t, I use them exclusively and extensively at least an hour a day for almost daily, for who knows how many months um, especially since, like I’ve, been working out and like you know, trying to lose weight and all that shit like. I always have them in because I’m, going for a walk or I’m going to the gym or whatever, and to know that you know these second gen pixel buds, like a good number of them, are having issues. This early is it’s, it’s disconcerning, it really is alrighty.

So let me get back into chat here um. Let me see: oh here we go Sam from YouTube all the way from Nigeria. I think that’s, a first Sam from YouTube. I don’t think anyone who’s come in here has said they’re from Nigeria, Sam from YouTube what’s going on man. Welcome to the stream nice. You can make it uh glad to have you in here. I don’t know if I’ve seen you before, if it’s your first time. Welcome always nice to see a new face, a new name appreciate it all right. So why 2019 says Jerome you should look at the moto 1 fusion, Plus why 2019? I have that as one of my articles and actually maybe what I’ll do is. I will talk about that as my last one, because we’re almost rounding out that our cricket team says do you know real me: c3 mobile here’s, the thing cricket teams, the the one thing that annoys me not annoys me. There are so many ISO cricket teams.