Now the brand recently launched the Huawei. What gt2 and now they’ve come up with this. Now this, my friends, is the Huawei wa gt2 II and while I work on my full review for the same, let me talk about my initial impressions. After spending 24 hours with this watch, strapped to my wrist, let’s go but guys before we get on with the video, make sure to hit the bell icon and subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on any quality. Take content that we put out now that we have done that let’s get on with my initial impressions of the Huawei watch: GT 2p, Music, okay, first things, first isn’t the duty to be the most beautiful. Looking what you’ve seen I mean? Surely the prettiest one I won on my wrist and I really like the way the company has designed. It now beat the perforated straps, which aren’t just for sure and actually serve a purpose by making the watch more breathable. Where do the all metal dial with chamfered edges and the quirky buttons? The gt2 ii looks less like a fitness watch and more like a party accessory. But as good as the watch looks, there is one big issue with the fit of the gt2 II, and that is that the watch isn’t light and at 43 grams without the straps, you will feel its weight after a bit. Now, as much as I appreciate the variables premium metal dial, I would have exchanged it for something lighter in a heartbeat, but if you can’t get used to the weight, then you’ll find the variable extremely comfortable to wear and workout in.

I did my usual set of exercises, including push ups and burpees, and the gt2 II did one spite me in the wrist okay. So how do you navigate around the Huawei watch? Gt2 II? Well, it’s, pretty simple! So you see these two buttons right here. Well, the top one is used to open the app drawer or go back to the home screen, whereas the bottom one is used to quickly access all your workout modes. As for the rest, swiping left or right on the screen, will let you access your quick shortcuts and swiping down on the display will bring up your quick toggles. Lastly, a swipe up on the display will bring up your notifications tray and to go back a page. You can swipe left again, oh by the way you will be doing all these finger. Gymnastics on Huawei watch. Gt2 is 1.3 9 inch AMOLED panel, which comes through the resolution of 454 by 454 pixels and boy. Does this display look good? The panel is among the nicest displays you can get on a SmartWatch and colors really pop on the screen plus, who are? They has gone the extra mile to ensure that you can’t keep your eyes off of it by offering these really cool and funky watch faces. You can even customize some of them and, as a writing, the script for this first impressions there are over a hundred different watch faces available for you to customize your watch with.

Now you must be wondering isn’t there, something that I do not. We bought GT TUI’s display, I mean. Surely it cannot be perfect right well, I do not like it’s always on display, but protein isn’t, that a very good feature to have on a smart variable, you’re, absolutely right. It is so allow me to confirm why it is not good on the see. The purpose of an always on display is to conserve battery life and they work exceptionally well on AMOLED screen, but with the watch GT 2e. Turning on the always on display or as the company calls it or standby display will cut the battery life in half and it will also not let you use the Rays to wake screen feature. So if you have the smart watches always on display turned on, then you’ll constantly have to press this button to unlock the screen, which is just poor implementation. In my opinion, ok on to fitness tracking now and so far, I haven’t really had a chance to test everything. But what I can tell you is that step tracking is really good on the warrior GT to the variable. Doesn’T track go steps either, and since it comes with a built in GPS, you won’t need to carry your phone with you. If you go out for a run and yes, you can go out for a run in the rain, as the variable comes with a 5 ATM water resistant rating.

Now. The good thing is that, while the watch doesn’t come with support for third party apps, you can load your own mp3s as there’s 4 GB of built in storage. You can then pair earphones to the watch and use it to listen to music and map. Your runs at the same time, this heart rate monitoring onboard too, and the company also plans to bring spo2 tracking to the GT to ey an OTA update. Now I’ll talk more about the variables fitness tracking capabilities in my full review, so stay tuned now coming to the battery life, the company claims that the wahewa GD do. We can last up to two weeks of a single charge, but I’ll have more to say about this in my full review. Now, a couple more pieces of information that I’d like to share with you about the watch GT 2, are as follows. Firstly, the variable comes with the proprietary, OS and doesn’t support third party applications. Now the Kiran, a 1 processor onboard keeps everything running fine, but I did see some lags and sorrows in the UI and finally, you can’t reply to notifications on this watch. Nor can you answer calls as it doesn’t have a built in mind. Now you can take calls, but you still have to speak into your phone’s microphone and that my first impressions of the Huawei watch 82 II, now at eleven thousand nine hundred ninety nine I’m to test it.